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       General Election ▪ May 5, 2006

 “Democracy must be learned by each generation.”

Edition 4   Published by The Mason County Journal & YMCA Youth & Government
                  Jonathon Pad’ron
       Hi, my name is Jonathon Padron and this year I am
running for Governor. This is my third year in the program
and I'm still incredibly excited to be here and to be apart of
Youth and Government. I've held a variety of positions
including Fair Elections Commissioner, Senator, Vice Chair,
Lobbyist Officere and was a member of last year's Governor's
Cabinet. I'm really looking forward to this year and next, and
hope everyone has a great time at the Capitol.
~Jonathon                                                         Grade level: 11
                                                                  Years In Youth leg: 3

                                                                  Positions Held in Youth
                                                                  Vice Chair
                                                                  Governor’s Cabinet
                                                                  Lobbyist Officer

                      Morrie Low
         My name is Morrie Low and I am the Governor Can-
didate from District Three. I attend Stevenson High School
and am part of the Stevenson Delegation located in the beauti-
ful Columbia River Gorge. I play football and soccer and
snowboard in the winter. I have been part of the Youth and
Government program for two years now. Last year I was an
active member of the Senate, passing my bill, as well as help-
ing others by acting as a proponent.
         All my life I have had a passion for debate. WheGther
it was arguing about which power ranger was the coolest in
my youth, or debating with my delegation over abortion           Delegation:
rights, I just can’t get enough. When I was introduced to                Stevenson
Youth and Government by a friend I was amazed at what I          Grade Level: 11
                                                                 Years in Youth Leg: 3
had found: a chance to be surrounded with hundreds of other
people just like me, learning about our state government. This   Positions Held In Youth
is what our program is all about and why I want to be your       Leg:
Youth Governor.                                                  Senator
         My passion for the core values of Youth and Govern-     Fair Elections
ment, my leadership qualities, and my support for the voice of
                                                                 Chief Clerk of the House
students will make me an excellent Youth Governor.
                     Aaron Sherman
          Being Youth Governor to me is really about taking my
 all and using it to make Youth Legislature better than it has yet
   to be. Through my experiences in Youth and Government, I
 have always been excited to come and be apart of the intellec-
  tual conversations and insights of my peers and friends. This
program has meant the world to me, which is why I have chosen
to run as your 60th session Governor. But what you may be ask-
ing is what qualifies me for this position? After all, I do have to   Delegation:
convince you the voters of why you should vote for me. Most of             Normandy Park
                                                                      Grade level: 11
my leadership positions have come from my high school where I         Years in Youth Leg: 2
have served as everything from class historian to the head of the
student leadership committee. Most recently, I was a core mem-        Positions held in Youth
ber of my high school’s transformation from a large comprehen-        Leg:
sive high school, to three on campus small schools. Most of this      Senator
                                                                      Committee Vice Chair
    work was done through the Coalition of Essential Schools,
   which has been bettering the education system for 25 years.
   Next year, as your Governor, I am prepared to put my body,
mind and soul into this program so that the 60th session of Youth
  Legislation will indeed be the best session that has yet to be.
       Aaron T. Sherman for 60th session Youth Governor.

                  Michael Blackwood
         My philosophy is one of power and one of strength.
However, it is not of domination. It is of unity and under-
standing. As a freshman Representative, I worked with my
fellow legislators in the House and Senate to pass my first bill
and bring it to the table of our Governor, where it was eventu-
ally signed. Last year, I remained a legislator as a Senator,
and worked with a colleague in the House in an attempt to see
my bill signed. As an actor at home, I have learned to lead
and work with many people for countless hours. As a person,
I like to listen. I like to talk. I like to know what makes people
tick and how that affects everyone else. America is a great           Delegation:
                                                                             Walla Walla
country, and Washington is a great state. But I am unafraid to
                                                                      Grade Level: 11
carry the dissenting opinion, and to do so with pride.                Years in Youth Leg: 3
         I have faced many difficult choices in my life, and I
respect others for their many choices I may never know. This          Positions Held in Youth
year, I have chosen to be a Committee Chair, where I plan to          Leg:
gain new insight into leadership. A good Youth and Govern-
                                                                      O’Brien House Member
ment Program is born from the minds of those willing to               Committee Chair
listen, to lead, and to delegate power respectfully and respon-       Representative
sibly. My philosophy is that true strength comes from an un-
derstanding of ourselves, our colleagues, and how we work
together. My philosophy is one of power and one of strength.
It is one of democracy.
                                                             LT. GOVERNOR
                          Iris Maute-Gibson                                               Victoria Verstegen

       Delegation:                                                       Delegation:
                 Whatcom                                                          Lakeside
       Grade Level: 10                                                   Grade: 11
       Years in Youth Leg: 2                                             Years in Youth Leg: 2

       Positions Held in Youth Leg:                                      Positions held in Youth Leg:
       Chair                                                             Postmaster General
       Vice Chair                                                        Senator

                 Why did the chicken cross the road?                              Three adjectives that best describe me: Reasonable,
                 TO VOTE FOR IRIS OF COURSE!                            Responsible, Goofy
Hello there fellow Youth Legers! My name is Iris Maute-Gibson.                    I am qualified for this position, and you should vote for
This year I am running for Lt. Governor. The reason that I am           me because:
running is my pride and love for Youth and Government and my                      My goal as your Lieutenant Governor would be to make
love for all the people involved. There are so many great people        the Youth & Government experience as fun as possible, while
and I would love to have the honor to chair in the beautiful Senate     maintaining a level of seriousness that allows us to take away as
room. My campaign will be built on fairness and equality for eve-       much as we can from the program.
ryone in this program. I am a very outgoing person so please feel                 Last year, as one of four Postmaster Generals, I was
free to talk to me anytime. I love to talk about bills and occasion-    exposed to all facets of the Youth and Government experience. I
ally chocolate because it is defiantly my favorite. I look forward to   was in close contact with pages, reporters, lobbyists, and members
meeting many new people and having a great session. Good luck           of the Legislature. I also passed a bill in both the House and the
to everyone running and have a great year!                              Senate – which means that I am experienced in the workings that I
ADLAI STEVENSON: “It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you             would be overseeing as your Lieutenant Governor. This year I am
think you look funny on a horse.” (This doesn’t make much sense         a Committee Vice Chair and will be a member of the Senate, and
                                                                        these experiences will further add to my qualifications.
but I assure you I look really good on a horse)

                           Phillippe Celestin                                               Spring Lonneker

       Delegation:                                                      Delegation:
              Moutain View                                                      Walla Walla
       Grade Level: 11                                                  Grade Level: 11
       Years in Youth Leg: 3                                            Years in Youth Leg: 3

       Positions Held in Youth Leg:                                     Positions Held in Youth Leg:
                                                                        O’Brien House
                                                                        Secretary of the Senate

           My name is Philippe Vital Celestin and I am running for                 Going into my third year of Youth and Government,
Lt. Governor. Why do I deserve this position? I am a capable and        I’m looking forward to the upcoming friendships and
competent leader who knows how to work with others to reach a           experiences. My past two years in the club have enriched my
desired goal. I am the vice-president of the Mountain View dele-        knowledge of democracy and instilled in me great respect for the
gation, and I am also the president of a rapidly developing non-        club and all the people involved. I have created and proponed
profit organization. Both of these positions have given me a great      two bills and been a member of the O’Brien House and the
deal of respect for the talents and beliefs of my fellow peers, along   House of Representatives. If elected I will faithfully perform my
with the knowledge of how to get jobs done effectively and right.       duties and strive to contribute my best.
           I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the Youth and
Government program for the last three years, and in those three
years I’ve been challenged and pushed to my limits. This program
has helped me gain a better understanding of both myself and the
world around me, and because of this I want the chance to give
back. I want to be able to ensure that everyone here in Olympia
gets the opportunity to experience the benefits of the Youth and
Government program.
                                                SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE
                                Alex Mech                                                      Peter Rasmussen

      Delegation: Whatcom                                                  Delegation: Lakeside
      Grade Level: 10                                                      Grade: 11
      Years in Youth Leg: 3                                                Years in Youth Leg: 3

      Positions held in Youth                                              Positions held in Youth Leg:
      Leg: Governor’s Cabinet,                                             Committee Chair
      Senator, 8th Grade Senate                                            House Representative
      Chair, ’05 and
      ‘06Conference on National
      Affairs (CONA) Delegate,
      ‘05 CONA Delegation
      Roundtable Chair

“Why the heck should I vote for Mech?” That’s the question you’re         Three adjectives that best describe me: Unflappable, Articulate,
probably asking yourself right now, so hear me out:                       and Collaborative
           I joined Youth & Government last year and became a                        Above anything else, you should vote for me because
Committee Chair, but soon afterwards, I applied to be one of Joe          you value someone who listens to you. I’ll read your page notes,
Jenkins' Cabinet Members and opted for that position when he              chat with you after sessions, and do whatever it takes to make
selected me. I had a blast working with him and all the other Cabi-       Youth and Government the way you want it to be. I will not
net Members, and as I watched debate in the House, I realized how         show favoritism to my delegation, and I will make sure to give
important it is to have a Speaker who really knows what he or she         everyone who has something to say the opportunity to say it,
is doing AND can keep debate flowing well while making the at-            regardless of how experienced in Youth and Government he or
mosphere relaxed. By the end of the session I already had deter-          she is.
mined that I would run for Speaker of the House, and I’ve dedi-                      I didn’t choose those three adjectives because I thought
cated myself to preparing for this position ever since.                   they’d be on the SAT. Compromise and making good choices
           It’s because of my experience, determination, and dedica-      under pressure are what I’m good at. I also have experience
tion that you should vote for me. I’m ready; now all I need is            working in the House as a Representative, so I know what it
YOUR help.                                                                means to be a good Speaker, and I think I’d be a great candidate
   Vote for me, and I’ll make sure that we rock the House in ’07!         for this job.

                                 Grey Pickett                                                      Allyce Berry

        Delegation: Thurston                                               Delegation: Dayton
        Grade Level: 11                                                    Grade Level: 10
        Years in Youth Leg: 3                                              Years in Youth Leg: 2

        Positions Held in Youth Leg:                                       Positions Held in Youth Leg:
        Committee Chair

                  Hello, my name is Grey Pickett, and I’d like your                  Youth and Government holds great interest for me. I
        support to be the next Speaker of the House. The Speaker of       enjoy the debate, the order, and the “experience” of being an
        the House needs to have the experience to efficiently lead        actual legislator. Although I have not previously had the oppor-
        discussion on a bill, while also keeping order. I have a vast     tunity to hold a leadership position in Youth and Government, I
        amount of experience in this area. This February, I served as     am very involved in my community. I am also the student repre-
        Speaker of the House and Conference Manager for the 4-H           sentative/member of our city council. Therefore, I am not intimi-
        Know Your Government Conference. Under my leadership              dated by order and am very comfortable with the etiquette, be-
        the House operated like a well-oiled machine and accom-           havior, language, and way of running things that would be ex-
        plished almost twice as much as the Senate. Every year, I         pected of a Speaker of the House. I appreciate all aspects of a
        have stepped up and taken on a more important role in Youth       debate and would not show any partiality on the floor. Anyone
        and Government than the year before. I am asking you to help      who wishes to speak while I am in the position of Speaker of the
        me take this final step and I’ll help you have the best experi-   House would have an equal opportunity to voice his or her opin-
        ence ever at the 60th Youth Legislative Session. So re-           ions. Speaking in front of many people does not frighten me, and
        member:                                                           I am at ease when calling and keeping order. I am responsible
            Vote Grey Pickett for Speaker of the House!                   and serious about my desire to keep sessions running smoothly
                                                                          and according to plan.
                                                          SECRETARY OF STATE
                               Brian Thomas                                                      Quinn Brettler

         Delegation: Whatcom                                             Delegation: Lakeside
         Grade Level: 10                                                 Grade: 11
         Years in Youth Leg: 2                                           Years in Youth leg: 2

         Positions in Youth Leg:                                         Positions held in Youth Leg:
                                                                         Co-Committee Chair

 Aloha! My name is Brian Thomas, and this will be my second                         Three adjectives that best describe me: Outgoing,
 year in the Youth and Government program, and I’m looking               talkative, organized
 forward to many more. I am credentialed beyond comprehen-                          I have always been involved in organizing things
 sion to hold this position. So, what ELSE do you NEED to                since middle school, such as school dances and things like that.
 KNOW? Lack of foundation, I know, but without making this               I was elected onto the Youth Volunteer Corps’ Youth Advisory
 statement an auto-biography, I would just like to touch on the          Board (in which we help plan the service projects that YVC will
 important things....my favorite meal....chicken parmesan....now         do in the next year) this year because I showed motivation and
 back to the IMPORTANT things.......I am very open-minded. If            the ability to take a leadership role in a group of people. I am
 you present your viewpoint to me on any issue, I will listen and        good at keeping papers organized, and I manage things well by
 consider, regardless of my bias........I do not believe giving          making lists of what I have to do each day. One of my teachers
 100% at my duty is acceptable, I'll give it 200%. The other can-        this year nominated me to go to the National Youth Leadership
 didates for this position may be more charismatic, more leader-         Conference in Washington DC this summer, something that
 types, more beautiful, however, they will NEVER put more                only a few students get nominated for each year. You should
 work into it than I will......Finally, I am a firm believer in having   vote for me because I am qualified for this position, for the rea-
 a good time. Some of you may say, "Wowsers, how can he give             sons I listed above, and because I can bring excitement to things
 200% while having a good time?" he contradicts himself. No, I           that others cannot. I guess you could say I’m easily amused, and
 just BELIEVE that if you give me the opportunity to channel             because of that, I can make others amused also. If I am elected
 200% of my energy as Secretary of State, we will not only get           your Secretary of State, believe me, it will not be a boring year.
 the job done right, but have the time of our lives doing it.

                               Jennifer Pesut                                                    Quinn Tomlin

         Delegation: Mountain View                                       Delegation: Walla Walla
         Grade Level: 11                                                 Grade level: 11
         Years in Youth Leg: 3                                           Years in Youth Leg: 3
         Positions In Youth Leg:
         page                                                            Positions in Youth Leg:
         O’Brien House member
         Governor’s Cabinet

           I’m Jennifer Pesut from Mountain View’s Delegation                       I am running for Secretary of State because legislature is
and this is my third year in the program. Each and every one of          my love. This is my third year in the Youth and Government Pro-
you have contributed to my wonderful experience in some way, so          gram, and during these three years I have served as a member of
I am running for Secretary of State to be able to ensure that every-     the O’Brien House, Assistant Attorney General, and Executive
one has an excellent and worthwhile experience. In the two previ-        Press Secretary. I have also been selected twice to be the Press
ous years I have held the position of secretary of my delegation,        Delegate representing Washington State at the Conference on
page, lobbyist assistant in the Governor’s Office, representative in     National Affairs. As Secretary of State I will assure expedient
the O’Brien house, and a member of the Governor’s Cabinet.               processing of all pieces of legislation as they move through the
                                                                         program as well as make sure that all bills receive their proper spot
           Outside of Youth and Government I work closely with           on the dockets. As president of the Walla Walla delegation and
the YMCA volunteering regularly. I have been the secretary of            several other clubs and organizations at my high school, I feel that
Thunder Crew, my Girl Scout troop, and secretary elect of Key            I have the required leadership skills to help make next year a suc-
Club. I am a great leader, and after reading the duties of Secretary     cessful 60th session; however, it is not only leadership that this job
of State, I have no doubts that I am perfect for the job. I have the     requires but also conviction and passion. I live my life by these
organizational and technological skills needed to maintain order in      two traits: if one does not do something wholly and with a great
Olympia. So please vote for me, Jennifer Pesut, for Secretary of         passion then what is the point of taking it on in the first place. It is
State for the 60th Session of YMCA Youth Legislature. I would be         for these reasons and many more that I would like to be your Sec-
proud and honored to serve you in this position. Thank you!              retary of State for the 2007 session of the Washington State Youth
                                                                         and Government Legislature.
                                CAMPAIGN RULES 2006

I.        General Campaign Rules

          All campaign activity must be mindful of the fact that we are on the Capitol Campus. Appropriate materials,
dress and behavior must be maintained at all times. It is particularly important that we not litter and/or in any way
damage, mark, or make a mess of Capitol grounds and facilities. In addition, the following are the basic rules:

          All candidates will emphasize and abide by the YMCA core values:
               o Honesty
               o Respect
               o Responsibility
               o Caring
          No negative campaigning; materials will refer to own candidacy and candidate’s qualifications and
          Each candidate is responsible for his or her campaign materials, including message, cleanup, and appropriate
          There will be no campaigning in committees or the chambers or other offices while regular Youth Legislature
          business is being conducted or within 20 feet of designated polling places
          Endorsements are allowed

II.       Campaign Finance

           The maximum amount that each candidate may spend on the campaign is Fifty Dollars ($50.00). This amount
includes in-kind and direct contributions and all amounts spent by supporters. For example, if a friend prints up a flyer
on paper from his parent’s office, the fair market value of that flyer (paper and copying or printing costs) must be
included in the $50.00.
           All candidates must prepare and submit a campaign plan/budget to their delegation advisor at least one month
prior to the session. The completed plan/budget must be submitted to the State Office two weeks prior to the session.
           At the conclusion of the campaign, each candidate must submit an itemized expenditure report to the Office of
the Secretary of State. The report shall include valid receipts and/or fair market value for all expenditures.

III.      Campaign Materials

          All campaign materials (signs, posters, flyers, etc.) must include a disclaimer which clearly states the person(s)
responsible for its production. The words “paid for by” or “prepared by,” with the person’s name and contact
information, must be on each campaign item.
          Materials may be posted only in designated areas. No materials may be stuck to any part of the interior of the
Legislative Building. You will be instructed as to where you can place campaign materials.

          The following are NOT allowed:

          Banners or signs over 2’ X 2’
          Glitter or confetti may not appear either alone or on any materials or signs
          Use of government or state resources, i.e. printers, computers, copiers, etc.

IV.       Enforcement

          If a candidate or candidate’s supporters choose to break any of these rules, the candidate will be disqualified
from the race or, if the election has concluded, will forfeit his or her seat and the nearest challenger will assume the
          Complaints regarding a rule violation will be submitted to the Secretary of State, in writing, with specific facts
and evidence. Complaints will be considered by the Secretary of State, the State Director, and the appropriate delegation
advisor within four hours and a decision issued.
      THURSDAY, MAY 4, 3:15 PM

          FRIDAY, MAY 5, FROM
           9:30 AM TO 4:00 PM
In the House Lounge (basement of the
         Legislative Building)