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March 25, 2009

The City of Raleigh’s Community Development Department is requesting a proposal of
qualifications from architectural firms located in the Raleigh area for a long-term contract
of at least 2 years with possible extensions for architectural design consultation and
construction inspection services. The purpose of this contract is to have a consultant who
can provide comprehensive architectural consultation services on an as needed basis.
The City of Raleigh’s Community Development Department is involved in a wide range
of downtown neighborhood revitalization projects primarily related to housing with some
other building types occasionally involved. Future projects may include more
commercial and mixed use development than previous projects. Much of the
department’s efforts are involved in the redevelopment of City owned land located within
the City’s centrally located designated redevelopment areas. These are specific urban
residential areas near downtown, which have a significant amount of dilapidated and
deteriorated conditions.

Due to the location of CD’s projects and the immediacy of the needs of service on an as
needed basis with a quick turn around time frame, only qualified architects located in the
Raleigh/Durham area will be considered.

Past projects
Examples of some properties that have been redeveloped by the City are:
       Single Family
       Genesis I and II             Chavis Way           Park Worth
       Raleigh Oaks                 Irving Park          Hungry Neck
       Hargett/Swain                Martin Park          South Bloodworth
       Cooke Street

       Jamaica Drive (Gateway Park)
       A-21 (Carlton Place) project has some mixed use

To better understand the department’s history and type of projects normally done,
consultants are welcome to drive by these projects, but we request that neither the
homeowners nor tenants be contacted.

Requested Services
Historically, the CD Department implements the adopted redevelopment area plans that
the Planning Department produces. Typically properties are acquired and cleared and the
land is offered to developers to redevelop in accordance to the adopted plans. Through a
competitive RFP process, the City chooses the development scheme that best addresses
the City’s needs while maintaining design approval authority. After the land is sold, the
City regularly monitors the projects to ensure contract compliance. The architectural
consultant provides design expertise from the planning process through the completion of

Proposals should address the following areas of focus. The final scope of work will be
determined on a project by project basis and may vary from the scope noted below:
    A. Services in Connection with Architectural Design
       The consultant shall provide a broad range of architectural consultation services
       related primarily to residential design. The CD Department is primarily involved
       with downtown affordable single family development located within designated
       historic districts (local and national). Familiarity with urban multi-family
       residential and commercial design and mixed use is preferable.
    B. Services in Connection with Conceptual Neighborhood Planning
       The consultant shall provide expertise in neighborhood planning and in assisting
       in determining the architectural character of redeveloped neighborhoods which
       may also include the determination of lot layout and structure location.
    C. Services in Connection with Construction Inspection
       The consultant shall be available on an as needed basis to provide consultation at
       regular site inspection meetings to help ensure that building plans are being
       accurately followed and to provide guidance to work out design and construction
       adjustments in the field as necessary. The architect will also be required to take
       basic field notes of the meetings.
    D. Services in Connection with Public Presentations and Publications
       The consultant shall prepare reports, visual aids and represent the City at public
       meetings where the project is being discussed on an occasional basis. The
       consultant shall also prepare promotional publications relating to the project when

Proposal Requirements
Proposal submittals to provide the above services should be brief but should include the
       Description of the firm’s experience as it relates to similar urban projects as those
       noted above as well as any urban mixed use projects with both residential and
       commercial uses. Experience with historic properties and working with the
       appropriate approval authority should be described. Proposals should reference
       related projects, which have been completed by the firm, and should include a few
       brief examples of plans, renderings, and photos.

       List of clients for whom similar services were provided and the appropriate
       individual who may be contacted (please include contact information - phone
       numbers and/or email addresses).

       Description of the consulting team’s composition and their resumes with specific
       reference to individuals who will be associated with the team and their particular
       Hourly rates for each individual who will work on the project. Rates are to be
       fixed for the initial contract period. Also, please provide reimbursable rates for
       all applicable expenses. The City will enter into a contract with the chosen
       architect. For larger projects, a lump sum fee will be negotiated per assignment,
       while smaller assigned projects will be billed on an hourly basis. Most projects
       will be hourly.

Proposed Consulting Contract Terms and Conditions
The contract will be funded with public funds so the following provisions shall apply:
      Consultant may have no conflict of interests involving any ownership share of any
      property or any benefit from the conferring of development contracts which
      would bring this consultant any gain by influencing or taking part in the process
      in any way.

       Consultant shall not discriminate against any person on the grounds of race,
       national origin, sex or sexual preference, religion, age or handicap during the
       execution of his/her duties under this contract.

       All official project records and documents must be properly maintained and
       available for review by the City for the duration of this contract and for a period
       of three years following.

Evaluation Criteria
   • The level of qualifications of the lead consultant and supporting project team.
   • The level of experience doing similar projects that are generally done by the
      City’s CD Department.
   • The level of satisfaction of references.
   • The availability of the lead consultant and support team to provide consultant
      services on an as needed basis for projects centrally located to downtown Raleigh.
   • The completeness of the proposal.

City’s Right to Reject
The City of Raleigh reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received as a result
of this RFQ, or to negotiate issues so as to best serve the interests of the City of Raleigh.

Five copies of submittals are due in the Community Development Department, 310 West
Martin Street, Suite 101, PO Box 590, Raleigh, NC 27602-0590 no later than 4PM
Tuesday, May 12, 2009. Questions can be sent to Doug Bethune at the above address, or
by calling 919-857-4344, or by email

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