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									                                       School Board of Levy County
                                                      480 Marshburn Drive, P.O. Drawer 129
                                                             Bronson, FL 32621-0129
                                                       (352) 486-5231 • Fax (352) 486-5237

                                                         Clifton V. Norris
…opening the doors of opportunity

May 6, 2008
Presentation of Colors
The Williston High School Jr. ROTC Color Guard presented the colors at the opening of the Board
meeting, followed by the pledge of allegiance and invocation led by Mr. Norris.

District Report

1.      W.H.S. Jr. ROTC Program: Sergeant Major Raymond Douyard shared information regarding
        the Jr. ROTC program, including the most recent awards earned at the National Competition.

2.      Recognition of District Spelling Bee Winner: Jeff Davis introduced Jeremiah “J.J.” Roe,
        Bronson Middle High School 7th grade student who won the District Spelling Bee Contest on
        January 18, 2008. He said JJ placed 6th out of students from 11 counties in the Big Bend Regional
        Spelling Bee Contest held recently in Tallahassee. Mr. Davis presented JJ with a plaque from the
        School Board, congratulating him on a job well done.

Welcome Visitors
Chairman Brookins recognized Joy Jenkins from the audience. Ms. Jenkins addressed the Board
concerning the pending termination of her job as the “School Choice” bus driver for students attending
Cedar Key school. Ms. Jenkins distributed copies of a letter she had written to School Board members as
well as information regarding her employment, asking that the Board read her letter and review the
recommendation by Steve Tyson dated April 14, 2008.

Proposed 2008-2009 Official School Calendar
Candy Dean presented the proposed Calendars A & B, stating that employees had selected Calendar B
with 454 votes while Calendar A received only 143 votes. Motion by Beth Davis to approve Calendar B
for the 2008-2009 schoolyear, seconded by Billy Morrison, motion carried.

Proposed Board Policy Changes
Jeff Davis asked permission to advertise the following Board Policies for revision at the June 17, 2008
meeting: 3.07, 3.13, 3.23, 4.05, 5.02, 6.21, 6.41. Motion made by Rick Turner, seconded by Billy
Morrison, to approve the advertisement, motion carried.

Educational Plant Survey
Jeff Davis reviewed the educational plant survey with the Board. Chairperson Brookins asked if there
was a motion to accept the survey and after discussion, the Board decided to wait until the next meeting to
vote which would give them more time to review the survey.

Budget Update
Mr. Norris reviewed the final budget reduction, stating the total amount which includes the 1.3 million
from May 2007 totals around 2 million dollars. He asked Mr. Clemons to give the break down for the
SBLC budget, which he did.

2 MILL Advertisement
Bob Clemons presented information regarding the amended notice of tax for school capital outlay at
$65.00 per student to help fund liability insurance. He asked the Board for permission to advertise the
amendment. Motion by Frank Etheridge, seconded by Beth Davis to approve advertisement for the June
3, 2008 Board Meeting, motion carried. Mr. Norris informed the Board there would also be a budget
workshop after the June 3rd Board meeting.

Withdrawal of Item from Consent Agenda:
Paige Brookins requested that item 2. under f) Aministrative & Support Services (Bid Extension
Requests – 07-01 Petroleum Products) be withdrawn from Consent Agenda. Motion by Billy Morrison to
remove the item, Rick Turner seconded, motion carried.

The following items on the consent agenda, including additions/corrections, as recommended by
the Superintendent, motion carried.

       a)      Resignations:

               1.     Carol McKinstry, C.H.S. Math Teacher, exiting DROP, effective July 31, 2008, and
                      payment for any unused leave.

               2.     Stacey Moore, J.B.E.S. Kg. Teacher, effective June 9, 2008, and payment for any
                      unused leave.

               3.     Daniel Young, C.M.S. Custodian, April 30, 2008, and payment for any unused

               4.     Sylvia McCullars, C.E.S. Art Teacher, for retirement, to participate in the DROP
                      program, beginning July 1, 2008 and terminating June 30, 2013.

               5.     Pamela M. Carpenter, Hilltop Alternative School ESE Teacher, effective June 9,
                      2008, and payment for any unused leave.
     6.     Timothy Baker, Hilltop Alternative School Guidance Counselor, effective June 25,
            2008, and payment for any unused leave.

b)   Family Medical Leave Requests:

     a.     Melissa Lewis, W.E.S. 5th Grade Teacher, May 12 – June 5, 2008.

     2.     Bobbie Jo Gowland, W.H.S. Teacher, May 19 – June 5, 2008.

c)   Professional Leave Requests:

     1.     Agriscience Ed Leadership Conference, Haines City, FL, advisor expenses paid
            from project #15300:

            Robert Philpot – WHS:         May 2, 3 and 4, 2008
            John C. Wilder – WMS:         May 2 and 3, 2008
            Heather Rucker – CMS:         May 1 – 4, 2008

     2.     Linda K. Yon, District Speech/Language Teacher, DOE Project Central: Language
            Reading Connection, May 15 and 16, 2008, Altamonte Springs, FL, no cost to

     3.     Linda K. Yon, District Speech/Language Teacher, May 23 (pm) – 25, 2008, Florida
            Speech/Language Hearing Association Annual Convention, Orlando, FL, no cost to board.
     4.     Teresa Pinder, District Local Assistive Technology Specialist, May 8 & 9, 2008,
            Summer Institute Meeting, Palatka, paid from project #482902 LATS.

     5.     Nancy Thornqvist, District Office, June 23 – 25, 2008, No Child Left Behind 2008
            School Choice Summit, Orlando, FL, paid from project #4824012.

     6.     Robert Clemons, District Finance Director, June 9 - 13, 2008, Florida School
            Finance Officers Annual Conference, Marco Island, FL, paid from project #17500.

     7.     Deanne Meyer, District Positive Behavior Strategies Coordinator, reimburse airfare
            and hotel expense – 2 nights – Positive Behavior Strategies Conference, Chicago,
            IL, March 26-30, 2008, AMEND paid from project #149001.

d)   Student Trip Requests:

     1.     Katie Jones, C.H.S. Sr. FFA Advisor, April 25, 2008, State Agribusiness Contest,
            Gainesville, FL, 4 students, 1 county vehicle, Advisor expenses paid from Project
            #15300, all other expenses paid from internal account.

     2.     Mary Russ and Earleen Williams, W.H.S. Teachers, May 1, 2008, Marine Science
            Trip to Interlachen Elementary to give presentation on “Ocean Life” to Kg. and 1st
            Grade Students, 13 students, 1 private mini-van and 1 county van, expenses paid by
            internal account, no cost to Board.

     3.     Janeice Smith, C.K.S. Safety Patrol Sponsor, 4 Chaperones, June 17 – 21, 2008,
            Annual Safety Patrol Trip to Washington D.C., 14 students, commercial carrier –
            bus, expenses paid from internal account.

     4.     Raymond Douyard, W.H.S. Jr. ROTC, June 23 – 28, 2008, JCLC Cadet Leadership
            Challenge, Summer Camp (Camp Shands) Hawthorne, FL, 20 students, 1 bus, paid
            from internal account.

     5.     NEFEC Teen Summit – Student Leaders Conference, Camp Blanding, Starke, FL,
            April 23 – 25, 2008, all expenses paid by NEFEC or internal accounts, no cost to
            Board:     B.H.S. – SRO Deputy Donna Roe, Chaperones Bruce McCosar and
            Sandra Branson, 14 students, 1 bus.

     6.     W.M.S. Honor Students Reward Trip, May 9, 2008 – AMEND to May 27, 2008,
            Wild Adventures Theme Park, GA, Chaperones Jason Odom, Amber Philpot,
            Elizabeth Horner, Sharon Sandlin, Julie Schilling and Deloris McLeod, 84 students,
            2 school buses, expenses paid (travel and subs) from School Improvement Project
            #134407, no cost to Board.

     7.     Safety Patrol Trip, June 17 – 21, 2008, Washington, DC, commercial carrier – bus,
            paid from internal account:

            B.E.S. – Crystal Hubbard, Sponsor, chaperones Jennifer Houchin, Kimberly Dean,
            Tracy Barber, Morgan Elton and Allison Tarby, 8 students.

            Y.T.S. – Rebecca Fries, Sponsor, 2 students

     8.     Alice Graham, C.H.S. Health Occ. Ed. Teacher, June 17 – 23, 2008, Health
            Occupations Students of America (HOSA) National Competition, Dallas, TX,
            chaperones Shannon Aker, Debbie Kearns and Veronica Hastings, 7 students,
            commercial carrier – bus, advisor expenses paid from project #15300.

e)   Instructional Services:

     1.     Contracts and/or Agreements:

            a.      Contract with NEFEC to provide additional dollars for the Summer 2008
                    Florida Reading Initiative professional development opportunities for
                    participating Levy County Teachers.

            b.      District Interinstitutional Articulation Cooperative Agreements for Dual
                    Enrollment, Tech Prep, Remediation and Teacher Preparation with C.F.C.C.
                    for 2008-2009 school year.

f)   Administrative / Support Services

     1.     Contracts and/or Agreements:

            a.     Provider Agreement and Agreement for Services with Childhood
                   Development Services, Inc., (CDS) to provide Transportation Services from
                   August 18, 2008 – June 30, 2009.

            b.     School Lunch Reimbursement Contract with Childhood Development
                   Services, Inc., (CDS) for reimbursement of Head Start meals from August
                   18, 2008 – June 30, 2009.

            c.     Lease Agreement with Childhood Development Services, Inc., (CDS) to
                   lease 6 buildings for Head Start at Universal One Stop in Bronson and 1
                   portable classroom at C.E.S. from July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009.

      2.    Bid Requests:

            a.     Permission to extend the following annual bids for the 2008-2009
                   school year at the same rates and conditions as originally bid.

                   Bid No.         06 – 02         Pest Control
                                   06 – 03         Vinyl Floor Tile
                                   06 – 04         Ceiling Tile / Grid
                                   07 – 01         Petroleum Products
                                   07 – 02         Motor Oil
                                   07 – 03         Fresh Delivered Pizza
                                   07 – 04         Covered Walkways

            b.     Call for bids for the following annual items/services for 2008-2009,
                   with bids being awarded at the June 3, 2008 Board meeting:
                   aa.     Milk Products
                   bb.     Bread Products
                   cc.     Liquid Propane

g)   Recommendations

     1.     Appointments and/or Transfers:

            a.     Jason L. Foley, District Air-conditioning Mechanic, effective April 21, 2008,
                   temporarily replacing McSween Huber while on leave.

     2.     Payment to the following personnel for supplemental activities during 2007-2008:

          SITE           EMPLOYEE                SUPPLEMENT              SP#             DATE

          WES            Mary J. Guinsler        Reading Endorsement 411 (add)           08/13/07
                         Barbara J. Hoyt         Reading Endorsement 411 (add)           08/13/07
                         Melissa S. Lewis        Reading Endorsement 411 (add)           08/13/07
                         Barbara Rivers          Reading Endorsement 411 (add)           08/13/07
                         Nancy Priest            Reading Endorsement 411 (add)           08/13/07
                         Kathleen Brewington     Reading Endorsement 411 (add)           08/13/07
                         Sarah Corliss           Reading Endorsement 411 (add)           08/13/07

          WMS            Sharon Sandlin          ESOL Endorsement 241 (add)              08/13/07

          WHS            Emily Lovely            Reading Endorsement 411 (add)           08/13/07

          3.     Nancy S. Thornqvist, Instructional TSA, change hours worked per day from 7.5 to
                 6.5, effective May 6, 2008.

          4.     Douglas Droscoski, Y.T.S. Head Custodian, effective date April 28, 2008,
                 replacing Richard Anderson vacancy.

     h)   Illness-In-Line-Of-Duty Requests:

          1.     Kelly Bass, W.M.S. PE Teacher, May 8, 2008 (2.5 hours).

          2.     Elizabeth Brown, W.M.S. Custodian, April 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, and May 1, 2,
                 5, 6, 2008 (8.0 hours per day).

          3.     Katie Jones, C.H.S. Ag Teacher, April 29 (2.0 hours), 2008.

     a)   Budget Amendments #14-A and #14-B
     b)   Removal of the following equipment from property inventory:

          Cannibalized Property: the items no longer work and are not repairable, but the parts can be used
          to keep others running.

          Property No. Description                       Acquisition                     Amount

     YTS: C-5433         IBM Computer                    01 / 93                         $1,149.00
          C-6017         IBM Computer                    10 / 93                         $1,549.00
          C-6471         Gateway Computer                07 / 94                         $1,740.00

     WES: C-8928         Gateway Computer                03 / 99                         $1,524.00
          C-9092         Gateway Computer                05 / 99                         $1,138.00

       c)     Amendment of Instructional and ESP Salary Schedules to allow payment to the
              following personnel for:

              Translate into Spanish the “Homeless Student” registration form for the District, up to
              3 additional hours at regular rate of pay between the dates of April 29 – May 2, 2008, paid
              from Title I Project 4824014: Areles Rosario-Roldan

Item Withdrawn from Consent Agenda
Rick Turner moved, Frank Etheridge seconded to approve item 2. under f) Aministrative & Support
Services (Bid Extension Requests – 07-01 Petroleum Products) at which time Paige Brookins declared a
conflict of interest and abstained from voting as the bid had previously been awarded to her brother. Mrs.
Brookins said she would file form 8B as required by Florida Statutes.

Superintendent’s Comments / Recommendations

Mr. Norris drew the Board’s attention to all the new art work around the room and commended the Art
Teachers in all the schools for their success as evidenced by the student art work. Mr. Norris also
informed the Board that the school visit to CHS at the next Board meeting would be cancelled due to the
Budget Workshop.

 Paige Brookins reminded the Board of the Chiefland Watermelon Festival parade and said she would
complete the form for the Board to participate.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


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