Greetings Family and Friends in the wonderful name of by ehz13319


									Greetings Family and Friends in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am amazed how quickly time passes and realize it has been some time since I
last sent an email update, for which I am truly sorry. The Lord has graciously
brought me to a place of having a little more time to keep you informed of what
He is doing in Asia and also what is happening for me.

I am so blessed to let you know that since last I wrote, the Lord has brought two
full time people to work with me in Gift Processing (GP). I can’t tell you how ex-
cited and grateful I am for this. For the past 5 years, I have been the only full
time person in this department, with a part time person and a volunteer. In the
past few months Iris Weibel and Jessica Harris started full time. Iris moved
from Edmonton and Jessica was a part time volunteer and realized the Lord was
calling her to join us full time. She graduated from high school this year. Her
family was called to join GFA a few years back and her Dad works in our print
room. It has made such a difference to have these full time staff and we are more
caught up in GP than ever before. And so I am busy training Iris and Jessica
and they are learning more tasks each week. It is our goal that I would pass
pretty well all Gift Processing tasks to them and oversee the department. The
leadership desires for me to begin spending much of my time in Major Donor Re-
lations. I am amazed and humbled that the Lord would entrust Donor Services
(Gift Processing, Phones and Human Resources), Major Donor Relations and our
Prayer Ministry to me. Please continue to pray that I would be faithful in each

At the end of May the Lord provided for me to visit my family in Richmond, B.C.
(Vancouver) and attend my nephew’s graduation. You may recall an email I sent
earlier this year that Torsten was hospitalized with an infection in his heart. It
was very serious for a few days. Thank you for praying for him, as he has healed
100%. Praise JESUS!!! My parents were there also. The only one missing was
my baby sister Maria in Alberta. It was great to see my brother, Mark, who also
lives in Richmond. We had the best time, lots of laughs and fun and I was so
blessed to see Torsten graduate. He plans to attend the University of Victoria
starting next month to take mechanical engineering. I was also blessed to visit
with Pastor Pete and Glenda from Calvary Chapel Richmond and attend their
Sunday morning service.

At the end of June I had the opportunity to go camping for the weekend with a
GFA family. I was initially going to join Martin, Tammy and their children for a
day, but ended up camping Friday-Sunday. I am so glad I did stay the week-
end. We had so much fun, sitting around the campfire, playing games, hiking,
and of course eating J. It rained part of the weekend but was warm.

More recently, I and all the full time staff flew to Dallas, Texas to attend GFA’s
mission conference July 11-13. What a tremendous blessing and such a challeng-
ing time. There were six of our field leaders there from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal
and Burma. We heard first hand what is happening in their countries includ-
ing in Burma after cyclone Nargis. Please continue to pray for the people of
this country. Although much has been accomplished there is still so much to
do. By God’s grace we have received over $600,000 in the Canadian office
which helps provide for the physical and spiritual needs for the suffering peo-
ple of Burma. We are still receiving gifts for the cyclone survivors as the
work continues for many more months or even years.

Attending this conference is truly like a huge family reunion. Attendance was
over 1,000 people. We had the tremendous blessing of seeing and meeting
staff from the U.S., the U.K., New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, and Aus-
tralia. I was especially blessed to meet Geoff and Monica Darr of our Austra-
lia office. I have been in touch with them over the years as I had planned to
visit them a few years ago. Around the same time I was planning to go to
Australia, one of our staff left to join another ministry and subsequently I be-
came the Gift Processing Coordinator, so I was not able to go at that
time. Lord willing, I hope to make that trip in the next year or two.

After being in Dallas I was able to visit a dear friend in Houston for three
days. What precious times of fellowship and prayer, having meals together
with her and her husband. We visited Galveston and took a long walk on the
beach. It was 95-100 degrees which I don’t mind at all.

I continue to thank the Lord for safety in all my travels. I love to travel and
hope He would allow me to continue to do so in the coming months.

Praise the Lord we have two more full time staff arriving in our office in Sep-
tember. Danielle is from Calgary and was an intern in our U.S. office for one
year. Audree is from Elscott, Alberta. We trust the Lord has great things in
store for Canada and our office, bringing four new staff to us this year.

It is 5 years and 5 months since I arrived at GFA. My heart is filled with
much gratitude to everyone who prays for me, and to everyone who has part-
nered with me financially. Together over the past 65 months we have helped
to plant over 20,000 churches in Asia. PRAISE JESUS!

I will be sending out a newsletter by mail in the next few weeks to share more
of what the Lord is doing in Asia and through our office here in Canada. I
pray it is a blessing to you.

Please contact me if there is anything I can be praying about for you.

May you daily be filled with the joy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

With love and hugs and prayers across the miles,


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