SEMINAR ON OFFSHORE WIND INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE - 29 April 2010 - WTC Rotterdam - The Netherlands

                                                DELEGATE’S REGISTRATION FORM
Contact:        Navingo BV - Femke Hoogeveen, Conference Manager
                Westerlaan 1 - 3016 CK Rotterdam - The Netherlands - Phone +31 (0)10 2092600 - E-mail

Please complete one registration form for each delegate.
1. Book online at
2. Fax this completed form to +31 (0)10 436 81 34
3. Send an email to

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I agree to the Terms of Participation and Conditions stated below.

Price Information                                              Book Before 1 March                                                Book After 1 March
Seminar & Dinner                                               € 349                                                              € 399

Prices are exclusive of VAT and inclusive of documentation, refreshments and networking dinner.

Seminar delegates booking online can easily pay online. Seminar delegates booking by fax or email will receive an invoice.

TERMS OF PARTICIPATION                                                     cerned, and all the circumstances that after weighing up the interests       or any other cause whatever, if such loss is caused by third parties.
In these Rules, The organizer means Navingo BV. Registration form          concerned may in the organizer’s opinion jeopardize the success of           3.2. T he participant holds the organizer harmless against any claim
means The document describing and setting out the participation            the event.                                                                   by third parties on account of loss, however named, caused by the
agreement. This is the agreement under which the organizer provi-          1.3. T he participation agreement remains in force unabated on a             participant himself, his personnel or his visitors.
des the participant with entry to the seminar and/ or booth space,         change in the established dates. The participant is required in all
promotion potential and/or services under certain conditions for a         cases to pay fully the other expenses incurred by or on behalf of the        4. Impediment, insolvency, legal suspension of payments
specific period.                                                           organizer at his request in connection with his participation.               4.1. Should the participant be unable through special circumstances
                                                                           1.4. T he participant may in no circumstances enforce any rights in          beyond his control to make use of the agreed booth space and/or
Participant means                                                          damages, attributable to a decision as described in paragraph                services, the organizer may at the participant’s request dissolve the
The person or company with whom the organizer has concluded a                                                                                           participation agreement, up to a maximum of 4 months before the
participation agreement and the latter’s representative(s).                2. Payment                                                                   event commences, in which case the participant will owe 20% of the
                                                                           2.1. Participation charges are payable on the dates indicated in the         total agreed participation costs, and the other expenses incurred at
Event means                                                                participation agreement; all other payments must be made within 14           his request by or on behalf of the organizer in connection with his
The event in respect of which the participation agreement is conclu-       days following invoice date, in each case without discount or offset,        participation.
ded.                                                                       unless a divergent due date is indicated.                                    4.2. On cancellation by the participant within 2-4 months before com-
                                                                           2.2. The organizer is entitled to submit an invoice as soon as it has        mencement of the event, the participant will owe 50% of the total
Booth space means                                                          had the registration form returned to it duly signed. An invoice may be      agreed participation costs and the other expenses incurred by or on
The exhibition area expressed in square meters and made available          preceded by a debit note for an advance payment.                             behalf of the organizer at his request in connection with his partici-
to the participant, the location and form of which are indicated by        2.3. The participant is liable for all charges payable to the organizer      pation.
the organizer.                                                             connected with his participation, irrespective of whether such charges       4.3. On cancellation by the participant within 0-2 months before com-
Promotion potential and services means                                     are incurred by the participant himself or by third parties acting on        mencement of the event, the participant will owe 100% of the total
The opportunities made available to the participant and expressed in       his behalf.                                                                  agreed participation costs with regard to his participation, and the
cash for drawing attention to his product, serviceor trademark other       2.4. On failure to pay any sum due to the organizer by the due date,         other expenses incurred by or on behalf of the organizer at his request
than with the aid of booth space.                                          interest will be charged at the legal rate from the point when the claim     in connection with his participation.
                                                                           has matured. Collection charges will be debited to the participant, the      4.4. Should the participant at any time following conclusion of the
Participation expenses means                                               extra-legal collection charges being fixed at 15% of the capital sum.        participation agreement be declared bankrupt or request legal sus-
The payment due to the organizer from the participant under the par-       2.5. T he organizer is entitled to regard the participation agreement        pension of payments, the participation agreement will be dissolved
ticipation agreement for participation in the event, use of the booth      as terminated with immediate effect following written or oral notice         simply through the occurrence of the said events and the participant
space and other agreed services and for the general organizational         and notice of default, should the participant not have paid, not fully       will be required immediately to settle the full amount of the agreed
services provided and to be provided by the organizer as described         paid or not duly paid the participation charges or any other sum due         participation charges, and all other expenses incurred on his behalf,
in that agreement.                                                         to the organizer. In such a case, the participant remains liable for         without prejudice to the organizer’s right to claim costs, damages and
                                                                           full payment of the entire participation charges and the other expen-        interest.
CONDITIONS                                                                 ses incurred in connection with his participation, without being able
                                                                           to claim compensation for loss, in any form whatever, in respect of          5. Rules for participants
Dates and duration                                                         termination.                                                                 5.1. If applicable, the rules for participants at the location will be
1.1. If special circumstances so justify in the organizer’s opinion, the                                                                                deemed to form part of these Terms of Participation. The Rules
organizer may change the dates fixed for the event or cancel organi-       3. Liability                                                                 may be obtained from the organizer free of charge at any
zation of the event.                                                       3.1. T he organizer is not liable for damage, however named, directly        time.
1.2. Special circumstances include insufficient interest, insufficient     or indirectly sustained by the participant, his personnel or his visitors,
representative demand, mutual disagreement within the industry con-        this also including operating loss and loss through theft, destruction

                                    DEADLINE FOR BOOKING
                                                                                      Please fax this form to +31 (0)10 436 8134

Contact:     Navingo BV - Femke Hoogeveen, Conference Manager
             Westerlaan 1 - 3016 CK Rotterdam - The Netherlands - Phone +31 (0)10 2092600 - E-mail

Companies booking floor space to present their company in the product display area will receive an exhibitors’ manual later. Payment terms: 50% of the par-
ticipation fee must be paid when the order is confirmed to the organizer. Full payment for participation must be made before 1 April 2010. The organization
retains the right to refuse participation when full payment has not been received by this date. Please keep a copy of this application form for your own files.
Stated rates do not include 19% VAT.

Company details
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Please send your company logo in jpg and eps format before 1 April 2010 to:

Introductory Display Area Offer (location will be assigned by the organization)
€ 150 per m2 (minimum 9 m2)


NOTE: Product display areas will be assigned by the organization. Participants receive one free non-transferable delegate pass. Participants receive two
parking day tickets, irrespective of the booked display area size. Participants may bring their own pop up display unit, posters and other promotional material.
Participants can order display facilities, lunch vouchers and drinks vouchers by filling out the order forms included in the exhibitor’s manual. Participation also
includes company name and logo on the website and company details in the event booklet.

Introductory Sponsorship Offers
To discuss sponsorship packages tailored to meeting your objectives, please contact Femke Hoogeveen on +31 (0)10 209 26 00 or email her at

Declaration by the exhibitor
We agree that this application, when approved by the organization, shall constitute, together with the Terms of Participation and Conditions, a legally binding
contract. We have read and fully agreed to the Terms of Participation and Conditions.

Name of authorized signature:                                            Company stamp and signature:


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