November 2009 - SUNY Delhi by lonyoo


									                        ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES
                             NOVEMBER 2009 UPDATE

   We submitted our proposal to SUNY System for a BBA in Business and Technology
    Management, thanks to Barbara Sturdevant.
   We are considering offering two online programs next fall; the BBA in Hospitality
    Management and the BBA in Business and Technology Management, both of which are
    already registered by SED for distance learning. Before making a final decision to go ahead,
    we will conduct a number of surveys, including one to our own alums, to determine market
    demand, our ability to offer all courses online, and the impact on service areas. We will also
    develop a business plan.
   The 11th Annual SUNY Delhi American Culinary Federation Competition was held the
    weekend of Open House. Faculty and staff worked non-stop for the three day event. Our
    students won medals galore, and our 2009 - 2010 ACF Culinary Team was announced at the
    conclusion of the competition– bravo, bravo!
   At the annual Hotel Show in New York City, 11 culinary students and one faculty member
    entered 12 competitions, winning four gold and eight silver medals. We have much to be
    proud of.
   The membership of the Adirondack Golf Course Superintendent Association made a $500
    donation to the golf and plant science program area.
   Speaking of golf, the PGA will soon mail us the RFP (Request for Proposal) for PGM
    accreditation. The first step, however, will be Tom Philion’s attendance at an informational
    meeting hosted in our area sometime in December.
   Jackie Howard has been nominated by the college to present the work she and her students,
    all of whom have graduated, did on developing the “Raddle” toy for primates at the
    upcoming “SUNY Undergraduates Shaping New York’s Future: A Showcase of Scholarly
    Posters at the Capitol.” The event will take place in February and is sponsored by the
    Undergraduate Committee of the State University of New York University Faculty Senate.
   Professional development grants were given to Michael Branigan, Doug McKee, and
    Candice Russell to attend the SUNY Cortland Recreation Conference; Kathryn DeZur to
    attend and participate in a panel discussion at the New College Conference on Medieval and
    Renaissance Studies in Sarasota, FL; Rhonda Harrow-Engel to attend the Elizabeth Nields
    Clay Workshop in Otego, NY; and Tom Recinella to attend the American Culinary
    Federation Regional Conference in Hershey, PA.
   Hospitality students Kate Maxson and Jamie Rywalt received this year's Hospitality
    Educators Mid-Atlantic Region (HEMAR) Undergraduate Research & Project Forum Award.
    They are the first Delhi students to apply for and receive such a distinct honor. HEMAR is a
    regional affiliation of the Council on Hospitality, Restaurant and Institutional Education.
   My semi-annual reminders: (1) When a student changes their major, the advisor needs to
    look at the student's record and discuss with the student whether grades from certain courses
    should be excluded from the GPA. The advisor must notify the Registrar (Nancy Smith) in
    writing (email is ok, ) of any courses to be excluded. This should be
    routine procedure for advisors to follow at the end of a student's first semester in a new
    major; and (2) Grades should be changed ONLY in the event of a miscalculation, completion
    of an assignment, etc., and grade changes should be made as quickly as possible. Delay in
    submitting a change of grade impacts the student's academic standing, often negatively; for
    example, delaying the student's graduation or dismissing a student who actually is in good
    standing following the change of grade. On the other hand, delaying submission of a change
    of grade can affect the institution negatively by keeping a student who should have been
    academically dismissed, because by the time the grade change comes through, the deadline
    appeal is passed, so the student is allowed to return.
   The President and I are in the Republic of Georgia for a week, doing consulting work at
    Tbilisi State University. It is very interesting! All of our consulting fees went to the College
    Foundation. Our work was partially funded by the United Nations Development Program
    and the Republic of Georgia.
   And soon after Christmas, Yvonne and I will be traveling to China with two SUNY Delhi
    students, Ana Ramos and Taylor Laauser, as guests of the Chinese government. We’ll also
    have the opportunity to visit with our four Chinese students, Lihui, Jiehao, Ke and Yupeng,
    from last year. I will pay for half of my airfare and all of Yvonne’s airfare, but the Chinese
    government will cover all other expenses. The trip is similar to the one Candace and Craig
    took in October.
   Happy Thanksgiving,
Dennis Callas

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