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									                                      BPP ACCA registration form
  STUDENT DETAILS                                                                      EMPLOYER DETAILS

  First name:
                                                                                       Name and adress of company to be invoiced:
  Company name:
  Position in the company:
                                                                                       Authorising manager details:
  ACCA registration number:
                                                                                       First name:
  Exemptions awarded:
  Date of birth:
                                                                                       Position in the company:
  Business email address:
                                                                                       Email address:
  Personal email address:
                                                                                       Daytime telephone:
  Daytime telephone:
  Mobile telephone:

 ACCA PAPERS AND COURSE DATES (please indicate the parts of the course you´d like to attend):
ACCA ´F´ papers *                                Introductory course          Please          Revision course only      Please     Full course    Full course
                                                       ONLY                 indicate                                  indicate            EUR please indicate
                                                                                 ()                                       ()                            ()
                                                     Dates         EUR                               Dates    EUR
F2 - Management accounting                        8-10 Apr        1.100                        10-12 May     1.100                       1.575
F3 - Financial accounting INT                    26-28 Apr        1.100                        27-29 May     1.100                       1.525
F4 - Corporate and Business Law                     5-7 Apr       1.100                        24-26 May     1.100                       1.575
F5 - Performance management                      12-14 Apr        1.100                       27 -29 May     1.100                       1.575
F6 - Taxation UK                              30,31 March         1.100                        20-22 May     1.100                       1.575
                                               and 1 April
F7 - Financial reporting INT                    19-22 April       1.200                        13-15 May     1.200                       1.725
 F8 - Audit & assurance INT                     27-29 April       1.100                        10-12 May     1.100                       1.575
 F9 - Financial management                       8-10 April       1.100                        17-19 May     1.100                       1.575
 ACCA ´P´ papers                                 Introductory course          Please       Revision course only        Please     Full course           Full course
                                                       ONLY                 indicate                                  indicate        EUR          please indicate
                                                                                 ()                                    ()                                   ()

                                                     Dates         EUR                               Dates    EUR
P1- Professional accountant                     15-17 April       1.100                        20-22 May     1.100                       1.575
P2 - Corporate reporting INT                    19-22 April       1.330                        24-27 May     1.330                       1.900
P3 - Business analysis                           8-10 April       1.100                            5-7 May   1.100                       1.575
P4 - Adv Financial Management                 30/31 March         1.100                        13-15 May     1.100                       1.575
                                               and 1 April
P5 - Adv Performance Management                   5-7 April       1.155                        13-15 May     1.155                       1.650
ACCA Papers **                                               TIME                                    Date required               Fees per assessment 100 EURO with
                                                                                                                                 attending courses/200 EURO without
                                                      9.00 am or 12.00 pm
                                                                                                                                           attending courses

F1 - Accountant in business
F2 - Management accounting
F3 - Financial accounting

                                                                ACCA admin required per session
ACCA initial registration admin fee - € 100
Students attending courses admin fee - € 100

For the BPP admin students only, please state what papers
                                                                                                                                 TOTAL €:
you sit in June 2010

                                          Please indicate by  how you would like your ACCA maeterial delivered:
 By post.                                                                                                                       Please state the address if dif-
 Collect in person in BPP training centre in Amsterdam.                                                                         ferent to the invoicing address
 In the class when I come on my course.                                                                                         you’ve given us above.

By signing below you have agreed and signed the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy.
Name:                                                                         Signature:                                         Date:
Terms & Conditions 2010-2011
These terms and conditions and the application form comprise the agreement
pursuant to which BPP Professional Education, represented in the Netherlands by
BPP Netherlands provides training programmes to the customer.                               7. Intellectual Property
1. Identification required gaining entry to courses                                         7.1 BPP Learning Media Ltd grants the customer a non-transferable,
Students must ensure that they bring along when attending a course a personal ID            non-exclusive licence to use BPP Learning Media Ltd’s products
for identification purposes. Failure to this measure may lead to students being             (including information, training material content, software and data)
refused entry to the classroom.                                                             under the terms of this Agreement.
2. Payment Terms                                                                            7.2 This licence terminates upon termination of this Agreement for
2.1 Full payment or authorisation to invoice an employer, must accompany the                whatever reason.
application form.                                                                           7.3 The customer warrants that they shall only use BPP Learning Media
2.2 Full payment or authorisation to invoice an employer is required when any study         Ltd’s products for their own educational purposes and shall not, without
materials are ordered and prior to any materials being despatched.                          BPP Learning Media Ltd’s prior written consent, copy, make available,
2.3 Full payment or authorisation to invoice an employer for any online study tool is       retransmit, reproduce, sell, disseminate, licence, distribute, publish,
required when ordered and prior to any log on details being supplied.                       broadcast or otherwise circulate BPP Learning Media Ltd’s products (or
2.4 Where BPP Professional Education has received authorisation to invoice                  any part of them) to any person other than in accordance with this
employer the following payment terms apply:                                                 Agreement.
• Full payment is due within 14 days from the date of the invoice.                          7.4 The customer shall fully indemnify BPP Learning Media Ltd in respect
• If BPP Professional Education fails to receive full payment of the invoice by the         of any infringement of any intellectual property rights arising as a result of
course start date the customer may be refused entry to the course.                          their use of BPP Learning Media Ltd products in breach of this Agreement.
• BPP Professional Education reserves the right to charge late payment interest on          8. Change of address or other contact details
any outstanding invoices, of 0.1% per day of delay.                                         BPP Professional Education must be notified in writing of any change
• BPP Professional Education reserves the right to recover any reasonable debt              in a customer’s details, including the email address specified on the
collection costs in connection with this Agreement.                                         customer’s application form.
• The employer is liable for all unpaid invoices.                                           9. Security
2.5 Where a block booking has been made, half of the fee must be made at time of            Personal possessions are the sole responsibility of the customer and
booking, with the balance payable within 6 months.                                          BPP Professional Education accepts no responsibility for anything that
3. Study Materials                                                                          is lost or stolen from its venues. Customers are advised to keep
BPP will despatch materials on receipt of the full course fee or authorisation to           valuables with them at all times.
invoice employer upon request. Alternatively, students will receive the course              10. Notices
material on the first day of the course.                                                    Any notices required to be served by BPP Professional Education
4. Administration Scheme                                                                    under this Agreement will be deemed properly served if sent via
If students would like to subscribe to the BPP ACCA Administration Scheme, BPP              prepaid postage to the postal address, or emailed to the email address
Professional Education would be responsible for registering students to the ACCA in         notified by the customer, at BPP’s discretion.
Glasgow UK for the one off ACCA initial registration fee of € 100. Once an ACCA             11. Limitation of Liability
student, BPP will provide under the admin scheme every session registration to the          11.1 The liability for BPP Professional Education for direct losses arising
ACCA exams, payment of all the ACCA fees on the students’ account (BPP will be              out of their negligence (other than in respect of liability for death or
invoicing these fees back to them at a later stage) and will monitor the ACCA               personal injury), breach of contract or any other cause of action arising
correspondence. The student will, however, be responsible for informing the BPP             out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be limited to the
ACCA Contact Person of the exam options and also for the payment of the relevant            cash receipts from the customer (or employer) for the course or study
BPP ACCA invoices which will include not only course fees, but also the ACCA admin          materials.
and sundry fees for exam, exemptions, annual subscriptions etc. Should students             11.2 BPP Professional Education shall not be liable for any indirect or
not require this service, they will be responsible for completing and submitting all        consequential loss whether arising from negligence, breach of
the various forms in connection with the ACCA registration and examinations, i.e.           contract or otherwise.
BPP will NOT be responsible for students not registered on the BPP Administration
Scheme to respecting the ACCA Deadlines. Students attending BPP Courses benefit             13. Data Protection
of 50% discounted ACCA Admin Rate of € 100 per session (after discount).                    13.1 Customers agree that, in relation to information held from time to
                                                                                            time, BPP Professional Education may:
5. Deferrals and transfers                                                                  • Use the information to perform their obligations and enforce rights
Courses can be deferred to the next sitting, provided full payment has been                 under this Agreement.
received, and BPP is informed at least 14 days prior to the course start date. A            • Use the information to inform customers about courses, products
deferral fee will not be charged. Subject to availability, it may be possible to transfer   or services which may be of interest to them.
to an alternative course. A course transfer fee will not be charged. Such transfer          • Share the information with BPP group companies to inform the
may give rise to an additional charge for replacement study materials. There are no         customer about other products or services which may be of interest
refunds or deferrals for part completed courses. A full time course is all feeder,          to them.
revision and mock days. Under no circumstances are courses or study materials               • Use the information to inform customers of feedback and exam
transferable between customers.                                                             results.
5. Cancellations                                                                            • Communicate with the customer’s employer regarding their
Courses can be cancelled by the customer up to 14 days before the start date of the         progress, results and attendance.
course. A cancellation fee of € 100 will be charged together with the materials cost if     13.2 Customers have the right to receive details of the personal
they were already dispatched. Postage and packing of the materials will not be              information held by BPP Professional Education. A fee of £20 will be
refunded. 50% of the course fee will be charged if less than 14 days notice is given.       payable.
                                                                                            13.3 In the event that customers do not wish to receive
6. Course Changes                                                                           correspondence from BPP Professional Education a written request
BPP reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or change the location of a course, if in     should be sent at info@bppnederland.nl.
the opinion of BPP, such an action is necessary. BPP will notify the customer as soon
as the change is made. The customer has the option to reschedule the course, apply          If any part of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, the remaining
the fees to another course, or to receive a refund or credit note for the course fees       terms and conditions shall continue in force.
paid to BPP.

                                           BPP Nederland, Paasheuvelweg 35, 1105 BG Amsterdam

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