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					Advance Programme                 Pré-programme                    Programmvorschau
 Call for Abstracts               Appel à résumés                  Abstracteinreichung

                           Deadline abstracts: 17 December 2007
                               Visit us at

                 New ways of working: innovation in cancer nursing practice
     Nouvelles méthodes de travail: innovation des pratiques de l’infirmerie en oncologie
                Neue wege in der praxis: innovationen in der onkologiepflege

                                                                         In partnership with SONS
                                                                    the Swiss Oncology Nursing Society
Content                             Contenu                           InhAlt

Welcome address                 1   Allocution de bienvenue     15    Vorwort                   29
Organising committee           2    Comité organisateur         16    Organisationskomitee      30
Conference secretariat         2    Secrétariat de la conférence 16   Konferenzsekretariat      30
Conference venue               2    Lieu de la conférence       16    Konferenzort              30
Dates to remember              2    Dates à retenir             16    Wichtige Daten            30

Novice Cancer Nursing               Atelier sur l’introduction        Einführender
Research Workshop                   à la recherche infirmière         Forschungsworkshop
                                                                      für Pflegekräfte von
Objectives                     3    Objectifs                   17    Einführung                31
Target group: who              3    Groupe cible :              17    Zielgruppe: An wen         31
should apply?                       qui doit s’inscrire ?             richtet sich den Workshop?
Learning outcomes              3    Acquis de la formation      17    Lernziele                 31
Faculty                        3    Formateurs                  17    Fakultät                  31
Timetable                      3    Horaire                     17    Zeitplan                  31
Pre-registration required      3    Pré-inscription requise     17    Voranmeldung erforderlich 31
and participation restricted        et nombre de participants         aufgrund begrenzter
                                    limité                            Teilnehmerzahl

Scientific Programme                Programme scientifique            Wissenschaftliches
Spring Convention                   Convention de printemps           Programm
Thursday 27 March 2008         4    Jeudi 27 mars 2008          18    Donnerstag, 27. März 2008 32
Friday 28 March 2008           5    Vendredi 28 mars 2008       19    Freitag, 28. März 2008    33
Saturday 29 March 2008         6    Samedi 29 mars 2008         20    Samstag, 29. März 2008    34

Abstract submission            9    Soumission des résumés      23    Abstracteinreichung       37
Fellowships                    9    Bourses                     23    Stipendien                37
General information            10   Informations générales      24    Allgemeine Informationen 38
Registration                   13   Inscription                 27    Anmeldungen               41
Welcome address
6th eoNs spriNg coNveNtioN geNeva 2008

What better environment to share new ways of working and innovation in cancer nursing than
Geneva, renowned for science and progressive thinking. This is the perfect setting to share
updates on treatment and new approaches to managing cancer care in a rapidly changing
health care environment. The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) and the National
Society of Switzerland (SONS) invite you to the 6th Spring Convention to discuss and welcome

New ways of working are often generated when circumstances change. While good ideas
are interesting, innovation is different. It takes good ideas, tests them and implements them
successfully into clinical practice. Change is occurring at a rapid rate in cancer care. In many
European countries cancer services are now being provided primarily in an ambulatory
or outpatient setting with subsequent change of resources. Therefore, it is essential to not
only refresh knowledge of existing and new therapies, but also to explore developments in
how to manage care for the person and family within a range of care settings. Furthermore,
nurses are increasingly working in new roles, for example advanced nursing practice. This
raises questions of how cancer nursing should develop and what roles nurses should delegate
without detracting from high quality care. This Spring Convention 2008 introduces ideas of
change, of advanced practice and practice development.

As a team we have built upon the successes of past spring conventions and we have added
more educational and interactive sessions, as well as varied clinical update symposia. We
have tried to balance the variety of instructional methods, including plenary lectures by invited
speakers and selected proffered papers on topics related to the theme. Discussion forums and
workshop-related activities will ensure the educational and interactive approach throughout
the convention.

You would not want to miss these exciting special topics:
  ■  Innovation in cancer symptom management
  ■  Spot light on ethical issues in cancer care
  ■  Innovative cancer therapies
  ■  Advancing nursing sensitive outcomes
  ■  Enhancing psychological care
  ■  Communication and complexity in cancer care
  ■  Managing change in cancer services
  ■  Multi-disciplinary working in oncology teams

This year’s conference also features a novice researcher educational session to provide an              english
introductory level programme for those unfamiliar with research methods.

The opportunities in this year’s programme will assist nurses to develop cancer care practice
and implement change. The 6th Spring Convention promises to be an excellent opportunity to
browse, participate, contribute and share the art of cancer nursing within Europe.

Sara Faithfull
Chair - Organising Committee


    orgaNisiNg committee

    Sara Faithfull, EONS President
    Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey, United Kingdom
    Jan Foubert, EONS Executive Director
    Erasmushogeschool, Departement Gezondheidszorg, Brussels, Belgium
    Anita Margulies, Swiss Oncology Society (SONS) representative, EONS Board member
    Universitätsspital, Oncology Department, Zurich, Switzerland
    Irene Bachmann-Mettler, President, Swiss Oncology Society (SONS)
    Onkologiepflege Schweiz, Zurich, Switzerland
    Lucienne Bigler-Perrotin, Swiss Oncology Society (SONS) representative
    Ligue Genevoise contre le Cancer, Geneva, Switzerland
    Tarja Suominen, External Oncology nurse representative
    University of Kuopio, Department of Nursing Science, Helsinki, Finland

    Conference secretariat
    The 6th EONS Spring Convention is powered by ECCO - European CanCer Organisation,
    on behalf of the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) in partnership with the Swiss
    Oncology Society (SONS).
                                          EONS-6 Secretariat
                                          ECCO - European CanCer Organisation (formerly FECS)
                                          Avenue E. Mounier 83, 200 Brussels - Belgium
                                          Tel: +32 (0) 2 775 02 0, Fax: +32 (0) 2 775 02 00

    Conference venue
    The 6th EONS Spring Convention will take place at:
                                          International Conference Centre Geneva – Switzerland
                                          Rue de Varembé 7, 2 Geneva 20 - Switzerland
                                          Tel: +4 (0) 22 79 90 60, Fax: +4 (0) 22 79 90 64

    The access is facilitated by good public transport services. The CICG is situated only
    5 kilometres away from the international airport, from the Cornavin main railway station,
    downtown Geneva, and from the city centre.

    Dates to remember
    17 december 2007                               14 march 2007
                                                    14 March 2007
    Deadline abstract submission                   Deadline late registration
                                                    Deadline late registration
    Deadline application fellowship                (closure pre-registration)
                                                    (closure pre-registration)
    Deadline early registration                    After this date, on-site registration only
                                                    After this date, on-site registration only

Novice caNcer NursiNg
research Workshop
Saturday 29 March 2008 (08:00 – 2:30)
Research makes a difference to practice: demystifying research

The aim of this workshop is to help practitioners understand the research process and to
assist them in using research to change cancer practice. Innovation is about change. Therefore
research is an important tool in developing nursing interventions. This symposium is aimed
at those who are novices to research and feel uncomfortable or uncertain with how research
is undertaken. Research is not something carried out in isolation and clinicians are essential
in guiding the research agenda, developing questions, influencing practice and initiating
practice development. Knowledge and understanding comes from finding out more about
patient experiences, often in very difficult areas. Cancer knowledge is expanding and also the
interventions, symptom management and prolonged cancer journey. Research and evidence
is just one of the tools in providing quality care.

Target group: who should apply?
Nurses who feel they are novices to research will find this workshop relevant. If you are
interested in research and if you find searching for evidence baffling and confusing, this is the
workshop for you. Come with topic areas that you have found difficult to search and research
questions that puzzle you. Through this workshop we will guide you in developing research
questions for practice. The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss
their ideas and challenges in relation to research and finding relevant evidence.
The workshops are divided into 3 language groups, English, French and German

Learning outcomes
At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
  ■   Describe the main research methodologies and methods
  ■   Understand the rationale and need for evidence-based cancer practice
  ■   Identify search terms and strategies for finding existing evidence
  ■   Reflect on how research knowledge can help them change their practice

Sara Faithfull (UK) and Yvonne Wengström (SE)
Christine Widmer (CH) and Sebastian Probst (UK)
Maya Shaha (CH) and Anne Murphy (CH)

08 :00 – 09:00       Introduction to research: what is it and why do we need it?
09 :00 – 0:00       Identifying research questions that can influence practice?
0 :00 – 0: 30      Break for refreshments
0 : 30 – : 30     Exploring the evidence, searching the literature
  : 30 – 2: 30    Reflecting on the challenges to changing practice

Pre-registration required and participation restricted
As this is an interactive session, a maximum attendance of 40 participants will be allowed for
each of the workshops, so early registration is required. Registration rate 60 EUR.

    scieNtific programme
    6th eoNs coNveNtioN
    Definition of the sessions
    Plenary session
    State of the art educational lectures and presentations on key topics related to the theme of
    the conference.

    Instructional session
    Provides an introduction and overview of the session’s subject while allowing interaction and
    audience participation encouraged by practical examples, case studies and questions to the

    Highly interactive session in which delegates are encouraged to participate and learn from
    practical application and discussions.

    Thursday 27 March 2008

     08:00 - 10:00           Registration and poster set up

     10:00 - 11:00           Plenary Session 1: (R)Evolution in oncology nursing?
                  0:00      Welcome address EONS: Sara Faithfull (UK)
                  0:0      Welcome address SONS: Irène Bachmann-Mettler (CH)
                  0:20      The changing face of cancer care: can nurses help structure
                             new services? Karen Luker (UK)

     :00 - :30           Coffee Break

     11:30 - 13:00           Plenary Session 2: Changing setting in cancer nursing
                             Chair: Sara Faithfull (UK)
                  :30      Involving people affected by cancer in research planning, policy
                             and practice Gill Hubbard (UK)
                  :50      From hospital to home: a pain education programme for cancer
                             patients with chronic pain Rianne De Wit (NL)
                  2:0      Breast care nurse programme in Switzerland: better outcome?
                             Manuela Eicher (CH)
                  2:30      Panel discussion

     3:00 – 4:00           Lunch and poster viewing

     14:00 - 15:30           Satellite Symposia

     5:30 – 6:00           Coffee Break

 16:00 - 17:30      Plenary Session 3: Developing practice-based evidence
                    Chair: Yvonne Wengström (SE)
            6:00   Evidence-based nursing (EBN) and its contribution to cancer
                    care - introduction Elke Wimmer (DE)
            6:20   Clinical pathways to plan and evaluate evidence-based nursing
                    care of patients with breast cancer Jane Bryce (IT)
            6:40   Development and implementation of a patient education
                    programme for head and neck cancer patients and their relatives:
                    teamwork between practice and science Franziska Mathis-Jäggi (CH)
            7:00   Use of randomised trials to develop practice-based evidence in
                    nursing Yvonne Wengström (SE)
            7:20   Questions and answers

 17:30 - 18:30      Platinum Satellite Symposium

 18:30 - 20:00      Welcome Reception

Friday 28 March 2008

 08:30 - 10:30      Plenary Session 4: Nursing-sensitive outcomes
                    Chair: Anita Margulies (CH)
            08:30   Introduction and overview            Diane Doran (CA)
                    (Prof. D. Doran will further explore this theme during an instructional session
                    on Saturday from 08:00 to 10:00)
            08:55   Innovation in symptom management Annie Young (UK)
            09:20   Prevalence and evolution of symptom experience in cancer
                    patients Elisabeth Spichiger (CH)
            09:45   Symptom experiences during chemotherapy treatment
                    Karin Bergkvist (SE)
            0:0   Questions & answers

 0:30 – :00      Coffee Break
 11:00 - 13:00      Satellite Symposia

 3:00 – 4:00      Lunch and poster viewing

 14:00 - 15:30      Plenary Session 5: Proffered paper session                                            français
                    Oral presentation of 6 selected abstracts

 5:30 – 5:45      Coffee Break


     15:45 - 17:30     Plenary Session 6: Ethical issues in cancer care
                       Chair: Jan Foubert (B)
               5:45   Ethical considerations inherent in undertaking research with
                       potentially vulnerable people Sonja McIlfatrick (IE)
               6:05   Ethics and palliative care Henna Myller (FI)
               6:25   How can nurses learn ethical reasoning for practice?
                       Riitta Bislimi (CH)
               6:45   The role of the health care sector in tackling poverty and social
                       exclusion in Europe: the “haves and have nots” in health care
                       Nicoline Tamsma (NL)
               7:05   Questions & answers

     19:30             Presidential dinner

    Saturday 29 March 2008

     08:00 - 10:00     Instructional Session - English
                       Cultural diversities (repeated from 0:30 to 2:30)
                       Coordinator: Vasso Vydelingum (UK)
                       Coordinator: to be announced
                       Instructional Session - English
                       Symptom clusters case studies: 4 case studies followed by
                       questions and answers (repeated from 0:30 to 2:30)
                       Coordinator: Emma K. Ream (UK)
                       Coordinator: to be announced
                       Instructional Session - English
                       Nursing-sensitive patient outcomes
                       Coordinator: Diane Doran (CA)
                       Coordinator: to be announced
                       Instructional Session - English
                       Psychological issues on diagnosis (repeated from 0:30 to 2:30)
                       Coordinator: Luigi Grassi (IT)
                       Coordinator: to be announced
                       Instructional Session - German
                       A trans-professional consultation model for integrated
                       oncology and palliative care: patients with nutritional problems
                       and fatigue (repeated from 0:30 to 2:30)
                       Coordinator: Florian Strasser (CH)
                       Expert: Susanne Wiedmer (CH)
                       Expert: Elsbeth Bösch (CH)

08:00 - 10:00   Workshop - German
                Look good, feel better programme
                (repeated in English from 0:30 to 2:30)
                Coordinator: Anita Margulies (CH)
                Coordinator: to be announced
                Instructional Session - German
                Ethics in oncology: case studies (repeated from 0:30 to 2:30)
                Coordinator: Rolf Bäumer (DE)
                Coordinator: Andrea Maiwald (DE)
                Instructional Session - German
                Implementing standards (repeated from 0:30 to 2:30)
                Coordinator: Hansrudi Stoll (CH)
                Coordinator: to be announced
                Instructional Session - French
                Advanced nursing practice (repeated in German from 0:30 to 2:30)
                Coordinator: to be announced
                Coordinator: to be announced

0:00 – 0:30   Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:30   Instructional Session - English
                Cultural diversities (bis)
                Coordinator: Vasso Vydelingum (UK)
                Coordinator: to be announced
                Instructional Session - English
                Psychological issues on diagnosis (bis)
                Coordinator: Luigi Grassi (IT)
                Coordinator: to be announced
                Instructional Session - English
                Symptom clusters case studies: 4 case studies followed by
                questions and answers (bis)
                Coordinator: Emma K. Ream (UK)
                Coordinator: to be announced
                Workshop - English
                Look good, feel better programme
                Coordinator: Anita Margulies (CH)
                Coordinator: to be announced
                Instructional Session - German
                A trans-professional consultation model for integrated
                oncology and palliative care: patients with nutritional problems
                and fatigue (bis)
                Coordinator: Florian Strasser (CH)
                Expert: Susanne Wiedmer (CH)                                             français
                Expert: Elsbeth Bösch (CH)


    10:30 – 12:30   Instructional Session - German
                    Advanced nursing practice
                    Coordinator: Lyn Singer Lindpaintner (CH)
                    Coordinator: to be announced
                    Instructional Session - German
                    Ethics in oncology: case studies (bis)
                    Coordinator: Rolf Bäumer (DE)
                    Coordinator: Andrea Maiwald (DE)
                    Instructional Session - German
                    Implementing standards (bis)
                    Coordinator: Hansrudi Stoll (CH)
                    Coordinator: to be announced
                    Instructional Session - French
                    Implementing standards
                    Coordinator: Françoise Maillard Strüby (CH)
                    Coordinator: to be announced

    08:00 – 12:30   Novice Research Workshop – English
                    Research makes a difference to practice: demystifying research
                    (pre-registration required. See p. 3)
                    Coordinator: Sara Faithfull (UK)
                    Expert: Yvonne Wengström (SE)
                    Novice Research Workshop – German
                    Forschung dient der besseren Praxis: Ein Blick hinter den Kulissen
                    (pre-registration required. See p. 4)
                    Coordinator: Christine Widmer (CH)
                    Expert: Sebastian Probst (CH)
                    Novice Research Workshop – French
                    La recherche influence la pratique: démystification de la recherche
                    (pre-registration required. See p. 27)
                    Coordinator: Maya Shaha (CH)
                    Expert: Anne Murphy (CH)

    2:30 – 3:30   Lunch and poster viewing

    13:30 - 15:00   Satellite Symposia

    5:00 – 5:30   Coffee Break

    15:30 - 17:30   Plenary session 7: EONS Award session and take home
                    Chair: Sara Faithfull (UK)

abstract submissioN

The deadline for abstract submission is 17 December 2007.
Abstracts can only be submitted via the conference website:

Topics for abstract submission
  ■   Changing setting in cancer nursing
  ■   Developing practice-based evidence
  ■   Nursing-sensitive outcomes
  ■   Ethical issues in cancer care, informed consent & clinical trials
  ■   Symptom clusters
  ■   Expanded and advanced nursing practice – international perspective

Keywords are not required

Instructions for abstract submission
  ■   All abstracts must be submitted online via the conference website:
  ■   All abstracts should be submitted and presented in English
  ■   Abstracts should be organised under the headings:
       ■    Introduction
       ■    Material and method
       ■    Results and discussion
       ■    Conclusion
  ■   Abstract titles should be brief and should reflect the content of the abstract
  ■   The on-line abstract submission procedure will not accept abstracts that exceed 2,500
      characters (body of the abstract)

Only the submitting author will receive a confirmation/abstract number by e-mail from the
EONS-6 conference secretariat within 48 hours of submission. This confirmation of abstract
receipt is NOT a notice of acceptance.

For questions regarding the on-line submission process, e-mail:

The EONS Spring Convention Committee will award a number of fellowship grants to nurses
from countries with limited resources to attend the Spring Convention in Geneva, Switzerland.
Applicants should submit a short CV and a letter explaining the benefit for them to attend
the Spring Convention. The application should be accompanied by a letter from the Head
of Department stating that the applicant is not the recipient of any other financial support.       français
Applicants must be fluent in English/French and/or German.
Fellowship applications should be submitted by e-mail to before
expiration of the deadline of 7 December 2007.


     Each fellowship will include:
       ■   Free registration to the meeting
       ■   Free accommodation in one of the selected hotels (arriving Wednesday and leaving Sunday)
       ■   Free admission to the Presidential dinner on Friday evening
       ■   500 EUR travel grant – to meet the travel expenses. The 500 EUR will be paid after the
           conference upon submission of receipts.
     The Organising Committee will decide on the recipients of such fellowship grants. Successful
     applicants will be notified in the course of January 2008.

     geNeral iNformatioN

     Kuoni Destination Management has been appointed as the official local housing partner for
     EONS-6 and is offering hotel accommodation for both groups and individuals. Rooms will
     be allocated on a “first come, first served“ basis. Kuoni holds allocations of hotel rooms at
     advantageous rates in various price categories in Geneva and the near surroundings.

     We strongly advise all participants to reserve their hotel accommodation as soon as possible.
     Please fill in one reservation form for each booking. Hotel reservation deadline is 5 February
     2008. Booking received after 5 February 2008 will be subject to availability.

     Reservation will only be confirmed if the credit card details are fully supplied. IMPORTANT: to
     guarantee the reservation  night’s deposit is required, either by bank transfer or credit card.

     Each participant will receive an individual confirmation form, indicating the name and address
     of the hotel. The booking will be final upon guarantee by credit card.

     We highly recommend to register online through the conference website:
     If you do not have online access, please complete the enclosed “Individual hotel accommodation
     booking form” and return it by fax. To avoid double booking, please send the booking form only
     once, EITHER online OR by fax.

                                                        Geneva Business Center
                                                        Avenue des Morgines 2
                                                        CH-23 Petit Lancy
                                                        Tel: +4 (0) 22 908 8 55
                                                        Fax: + 4 (0) 22 908 8 35

     Please do NOT contact the EONS-6 secretariat for accommodation and tours, but Kuoni
     Destination Management.

Hotel reservation deadline is 15 February 2008

         HOTELS                        Distance           Single Room       Double Room
Rates quoted are per room,            to the CICG          (1 person)        (2 persons)
   per night and include                                      CHF                CHF
 breakfast and city taxes.
 Intercontinental Hotel 5*          Walking distance          434.25             528.50
 Les Nations Hotel 4*               Walking distance          220.00            280.00
 Le Warwick Hotel 4*                   City centre            250.00            290.00
 Cornavin Hotel 4*                     City centre            25.60             293.20
 Nash Rex Hotel 4*                  Walking distance          220.00            240.00
 Strasbourg Univers Hotel 3*           City centre            200.00            260.00
 Kipling Manotel 3*                    City centre            300.95             32.90
 Jade Manotel 3*                       City centre            300.95             32.90
 Edelweiss Manotel 3*                  City centre            300.95             32.90
 Suisse Hotel 3*                       City centre            255.00            275.00
 Montana 3*                            City centre            53.00            206.00
 Mon Repos Hotel 3*                    City centre            220.95            286.90
 Drake & Longchamps Hotel 3*           City centre            82.95            250.90
 Bernina Hotel 3*                      City centre            70.00            200.00
 Ibis Center Hotel 2*                  City centre            20.00            230.00
 Lido Hotel 2*                         City centre            85.00             20.00

The conference will apply for EONS Education Accreditation.

Currency                                                                                               english

The official currency in Geneva is Swiss Francs (CHF). Most foreign currencies can be
converted in banks, hotels or exchange offices. International credit cards are accepted in most
hotels, restaurants and shops.
An exhibition featuring pharmaceutical and product companies, medical publishers and
societies will be organised at the 6th EONS Spring Convention within the framework of the
conference. Entrance is free to all registered participants.

     Companies, publishers and organisations that would like to participate in the exhibition or
     want to organise a satellite symposium can download the “Invitation to the industry” brochure
     from or contact Barbara Van Belle, e-mail:

     The organiser does not accept responsibility for individual medical, travel or personal
     insurance. Participants are strongly advised to take out their own arrangements in respect of
     health and travel insurance.

     The official language of the 6th EONS Spring Convention is English.
     For plenary sessions simultaneous translation into German and French will be provided.

     Official carrier
     The Star Alliance Members have been appointed as the Official Airline Network for the 6th
     EONS Spring Convention. To obtain details and conditions on Star AllianceTM Conventions
     Plus Discounts and participating airlines*, please contact your local Star Alliance Member and
     quote the following Event Code: SK02A02

     When making your travel plans, please present the confirmation of your registration as proof
     of the attendance and ensure that the Event Code is listed on your ticket.

     For further information about Star Alliance Members please visit:

     * participating airlines: Air Canada, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, bmi,
       LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African
       Airways, Spanair, SWISS, TAP Portugal, THAI, United and US Airways.

     Passport and visa information
     A valid passport and/or identity card is required for all participants. Visas may be required for
     some countries. For specific information, please contact the nearest Swiss embassy at least
     six weeks before your departure to Switzerland.


Individual registration
Electronic registration form:
We highly recommend to register online through the conference website:

If you do not have online access, please complete the enclosed “Registration form” and return
it by fax. To avoid double registration, please send the registration form only once, EITHER on-
line OR by fax: EONS-6 secretariat - C/o Ms Riitta Kettunen
                   ECCO - European CanCer Oganisation (formerly FECS)
                   Avenue E. Mounier 83, 200 Brussels – Belgium
                   Tel: +32 (0)2 775 02 0, Fax: +32 (0) 2 775 02 00

Registration rates
 Early rate                                                   member: 20 EUR
 (payment received before 2 December 2007)                   non-member: 365 EUR
                                                              student: 200 EUR
 Late rate                                                    member: 320 EUR
 (payment received before 4 March 2008)                      non-member: 420 EUR
                                                              student: 420 EUR

 Desk rate (payment received after 4 March 2008)             600 EUR
 Daily rate                                                   250 EUR

On site registration:
Registration is scheduled on      - Wednesday 26 March 2008 from 6:00 to 8:00
                                  - Thursday 27 March 2008 from 08:00 to 0:00

Full payment in EUR should be received before the corresponding deadline. Registration paid
by credit card (Visa, American Express or Eurocard/Mastercard) is preferred. Please indicate
the owner’s name as shown on the card.
It is possible to pay by direct transfer into the EONS-6 account IBAN BE06 7330 482 5622
with KBC Bank, Swift Code/BIC: KREDBEBB, Chaussée de Wavre 662, 60 Brussels . For
ease of processing, please indicate clearly the name and address of the participant(s) and
mention “Registration for EONS-6” on the transfer document.
Registrations onsite can be paid via credit card (Visa, American Express or Eurocard/
Mastercard) or in cash (Euro or Swiss Francs).

Confirmation of registration
Confirmation of registration will be sent to each participant on receipt of payment.
Cancellation of registration
Cancellations of confirmed registrations are subject to a charge of 75 EUR per participant
provided the cancellation is received before 4 March 2008. For cancellations received after
this date no refunds will be made.

     Group registration
     Companies that would like to sponsor the registration fees of a group of participants attending
     the Spring Convention should contact Riitta Kettunen ( at the
     EONS-6 secretariat. A group consists of minimum 0 persons. Smaller groups will be handled
     as individual registrations. Registration shall be coordinated by one identified group contact
     person representing a pharmaceutical/product company or travel agent.

     Social programme
     Welcome reception
     The Welcome reception will be organised on Thursday 27 March 2008 from 8:30 to 20:00
     and will take place in the Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG).

     Presidential dinner
     On the occasion of the Spring Convention, a Presidential dinner is organised on Friday 28
     March 2008, 9:30. The dinner will take place at the Attique Restaurant at OMM, in Geneva.
     Cost: 50 EUR

     Guided tours
     EONS and Kuoni have especially prepared tours for the conference attendees and their
     accompanying persons. Reservations should be made by 5 February 2008, together with full
     payment of all reserved tours for the total number of persons.

     Geneva panoramic tour
     Geneva new and old town visit including the United Nations
     Lausanne City Tour & Olympic Museum

     Details and the tours booking form can be found on the conference website,

     For other city related information, please contact:
     Kuoni Destination Management
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     Geneva is easily reachable by plane, train and car.
     For further details, please consult the conference website,