Assignment 6 CSCI 3110 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

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					                                            Assignment 6
                    CSCI 3110: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
                                            Due: July 30, 2009

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       Exercise 11.2-4 [2]             be sure to explain insertion, deletion and searching.

       Problem 13.1 a)[1]


                       Extra marks: e)[2]


I/We declare that I/we did not copy any part of this assignment from a classmate, the web, or any other
source. This is my/our original work. I/We did not receive any outside help, neither from a classmate nor
from anybody else. I/We did not cooperate with any member of another group.
I/We am/are aware that falsely making the above declaration constitutes an act of academic dishonesty,
which will be dealt with by the Senate Discipline Committee. I/We am/are aware that the penalty for
academic dishonesty may range from failing the course to expulsion from the university, in accordance
with Dalhousie University’s regulations regarding academic dishonesty.