Roger Williams University Student Senate by lonyoo


									                     Roger Williams University Student Senate
                                                     October 17, 2005

I.     CALL TO ORDER: President Witek called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm.
II.    ROLL CALL: Lana Abou-Hatoum, Amanda Ball, Lindsey Bauer, Shashwat Baxi, Scott Carlson, Rachel Clarke,
       Veronica Columb, Brittany Crossman, Maureen Daly, Jamie DeBor, Brian Harkin, Derek Harnsberger, Meghan
       Hogan, Jessica Karkut, Jon Nash, Sara Quagliaroli, Jane Shaughnessy, Megan Williams, Mike Witek
       NOT PRESENT: Philip DeCologero, Alicia Merschen-Perez
III.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes from 10/10/05 were approved.
       a. CEN: Al Borrelli reported for Bobbi-Lynn Anderson on the past weekends events. On Friday the 14th, Comedian
       C. Willie Myles was in the snack bar at 9pm. Forty-five people attended. On Saturday, October 15th the film Bad
       News Bears played in the dinning hall. Fifty people attended the 8pm showing and 20 people attended the 11pm
       showing. This Friday, the 21st, at 10:30 pm will be Midnight Madness in the gym. CEN will also be taking part in the
       Leadership Carousel on Saturday morning. In addition they have chosen who will be going to the NACA regional
       b. ICC: Al Borrelli reported that the Senior Pub night on Friday the 14th went very well. It had an attendance of 118
       people. Al also thanked Treasurer Columb for her help at this event. On Sunday, October 23rd Fall Classic will take
       place at 1pm. Teams can still sign up if anyone is interested. ICC will be getting a new representative to attend
       Student Affairs meetings, and Sam Brownstein will be an ICC representative on the Academic Affairs committee.
       ICC will also be looking for a new secretary for the second semester if anyone has suggestions.
       c. IRHA: Alexis Haddad reported that the Mr. RWU contestants visited Baystate Medical Center this past weekend to
       see the babies, because all proceeds made from the Mr. RWU event are donated to this medical center. The
       contestants will also be auctioned off this week as dates to the Homecoming Ball. Anyone can make a bid in the
       Student Union this week. Yellow and red bracelets are also being sold for the Mr. RWU event.
       d. A member of Delta Sigma Pi was in attendance.
       e. Sabrina Babbin and Mike Pandalto were representing Mock Trial and asking Senate for money to attend two
       competitions this fall.
       f. Ethan Maron was representing Model UN and asking senate for $5,700 to attend a competition at the University of
       g. ADVISORS: Advisor John Lindsay asked if anyone was interested in helping at Casino Night on Friday at 6pm.
       The event starts at 8pm but anyone helping would receive dinner and training prior to the event. Advisor Tammy Von
       George reminded everyone that Homecoming is this weekend and in order to attend some of the events you need to
        register online. Advisor Carol Sacchetti informed everyone that her extension is 3066 in case anyone needs to contact
V.      PRESIDENT’S REPORT: President Mike Witek reported that on Tuesday October 25th John King will be holding an
        Open Forum in CAS at 6:30pm. The three topics to be discussed are Information Technology, Parking, and
        Housing/Vending Maintenance. Last week 68 parking spaces were given back to students as a result of the parking
        committee. President Witek added that he and Vice-President Carlson met with Joseph Pangborn of I.T. this past
        week. I.T. is aware of the quality of the assistance calls and is looking into the situation. There are only 5 techs for
        the entire university so they handle emergency situations first. The STARS are only required to fix internet problems
        in the buildings, not PC problems. The department is considering hiring a temp-agency to fix computers for the
        beginning of next year with guidance from Senate. In addition, the new Log-On system for accessing the internet
        came up. This system is not to track where students go on the internet. It simply checks the computers for anti-virus
        and anti-spy ware software. Students will need to re-register their computers every 120 days. President Witek also
        reported that seven students have been chosen for the University Student Affairs committee. Michael Witek, Scott
        Carlson, Meghan Hogan, Al Borrelli, Bobbi-Lynn Anderson, Nellie Ferreira, and Alexis Haddad were chosen based
        on their involvement and over-lap of involvement. A radio has also been purchased for the Senate office.
VI.     EXECUTIVE BOARD REPORT: Vice President Scott Carlson reported that the E-Board will begin having one-on-
        ones with committee chairs next week. Mentors have also been assigned to the new freshmen Senators.
VII.    TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Veronica Columb reported that she ordered the placards and hopes they will be
        in soon. Budgets will be passed out next week.
VIII.   SECRETARY’S REPORT. Secretary Jessica Karkut asked that everyone pick up an updated contact sheet and a sheet
        with the committee and organizations meeting times. In addition Secretary Karkut will be ordering office supplies
        this week, so if anyone needs anything let her know.
        A. STUDENT AFFAIRS: Chair Maureen Daly reported that her committee heard six parking appeals, all of which
        were denied. This gives a total 29% appeal rate for the year. The committee also discussed the issue of University
        vehicles taking student spots in lot H and I. Kate Tobin promises to take care of the issue. Cliff McGovern has been
        asked by the committee to work on getting more garbage cans for outside the residence halls. Senator Quagliaroli and
        Al Borrelli are planning on meeting with Facilities management on Thursday so if you have any concerns let them
        know. As well, Al Borrelli announced he will no longer be sitting on the Student Affairs committee but will be
        finding someone else to replace him.
        B. CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS: Chair Meghan Hogan reported that her committee heard from Cycling club who
        was asking for full club status. They were granted full club status for completing all their requirements. The
        committee also agreed to grant them a $100 club bonus for attending the involvement fair.
        C. FINANCE: Chair Brittany Crossman reported that her committee heard from the Marine Science club who came to
        request an allocation of $57.60 for additional tickets to a whale watch in Boston. This request was granted by general
        consent. Model United Nations came to request an allocation of $6,389 to go to a conference at the University of
       Pennsylvania in November. Due to the amount requested it was suggested that they go before the general Senate for
       this request. Hillel came to request an allocation of $4,458 to send two members to the Kesher Convention in
       Houston, Texas. The request was tabled for one week per by-laws. Public Relations Student Society of America
       came to request an allocation of $2808 to attend the PRSSA National Conference in Miami. This request was also
       tabled for a week.
       D. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Chair Lindsey Bauer reported that her committee is working on a new ad for WQRI to
       replace our ad about the Fall Elections. As well Senator Harkin is working on a new ad for the Hawk’s Herald.
       Senator Shaughnessy is working on finding out more information about the road race in Bristol as a community
       service project. Advertising space has been requested to promote “Professor of the Semester.” The committee is also
       in the progress of getting information about ordering sweatshirts for Senate.
       E. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS: Chair Jon Nash reported that his committee has drafted a nomination form for the
       Professor of the Semester Award. They have also looked into plaques for the award. The committee also discussed
       the logistics of deciding which nominees should be chosen.
       F. ALUMNI AFFAIRS: Chair Jane Shaughnessy announced that her committee has finished adding past senators to
       the database from the lists she was supplied with. Letters went out to alumni about the database and the new
       committee. They were requested to return a form by mail or email with their updated contact information. Chair
       Shaughnessy will be putting directions on how to add yourself to the database in everyone’s mailboxes. The alumni
       event for Homecoming this weekend is Duck-pin bowling at Dudek Bowling Alley in Warren. It will be on Sunday,
       October 23rd, at 3:30pm. If you are unable to attend this event please let Senator Shaughnessy know. As well Senate
       will have a table at the Student Leader Carousel Saturday morning from 10-11am. This will take place in CAS and all
       Senators are welcome to help.
       A. Hawks Helping Organizations [H2O]: Secretary Karkut reported that the first meeting will be on Wednesday from
       1-2pm in the Senate Chambers. They will be reviewing the requirements for being in H2O and going over goal
XI.   UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Bill S32-18: A resolution urging Interim Provost Jeffery Martin to recreate the Academic
           Integrity Committee comprising of both Faculty and Student Senators was untabled. VP Carlson motioned to
           make a friendly amendment to change grammatical errors. Treasurer Columb made a friendly amendment to
           remove the S after Student Senate and before 32. Both amendments were accepted. The bill was granted by
           general consent {15-0-0}.
XII. NEW BUSINESS: Senator Harnsberger introduced bill S32-19: A Bill Allocating Funds to the Model United Nations
           Club of Roger Williams University, for immediate consideration. There was no opposition to debating the bill
           immediately. Senator Harnsberger yielded time to Ethan Maron to explain why Model UN needs money. Ethan
           explained that there are many new freshmen and sophomores who would gain a lot from the experience of
           attending this conference. Roger Williams also does very well in these competitions. The team usually gets
           many awards, including best delegation. Vice-President Carlson commended Model UN on all their hard work
and for their great achievements but added that asking for $5,700 is way too much. He added that MSU and
Hawk’s Herald are organizations and do not even receive a budget of $9,000, and Model UN has already been
allocated $4215, plus tonight’s request would bring their total to over $9,000. Also the club did not do any
fundraising or look for money from other departments. VP Carlson also mentioned that last year during
budgeting Senate was told that the trip would cost $6,018.19, but now it is costing $9,920. Senator Crossman
wanted to point out to her committee that the numbers in the bill are different from what they were told at their
meeting. Senator Quagliaroli asked why 21 members were going this year and only 13 members went last year.
Ethan replied that this year they have more important delegations in the debate and need more members there.
Senator Harnsberger stated that you can not compare the budgets of Hawk’s Herald and Model UN because the
entire point of Model UN is to go on these conferences. Senator Nash pointed out that Model UN intends on
going to another conference in the spring and will need to ask for more money then. As well, he added that if you
take the Student Activities fee of 21 students it equals about $4,000 which the club was already given. Senator
Harnsberger asked how much money Senate had in the unallocated line. Treasurer Columb said we have
$12,000. There was then some discussion about the bump up in the spring and Advisor Von George stated that
we are not allowed to count on that money because admissions numbers change for the spring semester. Senator
Nash motioned to amend the bill to request $1,000. VP Carlson seconded the motion. Senator Harnsberger
showed opposition to the amendment. The amendment was then discussed. Senator Harnsberger yielded time to
Ethan who explained they have sought funds from the political science department but they have not committed
yet. He added that in the past Senate has funded hotel and registration fees, and the only new thing he added to
the amount needed was a $20 food stipend per day. Senator Quagliaroli suggested that maybe Senate cut how
many delegates we pay for or have the members pay their own food stipend. Senator Daly asked how much
money Model UN requested during budgeting last year. Ethan explained that they requested money to attend a
conference at Harvard but it was denied. They also asked for $11,000 and were granted $4,125. He added that
the group is looking into a charter bus instead of the train. Ethan continued by stating that Casey the president of
Model UN last year requested $6,000 for this trip but he can not speak to that number because he was not part of
the process. Senator Ball asked if the club would be able to go on the trip if they were not given this money and if
the members were paying for anything. Ethan said that they will try to find a way to get there and they could pay
for their own food. VP Carlson reminded everyone that currently the debate needed to be about the $1,000
amendment. He added that by giving them $5,000 is paying for more than half of the total and other groups that
come to request money usually fundraise. Senator Harkin asked why they were taking Amtrak. Ethan replied
that the club had no leadership during the beginning stages of the planning for the trip and the advisor choose
Amtrak. The club is working with Marshall to find a bus. He added that the club is too busy preparing for the
conference to conduct any fundraisers. VP Carlson responded that other clubs like Mock Trial have time
constraints as well but they fundraise. There was then discussion of removing the food stipend, but this is not
allowed according to the by-laws. Senator Harnsberger motioned to amend the bill to $4,000. Parliamentarian
Clarke motioned for a three minute recess to check procedure. Senator Daly seconded the motion. Upon
          returning from the recess roll call was taken and the following people were absent: Lana Abou-Hatoum, Shashwat
          Baxi, Phil DeCologero, and Alicia Merschen-Perez. Senator Harnsberger asked if un-moderated caucuses were
          allowed (time to speak to a non-senator outside the room during the meeting). It was determined this is not
          allowed. Senator Harnsberger then motioned for a 15 minute recess, seconded by Senator DeBor, and the motion
          was denied. Senator Daly then motioned to call to question the amendment to change the amount requested to
          $4,000. Senator Nash seconded the motion. The amendment failed. Senator Daly motioned to call to question
          the amendment changing the amount to $1,000 being requested. VP Carlson seconded the motion. The
          amendment passed. Senator Harkin asked how much the club had been granted already. Treasurer Columb said
          $4125. Senator Hogan motioned to yield time to John Lindsay. Advisor Lindsay just wanted to clarify that
          Senate can give money but can not change the timeline of the process of giving money. Senator Daly moved to
          amend the bill to change the original amount allocated to $4125. This was seconded by VP Carlson. The
          amendment was passed. VP Carlson motioned to call to question the original bill with an amount of $1,000 being
          allocated. Senator Daly seconded the motion. The bill passed by a roll call vote of {11-4-0}.
          VP Carlson introduced the bill S32-20: A Bill Allocating $4,000 to Mock Trial for immediate consideration. The
          bill was passed to be immediately considered. VP Carlson spoke on behalf of the bill explaining it is to pay for
          two conferences. He added that Mock Trial has been doing fundraising. Sabrina, a representative from Mock
          Trial then spoke about the bill. She explained that this year Roger Williams will be hosting the regional
          competition and will no longer need money to attend that event. Treasurer Columb added that Senate will be
          pulling back $990 for that event. Senator Harnsberger moved to make a formal amendment to the bill to request
          $4407.50. This motion was passed to discuss the amendment. Mike from Mock Trial Club explained that this
          number was in comparison to how much the events cost last year. Senator Crossman passed around allocation
          forms that Mock Trial brought to the finance meeting. VP Carlson stated that he wrote the Bill for $4,000
          because he thought the club could fundraise for the last few hundred dollars. Sabrina said they are planning a
          bingo fundraiser for the end of November. The amendment for changing the request to $4407.50 was denied. VP
          Carlson motioned to call to question the bill for allocating $4,000 to Mock Trial. Senator Daly seconded the
          motion. The bill passed.
          Senator Nash introduced the bill S32-21: Allocation for Alumni Affairs for immediate consideration. It was
          decided by general consent to consider the bill immediately. VP Carlson explained that the committee needs the
          money for the event on Sunday. Senator Daly called the Bill to question. VP Carlson seconded the motion. The
          Bill passed. Senator Harnsberger motioned to reconsider the bill for Model UN. Parliamentarian Clarke
          explained someone from the winning side has to make that motion. VP Carlson introduced the bill S32-22:
          NDDTTF. Senator Harnsberger motioned to adjourn the meeting. Senator Nash seconded the motion. This
          motion was denied. President Witek asked that everyone please stay serious for the rest of the meeting.
      a. VP Carlson wanted to point out that last May during budgeting it was decided to not pay for hotels, so we cannot
      just give money back to the clubs now for hotels. Advisor Lindsay added that Senate needs to be careful with our
     money because it is not unlimited and we need to set standards for what we will give money for. This discussion
     continued on about how important it is that clubs start fundraising and that we remember that many clubs got close to
     no money last spring.
     b. Senator Bauer announced that she is looking into ordering sweatshirts for Senate. They would probably be bright
     blue. VP Carlson added that he wouldn’t mind getting jackets too. Advisor Lindsay said that his office may be able
     to pay for part of them because all the organizations get shirts.
     c. Treasurer Columb started a discussion on how to get students to athletic events. President Witek suggested
     giveaways at halftime. VP Carlson and Senator Harnsberger both suggested athletics give funds to Hollerin’ Hawks.
     Advisor Sacchetti thought maybe the orgs or clubs could compete for the most school spirit. VP Carlson added that
     we should get a football team and Advisor Lindsay explained that we can not have one. He added that maybe the
     Executive Council could sponsor giveaways.
     d. President Witek explained that I.T. is considering a temp-agency to help with fixing computers for the beginning of
     next year and was wondering what everyone thought. Senator Ball asked if STARs get paid. President Witek said
     that they do and they receive a laptop to use for the year. The discussion continued and everyone agreed that a temp-
     agency would be a great idea because there are not enough STARs to fix all the problems nor do they have time
     because they are students as well.
     a. VP Carlson expressed that everyone did a great job tonight because it was a long meeting and its not easy to debate
     how much money we can give to clubs.
     b. Senator Harkin announced that on Wednesday the film Romeo and Juliet will be playing in the Mary Tefft White
     Multicultural Center from 8-10pm.
     c. President Witek reminded everyone that Kathleen McMahon will be coming next week and it is important that
     everyone look over the accreditation papers.
     d. The advisors commended us on our great job tonight. They also reminded us that Homecoming is this weekend
     and you need to register online for events. Advisor Sacchetti added that it would be great to chat with past Senators
     this weekend to see what they did while they were here.
     e. Senator Shaughnessy announced that the Student Leader Carousel will be on Saturday at 10 am and asks that
     everyone attends. She will also be taking pictures next week of all Senators.
     f. Advisor Sacchetti commended Parliamentarian on her great work this evening with the parliamentary procedure.
     a. VP Carlson moved to adjourn the meeting. Second: Senator Daly.
     The meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.
     Respectfully Submitted,

     Senate Secretary
     Jessica L. Karkut

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