Field Trip Request Form

					                                     Field Trip Request Form

Requests for approval of all field trips, off-campus class meetings, or educational events must
be submitted to the associate dean one month prior to the event.

Date(s) of trip

Course with which the trip is associated (if any)

Is the trip a class requirement?                         Yes                             No

Please provide a complete itinerary (attach separate sheet if necessary)

Purpose for trip and educational experiences/value and pertinence to course curriculum or student group

Number of participants including supervisors (submit list of participants 2 weeks prior to event)

Supervision provided by                                                     If other than class instructor or faculty/

staff advisor, identify connection to the university.

What method(s) of transportation will you be using?

How will expenses be covered, including use of campus vehicles (direct student expense/fund raising/university)?

If university funds, identify chartfield

If a university vehicle is to be used, have Driver Registration Form(s) been completed for each driver and

submitted to the university receptionist?                Yes                No

Has the vehicle been reserved?                   Yes               No     Number of vehicles needed for trip

The receptionist will file a vehicle trip check form at least two weeks prior to departure with the

Maintenance department to ensure vehicle safety and readiness for the trip.

All participating students must complete and file a “release of liability” form with the receptionist, 100 Student

Services Building. Any individual not completing the form will be unable to participate.

Submitted by                                                                      Date

Approval of Associate Dean                                                        Date
                                                                                                        Revised 9/13/05 mll

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