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									                            MAP INTERNET Pricing Policy

RoomMates allows and encourages retailers to resell its products over the internet as long
as the retailer respects following RoomMates MAP pricing policies. Any and all
RoomMates products purchased by retailers are subject to this policy.

RoomMates MAP requires that the retailer does NOT advertise RoomMates products
over the internet for UNDER the officially published MSRP of each item – unless it has
obtained formal written consent from RoomMates.

Retailers who would like to run “special” offers or any other type of promotional
activities with RoomMates which would impact RoomMates MAP policy should consult
with RoomMates Executive Office and obtain written consent as well.

Distributors who have purchased and re-sold to retailers selling on the internet, are
subject to the enforcement provisions of this policy should said purchaser violate
this policy and or purchased product in a way to avoid this policy.

“Free Shipping” offers are not covered by this MAP policy and are allowed at the
discretion of the retailer without any form of consent by RoomMates.

Failure to comply with RoomMates MAP policy may result in termination of the right to
publish RoomMates images over the internet.

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Account Name________________________                 Account #:_____________________

Email Address____________________________________________________________

I agree to respect the RoomMates / York Wallcoverings MAP pricing policy for all
publicized prices of RoomMates products over the internet. I understand that failure to
do so may result in RoomMates / York having to revoke our authorization for the use of
their product images over the internet.

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Please email back to / Fax 717 843 8167 or mail to
RoomMates – a division of York Wallcoverings, 750 Linden Avenue, York, PA 17404

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