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                               AUSTRLIAN RED CROSS                                      DEC 08
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                       RED CROSS CALLING – MARCH 2009                                   ARC3042
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                                      C. FALLOON                        Management:    V. LARKIN

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                           This March, you can feed hungry school kids with a computer,
                           build a toilet with your telephone, or reach out to people just by
                           opening your door. Well you can if you donate to Red Cross.

                           That’s because this March, the Red Cross Calling Appeal
                           happens right across Australia. It’s Red Cross’ annual fund-
                           raising appeal, and by simply using your computer to donate
                           online, or dialling the number to donate over the phone, or even
                           simply opening the door when the Red Cross collectors come
                           calling, you can reach so many people who desperately need
                           your help

                           So this March, please support the Red Cross Calling Appeal.
                           You can donate online at
                           You can donate over the phone by calling 1800 811 700
                           Or you can donate in person, when a Red Cross collector knocks at
                           your door.

                           That’s online at, over the phone on 1800 811 700, or in
                           person when a Red Cross collector comes calling.

                           By supporting the Red Cross Calling Appeal, you can do more than you
                           think, so please donate today.

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