Timeline by nadia11


									                                                            Timeline Instructions:
                                                            •To delete these instructions, click this text box and then press the
                                                            DELETE key.
                                                            •To move the entire timeline up or down on the page, delete or
                                                            insert rows above the timeline title.
                                                            •To move a text box, click the box and drag it to the new location.
                                                            •To move a connector line to a new location on the timeline, click
                                                            the line, and then drag the yellow diamond to the new location.
                                                            •To change a date on the timeline, click the cell that contains the
                               Timeline Title               date you want to change, and type the new date.

                 Click to
                 replace       Event 3

1910     1920       1930    1940     1950       1960        1970       1980        1990         2000        2010        2020

       Event 1                      Event 4            Event 5

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