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									      42540                            Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 141 / Monday, July 25, 2005 / Notices

         Reporting and Recordkeeping Hour                      Where Should I Submit My Comments?                     scope of recognition must relate to the
      Burden: Responses: 52 Burden Hours:—                        Please submit your written comments                 Criteria for Recognition. In addition,
      702.                                                     by mail, fax, or e-mail no later than                  your comments for any agency whose
         Abstract: The information is needed                   August 24, 2005 to Ms. Robin                           interim report or progress report is
      to evaluate the effectiveness of the                     Greathouse, Accreditation and State                    scheduled for review must relate to the
      program and to promote growth. The                       Liaison. You may contact her at the U.S.               issues raised and the Criteria for
      information is transmitted to State                      Department of Education, room 7105,                    Recognition cited in the Secretary’s
      agencies to assist in the conduct and                    MS 8509, 1990 K Street, NW.,                           letter that requested the interim report.
      expansion of the program at the State                    Washington, DC 20006, telephone: (202)                 What Happens to Comments Received
      level. Respondents are the designated                    219–7011, fax: (202) 219–7005, or e-                   After the Deadline?
      Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies.                      mail:
                                                               Individuals who use a                                    We will review any comments
         Requests for copies of the information                                                                       received after the deadline. If such
      collection submission for OMB review                     telecommunications device for the deaf
                                                               (TDD) may call the Federal Information                 comments, upon investigation, reveal
      may be accessed from http://                                                                                    that the accrediting agency or State
                                                               Relay Service at 1–800–877–8339., by selecting the                                                                               approval agency is not acting in
      ‘‘Browse Pending Collections’’ link and                  What Is the Authority for the Advisory                 accordance with the Criteria for
      by clicking on link number 2775. When                    Committee?                                             Recognition, we will take action either
      you access the information collection,                     The National Advisory Committee on                   before or after the meeting, as
      click on ‘‘Download Attachments’’ to                     Institutional Quality and Integrity is                 appropriate.
      view. Written requests for information                   established under Section 114 of the
      should be addressed to U.S. Department                                                                          What Agencies Will the Advisory
                                                               Higher Education Act (HEA), as                         Committee Review at the Meeting?
      of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue,                       amended, 20 U.S.C. 1011c. One of the
      SW., Potomac Center, 9th Floor,                          purposes of the Advisory Committee is                    The Secretary of Education recognizes
      Washington, DC 20202–4700. Requests                      to advise the Secretary of Education on                accrediting agencies and State approval
      may also be electronically mailed to the                 the recognition of accrediting agencies                agencies for public postsecondary
      Internet address or                     and State approval agencies.                           vocational education and nurse
      faxed to (202) 245–6623. Please specify                                                                         education if the Secretary determines
      the complete title of the information                    Will This Be My Only Opportunity to                    that they meet the Criteria for
      collection when making your request.                     Submit Written Comments?                               Recognition. Recognition means that the
         Comments regarding burden and/or                        Yes, this notice announces the only                  Secretary considers the agency to be a
      the collection activity requirements                     opportunity you will have to submit                    reliable authority as to the quality of
      should be directed to Sheila Carey at her                written comments. However, a                           education offered by institutions or
      e-mail address                      subsequent Federal Register notice will                programs it accredits that are
      Individuals who use a                                    announce the meeting and invite                        encompassed within the scope of
      telecommunications device for the deaf                   individuals and/or groups to submit                    recognition she grants to the agency.
      (TDD) may call the Federal Information                   requests to make oral presentations                      The following agencies will be
      Relay Service (FIRS) at 1–800–877–                       before the Advisory Committee on the                   reviewed during the December 2005
      8339.                                                    agencies that the Committee will                       meeting of the Advisory Committee:
                                                               review. That notice, however, does not
      [FR Doc. 05–14559 Filed 7–22–05; 8:45 am]                                                                       Nationally Recognized Accrediting
                                                               offer a second opportunity to submit
      BILLING CODE 4000–01–P
                                                               written comments.                                      Agencies
                                                               What Happens to the Comments That I                    Petition for an Expansion of the Scope
      DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION                                  Submit?                                                of Recognition
                                                                  We will review your comments, in                      1. Accrediting Commission of Career
      Recognition of Accrediting Agencies,                     response to this notice, as part of our                Schools and Colleges of Technology
      State Agencies for the Approval of                       evaluation of the agencies’ compliance                 (Current scope of recognition: The
      Public Postsecondary Vocational                          with Section 496 of the Higher                         accreditation of private, postsecondary,
      Education, and State Agencies for the                    Education Act of 1965, as amended, and                 non-degree-granting institutions and
      Approval of Nurse Education                              the Secretary’s Criteria for Recognition               degree-granting institutions in the
                                                               of Accrediting Agencies and State                      United States, including those granting
      AGENCY:  National Advisory Committee                     Approval Agencies. The Criteria are                    associate and baccalaureate degrees, that
      on Institutional Quality and Integrity,                  regulations found in 34 CFR part 602                   are predominantly organized to educate
      Department of Education (The Advisory                    (for accrediting agencies) and in 34 CFR               students for occupational, trade and
      Committee).                                              part 603 (for State approval agencies)                 technical careers, and including
      What Is the Purpose of This Notice?                      and are found at the following site:                   institutions that offer programs via
                                                                            distance education.) (Requested scope of
        The purpose of this notice is to invite                accred/index.html.                                     recognition: The accreditation of
      written comments on accrediting                             We will also include your comments                  private, postsecondary, non-degree-
      agencies and State approval agencies                     with the staff analyses we present to the              granting institutions and degree-
      whose applications to the Secretary for                  Advisory Committee at its December                     granting institutions in the United
      renewed recognition, requests for                        2005 meeting. Therefore, in order for us               States, including those granting
      expansion of scope of recognition, or                    to give full consideration to your                     associate, baccalaureate, and master’s
      reports will be reviewed at the Advisory                 comments, it is important that we                      degrees, that are predominantly
      Committee meeting to be held on                          receive them by August 24, 2005. In all                organized to educate students for
      December 7–9, 2005, at the DoubleTree                    instances, your comments about                         occupational, trade and technical
      Hotel ‘‘Crystal City in Arlington,                       agencies seeking continued recognition                 careers, and including institutions that
      Virginia.                                                and/or an expansion of an agency’s                     offer programs via distance education.)

VerDate jul<14>2003   14:21 Jul 22, 2005   Jkt 205001   PO 00000   Frm 00010   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\25JYN1.SGM   25JYN1
                                       Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 141 / Monday, July 25, 2005 / Notices                                           42541

      Petitions for Renewal of Recognition                     (‘‘Candidacy status’’) throughout the                  Community/Junior College
         1. Accreditation Commission for                       United States of non-degree granting                   Accreditation.
      Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine                        postsecondary occupational/vocational                    5. National Association of Schools of
      (Current scope of recognition: The                       institutions and those postsecondary                   Theatre, Commission on Accreditation.
      accreditation throughout the United                      occupational/vocational education                        6. North Central Association
      States of first-professional master’s                    institutions that have state authorization             Commission on Accreditation and
      degree and professional master’s level                   to grant the applied associate degree in               School Improvement, Board of Trustees.
                                                               specific vocational/occupational fields.)                7. North Central Association of
      certificate and diploma programs in
                                                               (Requested scope of recognition: The                   Colleges and Schools, The Higher
      acupuncture and Oriental medicine, as
                                                               accreditation and preaccreditation                     Learning Commission.
      well as freestanding institutions and
                                                               (‘‘Candidacy status’’) throughout the                    8. New England Association of
      colleges of acupuncture or Oriental
                                                               United States of non-degree granting                   Schools and Colleges, Commission on
      medicine that offer such programs.)
                                                               postsecondary occupational/vocational                  Institutions of Higher Education.
      (Requested scope of recognition: The
                                                               institutions and those postsecondary                     9. Western Association of Schools and
      accreditation and preaccreditation
                                                               occupational/vocational education                      Colleges, Accrediting Commission for
      throughout the United States of first-
                                                               institutions that have state authorization             Schools.
      professional Master’s degree and                                                                                  Progress Report (A report describing
                                                               to grant the applied associate degree in
      professional Master’s level certificate                                                                         the agency’s implementation of its
                                                               specific vocational/occupational fields,
      and diploma programs in acupuncture                                                                             process for measuring success with
                                                               including institutions that offer
      and Oriental medicine, as well as                        programs via distance education.)                      respect to student achievement in the
      freestanding institutions and colleges of                   7. National Council for Accreditation               institutions that it accredits.)
      acupuncture or Oriental medicine that                    of Teacher Education (Current and                        1. American Academy for Liberal
      offer such programs.)                                    requested scope of recognition: The                    Education.
         2. American Association for Marriage                  accreditation throughout the United
      and Family Therapy, Commission on                        States of professional education units                 State Agency Recognized for the
      Accreditation for Marriage and Family                    providing baccalaureate and graduate                   Approval of Public Postsecondary
      Therapy Education (Current and                           degree programs for the preparation of                 Vocational Education
      requested scope of recognition: The                      teachers and other professional                        Interim Reports
      accreditation and preaccreditation                       personnel for elementary and secondary
      (‘‘Candidacy’’) throughout the United                                                                             1. Pennsylvania State Board for
      States of clinical training programs in                                                                         Vocational Education, Bureau of Career
                                                                  8. New England Association of
      marriage and family therapy at the                                                                              and Technical Education.
                                                               Schools and Colleges, Commission on
      master’s, doctoral, and postgraduate                                                                              2. Oklahoma Board of Career and
                                                               Technical and Career Institutions
      levels.)                                                                                                        Technology Education
                                                               (Current and requested scope of
         3. American Bar Association, Council                  recognition: The accreditation and                     State Agencies Recognized for the
      of the Section of Legal Education and                    preaccreditation (‘‘Candidate status’’) of             Approval of Nurse Education
      Admissions to the Bar (Current and                       secondary institutions with vocational-
      requested scope of recognition: The                                                                             Interim Reports
                                                               technical programs at the 13th and 14th
      accreditation throughout the United                      grade level, postsecondary institutions,                 1. Montana State Board of Nursing.
      States of programs in legal education                    and institutions of higher education that
      that lead to the first professional degree                                                                      Where Can I Inspect Petitions and
                                                               provide primarily vocational/technical                 Third-Party Comments Before and After
      in law, as well as freestanding law                      education at the certificate, associate,
      schools offering such programs.)                                                                                the Meeting?
                                                               and baccalaureate degree levels in
         4. American Osteopathic Association,                  Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,                        All petitions and those third-party
      Commission on Osteopathic College                        New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and                       comments received in advance of the
      Accreditation (Current and requested                     Vermont. This recognition extends to                   meeting, will be available for public
      scope of recognition: The accreditation                  the Board of Trustees of the Association               inspection at the U.S. Department of
      and preaccreditation (‘‘Provisional                      jointly with the Commission for                        Education, room 7105, MS 8509, 1990 K
      Accreditation’’) throughout the United                   decisions involving preaccreditation,                  Street, NW., Washington, DC 20006,
      States of freestanding, public and                       initial accreditation, and adverse                     telephone (202) 219–7011 between the
      private non-profit institutions of                       actions.)                                              hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday
      osteopathic medicine and programs                           Interim Report (An interim report is a              through Friday, until November 4, 2005.
      leading to the degree of Doctor of                       follow-up report on an accrediting                     They will be available again after the
      Osteopathy or Doctor of Osteopathic                      agency’s compliance with specific                      December 7–9, 2005 Advisory
      Medicine.)                                               criteria for recognition that was                      Committee meeting. An appointment
         5. American Podiatric Medical                         requested by the Secretary when the                    must be made in advance of such
      Association, Council on Podiatric                        Secretary granted renewed recognition                  inspection.
      Medical Education (Current and                           to the agency.)
      requested scope of recognition: The                                                                             How May I Obtain Electronic Access to
                                                                  1. Middle States Commission on                      This Document?
      accreditation and preaccreditation                       Secondary Schools.
      (‘‘Candidate Status’’) throughout the                       2. National Association of Schools of                  You may view this document, as well
      United States of freestanding colleges of                Art and Design, Commission on                          as all other Department of Education
      podiatric medicine and programs of                       Accreditation.                                         documents published in the Federal
      podiatric medicine, including first                         3. National Association of Schools of               Register, in text or Adobe Portable
      professional programs leading to the                     Dance, Commission on Accreditation.                    Document Format (PDF) on the Internet
      degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.)                    4. National Association of Schools of               at the following site:
         6. Council on Occupational Education                  Music, Commission on Accreditation,                    legislation/FedRegister.
      (Current scope of recognition: The                       Commission on Non-Degree-Granting                         To use PDF you must have Adobe
      accreditation and preaccreditation                       Accreditation, Commission on                           Acrobat Reader, which is available free

VerDate jul<14>2003   14:21 Jul 22, 2005   Jkt 205001   PO 00000   Frm 00011   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\25JYN1.SGM   25JYN1
      42542                             Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 141 / Monday, July 25, 2005 / Notices

      at this site. If you have questions about                    Docket Numbers: ER04–1252–002.                      reflecting the adoption of the market-
      using PDF, call the U.S. Government                          Applicants: Midwest Independent                     base rate tariff filed with FERC by
      Printing Office (GPO), toll free, at 1–                   Transmission System Operator, Inc. and                 Camden Cogen, L.P. and accepted for
      888–293–6498; or in the Washington,                       Ameren Service Company.                                filing by letter order issued on 9/13/01
      DC, area at (202) 512–1530.                                  Description: Midwest Independent                    in Docket No. ER01–2756–000.
         Note: The official version of this document            Transmission System Operator, Inc. and                    Filed Date: 7/15/2005.
      is the document published in the Federal                  Ameren Service Company submit                             Accession Number: 20050718–0231.
      Register. Free Internet access to the official            proposed revisions to the Midwest ISO’s                   Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on
      edition of the Federal Register and the Code              Open Access Transmission & Energy                      Friday, August 5, 2005.
      of Federal Regulations is available on GPO                Markets Tariff, FERC Electric Tariff,                     Docket Numbers: ER05–1220–000.
      Access at:                      Third Revised Volume No. 1, in                            Applicants: ISO New England and
                                                                compliance with the Commission’s                       New England Power Pool.
        Authority: 5 U.S.C. Appendix 2.                         order issued 6/24/05, 111 FERC 61,464                     Description: ISO New England Inc
                                                                (2005).                                                and the New England Power Pool
        Dated: July 9, 2005.
                                                                   Filed Date: 7/15/2005.                              Participants Committee submit
      Sally L. Stroup,                                             Accession Number: 20050715–0176.                    proposed revisions to Appendix F to
      Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary                        Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on                Market Rule 1 that clarify the inclusion
      Education.                                                Friday, August 5, 2005.                                of Start Up Feed in the calculation of
      [FR Doc. 05–14565 Filed 7–22–05; 8:45 am]                    Docket Numbers: ER05–1215–000.                      Operating Reserve Credits in Real Time
      BILLING CODE 4000–01–U                                       Applicants: Wholesale Electric                      and Day-Ahead Energy Markets.
                                                                Trading GP, LLC.                                          Filed Date: 7/15/2005.
                                                                   Description: Wholesale Electric                        Accession Number: 20050718–0232.
      DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY                                      Trading GP, LLC’s petition for                            Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on
                                                                acceptance of Rate Schedule FERC No.                   Friday, August 5, 2005.
      Federal Energy Regulatory                                 1, the granting of certain blanket                        Docket Numbers: ER05–798–002.
      Commission                                                approvals, including the authority to                     Applicants: Virtual Energy, Inc.
      Combined Notice of Filings # 2                            sell electricity at market-based rates and                Description: Virtual Energy Inc.
                                                                the waiver of certain Commission                       submits an amended Rate Schedule
      July 19, 2005.                                            regulations.                                           FERC No. 1 in compliance with the
         Take notice that the Commission                           Filed Date: 7/15/2005.                              Commission’s letter order issued 6/17/
      received the following electric rate                         Accession Number: 20050718–0116.                    05 in Docket Nos. ER05–798–000 and
      filings.                                                     Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on                001.
         Docket Numbers: ER02–1336–003;                         Friday, August 5, 2005.                                   Filed Date: 7/15/2005.
      ER02–1173–003; ER96–149–010.                                 Docket Numbers: ER05–1217–000.                         Accession Number: 20050718–0235.
         Applicants: Vandolah Power                                Applicants: Black Hills Power, Inc.;                   Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on
      Company, LLC; Front Range Power                           Powder River Energy Corporation                        Friday, August 5, 2005.
      Company, LLC; Dartmouth Power                                Description: Black Hills Power Inc.                    Docket Numbers: ER05–919–001.
      Associates Limited Partnership.                           and Powder River Energy Corporation                       Applicants: Mirant Americas Energy
         Description: Vandolah Power                            submit a revised Attachment H—                         Marketing, L.P. and PJM
      Company, LLC, Front Range Power                           monthly network transmission revenue                   Interconnection, L.L.C.
      Company, LLC, Dartmouth Power                             requirements for transmission service                     Description: Response of Mirant
      Associates Limited Partnership                            on the transmission system to the joint                Americas Energy Marketing, LP and PJM
      submitted a joint request for triennial                   open access transmission tariff of Black               Interconnection, LLC to the
      renewal of market-based rate authority,                   Hills Power, Basin Electric Power                      Commission’s 7/15/05 deficiency letter
      compliance filings under Order 652 and                    Cooperative and PRECorp.                               regarding their 4/29/05 filing in Docket
      limited request for confidentiality.                         Filed Date: 7/15/2005.                              No. ER05–919–000.
         Filed Date: 7/14/2005.                                    Accession Number: 20050718–0229.                       Filed Date: 7/15/2005.
         Accession Number: 20050715–0177.                          Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on
         Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on                                                                             Accession Number: 20050718–0236.
                                                                Friday, August 5, 2005.                                   Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on
      Thursday, August 4, 2005.
                                                                   Docket Numbers: ER05–1218–000.                      Friday, August 5, 2005.
         Docket Numbers: ER02–1486–003;
                                                                   Applicants: Bayonne Plant Holding,                     Any person desiring to intervene or to
      ER01–2756–004; ER00–2887–004.
         Applicants: Cogen Technologies NJ                      L.L.C.                                                 protest in any of the above proceedings
      Venture; Camden Cogen, L.P.; Newark                          Description: Bayonne Plant Holding,                 must file in accordance with Rules 211
      Bay Cogeneration Partnership, L.P.                        L.L.C. submits a notice of succession                  and 214 of the Commission’s Rules of
         Description: Bayonne Plant Holding,                    reflecting the adoption of the market-                 Practice and Procedure (18 CFR 385.211
      LLC, as successor in the interest to                      based rate tariff filed by Cogen                       and 385.214) on or before 5 p.m. eastern
      Cogen Technologies NJ Venture,                            Technologies NJ Venture and accepted                   time on the specified comment date. It
      Camden Plant Holding, L.L.C., as                          for filing by letter order issued on 5/24/             is not necessary to separately intervene
      successor in interest to Camden Cogen,                    02 in Docket No. ER02–1486–000.                        again in a subdocket related to a
      L.P. and Newark Bay Cogeneration                             Filed Date: 7/15/2005.                              compliance filing if you have previously
      Partnership, L.P. submit their triennial                     Accession Number: 20050718–0230.                    intervened in the same docket. Protests
      updated market analysis and revised                          Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on                will be considered by the Commission
      tariff sheets pursuant to the reporting                   Friday, August 5, 2005.                                in determining the appropriate action to
      requirements of Order 652.                                   Docket Numbers: ER05–1219–000.                      be taken, but will not serve to make
         Filed Date: 7/15/2005.                                    Applicants: Camden Plant Holding,                   protestants parties to the proceeding.
         Accession Number: 20050718–0233.                       L.L.C.                                                 Anyone filing a motion to intervene or
         Comment Date: 5 p.m. eastern time on                      Description: Camden Plant Holdling,                 protest must serve a copy of that
      Friday, August 5, 2005.                                   LLC submits a notice of succession                     document on the Applicant. In reference

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