Entry 1 CVC Words - final sounds by qnl49935


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                           Self-check CVC exercise – final sounds
 Click the box next to your chosen word. Then check your answer by clicking the box with the stars.

                                    cob                                                               man

                                    cod                                                               mat
         ***                        cot                                    ***                        mad

                                    rod                                                               fat

                                    rob                                                               fad
         ***                                                               ***
                                    rot                                                               fan

                                    pig                                                               cab

                                    pit                                                               cap
          ***                       pin                                  ***                          cat

                                    dip                                                               run

                                    dig                                                               rub

                                    din                                    ***                        run
Rw/E1.2: Decode simple, regular words. Kindly contributed by Sian Waterman, Milton Keynes College sianwaterman@hmps.gsi.gov.uk
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