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                                                                       7. Special College Requirements
MANAGEMENT (B.S.)                                                          Final exams will be given during Exam Week only.
                                                                           Transfer students to this program must take a minimum of thirty
Rosen College of Hospitality Management                                    (30) credit hours in Hospitality Management classes at UCF.
9907 Universal Boulevard                                                   The Rosen College of Hospitality Management requires all first
Orlando, Florida 32819                                                     time at UCF students to live in the Rosen College student
407-903-8000                                                               apartments for their first year enrolled in the College.
Dean: Abraham Pizam                                                    8. Restricted Electives                                        (18 hrs)
                                                                       Choose any courses from the list below for a total of 18 credit hours
                                                                          FSS 3232C      Intermediate Techniques of Food Production 3 hrs
Degree Requirements                                                       HFT 3807       Multi-Unit Food Service Operations              3 hrs
1. UCF General Education Program (GEP)                  (36 hrs)          FSS 4286       Catering and Banquet Organization               3 hrs
A. Communications Foundations                              9 hrs          HFT 4645       Restaurant Real Estate, Site Selection          3 hrs
B. Cultural and Historical Foundations                     9 hrs                         and Modeling
C. Mathematical Foundations                                               HFT 4861C Beverage Management                                  3 hrs
   Select MAC 1105College Algebra                          3 hrs          HFT 4425       Financial Analysis for Restaurant Managers 3 hrs
   Select CGS 2100C Computer Fundamentals for Business or 3 hrs
   STA 2023 Statistical Methods I                                         HFT 3574        Foodservice Marketing, Advertising,
D. Social Foundations                                                                      and Promotion Management                      3 hrs
   Select ECO 2013Macroeconomics                           3 hrs          HFT 4269        Case Studies in Multi-Unit Restaurant Mgt      3 hrs
            Or                                                            HFT 3654        Franchising in the Restaurant Industry         3 hrs
   Select ECO 2023 Microeconomics                                         HFT 4281        Restaurant Leadership Strategies and Tactics   3 hrs
   Select one: PSY 2012, SYG 2000, ANT 2000                3 hrs          HFT 4453        Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Controls         3 hrs
E. Science Foundation                                      6 hrs          FSS 3008        Culture and Cuisine                            3 hrs
                                                                          HFT 3610        Law and Restaurant Management                  3 hrs
2. Common Program Prerequisites                              (6 hrs)      HFT 3285        International Restaurant Corporation
                                                                                          Management                                     3 hrs
  HFT 1000         Introduction to Hospitality Management      3 hrs      HFT 4284        Training and Employee Performance in the       3 hrs
  FSS 2221C        Quantity Food Preparation                   3 hrs                      Food Service Industry
                                                                          HFT 3834        Topics in Restaurant & Foodservice
3. Quantitative Tools                                                                     Management                                     3 hrs
                                                                          HFT 4864        Anheuser-Busch Seminar in Quality Brewing
  CGS 2100C        Computer Fundamentals of Business
                                                                                           and Fine Beer                                 3 hrs
  or STA 2023      Statistical Methods I                     (GEP)
                                                                          HFT 4866C       Exploring Wines of the World                   3 hrs
  ECO 2013         Macroeconomics
                                                                          HFT 4844        Sanitation in the Food Service Industry        3 hrs
  or ECO 2023      Microeconomics                            (GEP)
                                                                          HFT 4462        Hospitality Industry Finance                   3 hrs
  MAC 1105         College Algebra                           (GEP)
                                                                          HFT 4286        Hospitality Communications                     3 hrs
                                                                          HFT 3868        History of Wine and Culture                    3 hrs
4. Managerial Tools                                         (25 hrs)      HFT 4894        International Gastronomy                       3 hrs
   HFT 2403       Hospitality Financial Accounting             3 hrs
   HFT 2500       Hospitality Marketing                        3 hrs
   HFT 2220       Hospitality Human Resources                  3 hrs   9. Foreign Language Requirements                             (0-8 hrs)
   HFT 3444       Hospitality Information Systems              3 hrs   State University System foreign language admission requirement: two
   HFT 3600       Legal Environment in Hospitality             3 hrs   years in high school or one year of college instruction in a single
   HFT 3431       Hospitality Managerial Accounting            3 hrs   foreign language. (This requirement applies to those students admitted
   HFT 3540       Guest Services Management                    3 hrs   to the University without the required two units of foreign language in
   HFT 3261       Restaurant Management                        3 hrs   high school.)
   HFT 3933       Distinguished Lectures
                   in Hospitality Mgmt                          1 hr   10. University Minimum Exit Requirements
 5. Internship                                               (3 hrs)       A 2.0 UCF GPA
   HFT 3940       Internship                                    1 hr       48 hours of upper division credit completed
   HFT 4941       Internship                                    1 hr       30 semester hours of coursework completed in residency (last 30
   HFT 4941       Internship                                    1 hr       hours) at UCF
                                                                           A maximum of 45 semester hours of extension, correspondence,
6. Restaurant Management Core                              (18 hrs)        CLEP, Credit by Exam, and Military credit permitted
   HFT 4268      Case Studies in Restaurant Management        3 hrs        Completion of the General Education Program, the Gordon Rule,
   HFT 4343      Hospitality Facilities, Planning and Design 3 hrs         the CLAST, and 9 semester hours of Summer credit (if applicable).
   FSS 3124      Supply and Procurement Management            3 hrs
   FSS 4135      Corporate Contract &                                  11. Unrestricted Electives                                (6 – 14 hrs)
                 Managed Services Orgs                        3 hrs    As necessary to result in 120 total credit hours.
   HFT 4266      Restaurant Brand Management                  3 hrs
   HFT 4281      Restaurant Leadership Strategies and
                 Tactics                                      3 hrs    Total Semester Hours Required                                  120 hrs
                         2005-2006 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA
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Community/Junior College Transfer Notes
   Subject to the general grade and residence requirements, credit will
   be granted for transferred course work equivalent to that required
   in the UCF's Rosen College of Hospitality Management.
   Florida Public Community College students are encouraged to
   complete general education requirements, prior to transferring at
   A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed at UCF
   within the Rosen College of Hospitality Management.
   Orientation and advising are two of the most valuable tools that a
   student can make use of when transferring to UCF. Students
   should take advantage of both.

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