Navy Industrial Hygiene Officer

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					                        Navy Industrial Hygiene Officer

Navy Industrial Hygiene Officers (IHOs) focus on protecting people, installations and
equipment by managing risk within working, living and operating environments to preserve
mission capability.

You’ll be responsible for a broad and rapidly expanding array of environmental and
occupational control programs. These include hazardous material assessment and disposal;
biohazards; safety; respiratory and personal protection equipment; ergonomic hazards;
and detection, assessment and monitoring of chemical and biological agents in wartime
and natural disaster contingencies.

You could also:

Provide direction worldwide to the Department of the Navy (DON) Environmental and
Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene and Safety programs

Serve as advisor to headquarters and operating force Commanders for environmental and
occupational health issues, resulting in the reduction of injury and disease risks among
Navy and Marine Corps personnel

Become head of large multidisciplinary departments and directorates (e.g., Occupational
Health and Preventative Medicine), directorate-level staff positions and in-command
positions (Naval Safety School, NEPMUs, NEHC, etc.). This specialty practices “Defensive
Medicine” outside the Naval hospital or clinic

Conduct inspections and training functions in industrial or operational settings aboard ships, at
shore-based workplaces or in the field with Marines and Navy Seabees