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									                                                      Larrimore Update Volume No. 10 Issue No. 1 Date February 25, 200888777

                                            (growing fish) and hydroponics             challenging course of study and for
                                            (growing plants in water without soil).    encouraging fellowship with other
                                            Being a closed loop system the f ish       Christians.
                                            waste products provide the nutrients                You’ve Got Class!
                                            for the plants which in turn filters the          Classes will start again in the
                                            water which is then recycled back to       last week of March. As always, we
                                            the fish tank. This method has been        look forward to a New Year, new
                                            successfully        implemented       by   students, new experiences and to
                                            missionary Travis Hughey in Kenya,         what we will be learning as well as
                                            Africa. Kieth is excited about the         teaching.
                                            possibilities this “new technology” will           For the first time, we will offer
“O Lord, our Lord, How                      open up with its addition to the course    a weekend short course to introduce
majestic is Thy name in all                 here on the farm. If you would like to     our programs to students of Montreat
                                            find out more about this, contact Kieth    College (located in Montreat near
the earth, … What is man,                   or visit Travis Hughey’s website           Black Mountain, NC). We hope to
that Thou dost take thought                 www.fastonline.org.                        stimulate interest       in   and     an
of him?...Thou dost make                                                               awareness of the various possibilities
                                                    Teaching and Learning…             of ministries available on the mission
him to rule over the works of                                                          field.
Thy hands;… The birds of                             Kathy continues to tutor a
                                            Chinese      student     and    enjoys             In appreciation…
the heavens and the fish of                 interacting with him and his family.
the sea…” From Psalm 8                      The ESL Class on Wednesday                 Thank you for continuing to stand
NASB                                        evenings has been blessed with new         with us through your prayers,
   Something “fishy” is going on            students attending. On Sundays her         encouragement, and support. We
    around here, or is it a “veggie         class for young ladies at the Misión       are truly blessed by your partnership.
                  tale”?                    Hispana is doing a study called “Lady      May you be blessed and inspired
Here at Equip our goal of training          in Waiting” based on the Book of           daily by our Heavenly Father!
missionaries to meet the needs of the       Ruth. She and the class (along with
whole man causes us to continually          some other young people) have
look for new ways and new met hods          enjoyed doing outside ministry with
                                            senior citizens and hope to continue
                                                                                          The Larrimores
to help accomplish this task. In the
area of Food Production this is a           to do more in the future. Plea se pray     Our Address:
constant challenge, for the need is so      for all these opportunities to share
great to supply even the most basic         Jesus and to disciple a deeper walk        Kieth and Kathy Larrimore
necessities of life such as clean water     with Him.                                  401 Landis Rd.
and adequate nutritional food. With                  Ian is working here in Marion     Marion, NC 28752
this in mind and with the help of           and is considering working with a          (828) 659-1950
missionary friend Travis Hughey,            local ESL program. He has also been        klarrimore@yahoo.com
Kieth has spent a great deal of time        involved with music instruction and
researching,        constructing      and   has been playing with a local church             Serving with Equip, Inc.,
implementing the latest addition to         worship team. He enjoys composing,                    P.O. Box 1126,
the Food Production Course at Equip.        playing, making and experimenting                   Marion, NC 28752
This “new” project, Aquaponics, is          with various musical instruments. We         www.equipinternational.com
now ready to be demonstrated and            are so blessed by this gifting that the    Please be praying for the believers
taught at the farm. It is a fascinating     Lord has given Him. Please pray for        in Kenya. Our missionary Ben Okello
system taking advantage of simple           God’s direction and leading in future
                                                                                       is ministering to approximately 500
processes to grow food in a                 decisions that Ian will be making
                                            soon.                                      refugees there. Widespread violence
contained          and         controlled
                                                     Stephen is back at Berea          has driven many from their homes
environment. Our system is set up in
a greenhouse. (In a tropical area this      with his decided major as nursing. He      and many lives are in danger. Pray for
would not be necessary.)            It is   is BUSY with studies, work on the          peace, protection, and provision, and
actually a combination of two               farm there, and all the other usual        the opportunity to minister Christ in
agricultural      systems—aquaculture       extracurricular activities that go on.     the midst of this tragic situation.
                                            Please pray for him in this
                 “He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy He will save.”
                                                   Psalm 72:13 NASB
                                    Larrimore Update Volume No. 10 Issue No. 1 Date February 25, 200888777


          Fish Tank

                                                                       Fish Tank
       Plant Beds

“He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy He will save.”
                                  Psalm 72:13 NASB

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