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					                Our Favorite Career Exploration Project Ideas

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be?: A Career Exploration Webquest

Writing skills and careers: Translating a job description into your own words—
writing classified ads for career positions. Make commercials on audio or video and
share with the class.

Movie Maker Activity: You be the director! Do the research, write the script, set the
stage and make a movie about a career that you are interested in with groups of
students with similar interests.

Extra Extra Read All About It! Create a newsletter with the facts about a career
choice that you will share with middle school students during a one day Career Expo.

Career Research Paper: Research you top three choices of careers and utilize the
Big 6 research model. Write a paper following an outline that details the information
on all three careers.

Resume Creators: Using Microsoft Word templates online, students create a resume
and develop personal portfolios.

Interviewing 101—the Dos and Don’ts of interviewing. After students finish creating
resumes, they hear from a local human resources director about interviewing skills
necessary to get the right job. Next, teams of students create videos of actual
interviews and role play situations for what to do and not to do in certain job

Job Etiquette Class—A local job coach teaches students what to do in professional
and social situations in the business world. Students then develop a Publisher
brochure on the tips and expectations of human behavior in the workplace. This helps
students uderstand

Market Yourself! Students complete several aptitude and interest inventories to
discover their own skills and abilities. Next, they design a marketing plan for how
they will market themselves in the job market in ten years. Students have a choice of
what product they will create, most students select a Power Point, a movie or a photo

Where the jobs are! Students learn how to research companies and employers and
evaluate the difference between employment packages—including salaries, benefits,
leave and travel issues tied to careers of their choice. Students also explore online
job finder tools like career builder and They create a Publisher
Brochure for other community members on gathering information about employers for
the jobless. Service Learning project with local Job-O-Link Program.