2010 Church Officer Nominees

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					        First Presbyterian
        Greensboro, North Carolina

                                           2010 Church Officer Nominees
        First Presbyterian
        Greensboro, North Carolina
Dear Members of First Presbyterian Church:                                      Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee, comprised of seven Session members and                Nancy Godwin, chair
                                                                                Alex Harrill, vice chair
eight at-large members elected by this congregation, has completed its
                                                                                John Albright
work. The committee was charged with developing a slate of 20 mem-
                                                                                Nancy Coble
bers of the church to be elected to serve a term of three years in the          Carter Davenport
office of elder, two youth elder nominees to be elected to a term of one        Hoke Huss
year and one trustee nominee to be elected to a five-year term.                 Doris Kiser
                                                                                Alex Maultsby
We respectfully present to you in this publication the 2010 slate of            Dan McAlister
church officer nominees. The nominees were selected for demonstrating           Karen McNeil
by example that they are a people of faith and substance, possess lead-         Maurice Schwartz
ership skills and have a deep love for this church, which they support          Beth Sherrill
financially and with their time and talents.                                    Janie Skertich
                                                                                Prescott Spigner
                                                                                Bet Vanderwerff
Each nominee received a personal visit from members of the Nominat-
ing Committee to discuss the important role that an elder plays in this         Newton Cowan, staff liaison
church. During the visit, the Covenant of Church Membership as an
elder of First Presbyterian Church and the Expectations of Covenant
were carefully reviewed. Each elder will be presented with a wallet-size
card with both covenants printed on it for them to sign and keep with

Session has called a meeting of the congregation for March 7, immediately following
the 10:30 a.m. worship service in the sanctuary, for the purpose of presenting the slate
of nominees for a vote. If there are no nominations from the floor, the slate of nominees
will be elected by acclamation. All active members of First Presbyterian Church are en-
couraged to vote. If there is a nomination from the floor, a congregational meeting will
be held on March 14 to elect the officers by a majority vote.

Please offer your support and prayers for these individuals agreeing to serve our church
in a most important leadership role.


Nancy Godwin
Nominating Committee Chair
2 • 2010 Church Officer Nominees

Nominees for the Office of Church Elder, Class of 2013

Erik Albright                                             June Barron       Spouse: Vance Barron
                  Spouse: Holly Albright                                    Occupation: homemaker
                  Occupation: attorney                                      Current Church Service: Fellowship
                  Current Church Service: Strategic                         class teacher, Interfaith Hospitality
                  Planning Committee, greeter guide                         Past Church Service: Church School
                  Past Church Service: Pastor Nomi-                         teacher, Vacation Church School teacher,
                  nating Committee, Evangelism Minis-                       Secret Saint, Friendship Day president,
                  try Team, rotated elder, Lenten Bible                     Nominating, Christian Education, Wor-
                  study leader, Nominating Committee,                       ship and Appointments committees,
                  Confirmation mentor, Senior High                          Mental Health and Spirituality ministry
Youth adviser, Interim Pastor Nominating Committee        teams, Presbyterian Women coordinating team, rotated
Community Ministry: Habitat for Humanity                  elder and deacon
                                                          Community Ministry: precinct registrar

Ginger Booker                                             Anne Brown
                  Spouse: Ed Booker                                         Spouse: Marshall Brown
                  Occupation: attorney, land-use plan-                      Occupation: registered nurse-director of
                  ning                                                      surgical intensive care unit
                  Current Church Service: Strategic                         Current Church Service: Church Officer
                  Planning Implementation Team,                             Development and Stewardship and Gener-
                  middle school Church School teacher,                      osity committees
                  Mullin Forum Committee                                    Past Church Service: rotated elder, Hu-
                  Past Church Service: Strategic Plan-                      man Resources, Confirmation mentor,
                  ning, Worship, Nominating, Pastor                         Church School teacher, Nominating and
Nominating and Christian Education committees,            Appointments committees, chair of Search Committee for
John’s Island team member, Lenten study leader,           Director of Youth Ministry and Search Committee for Direc-
Confirmation mentor                                       tor of Finance and Operations
Community Ministry: Guilford Interfaith Hospitality       Community Ministry: UNCG School of Nursing Alumnae
Network volunteer                                         Association, Greensboro Day School volunteer

Fred Carlson II                                           Wil Courter
                 Spouse: Lindsay Carlson                                    Spouse: Hilda Courter
                 Occupation: life insurance training                        Occupation: retired electrical/sonar
                 director                                                   engineering supervisor
                 Current Church Service: usher team                         Current Church Service: rotated
                 captain, Dishwashing Ministry Team                         elder, Wholeness service chair, Wor-
                 Past Church Service: lay reader, Best                      ship Committee, Commitment Class
                 Practices team member, new mem-                            member and teacher, Lenten Bible
                 ber shepherd                                               Study leader, Hot Dish & Hope and
                 Community Ministry: Navy Reserve                           Winter Emergency Shelter volunteer
Funeral Honors Team Leader, former chair of Guilford      Past Church Service: Navajo Mission Outreach trip
County Insurance Advisory Committee, GYSA coach           leader, New Vision Project Council chair, Global Mis-
                                                          sions Committee, Peacemaking Committee, Servant
                                                          Community, Confirmand mentor, Secret Saint
                                                          Community Ministry: Habitat for Humanity, Church
                                                          of the Cross renovation volunteer, Urban Ministry, Triad
                                                          Health Project, scout leader
                                                                                     2010 Church Officer Nominees • 3

Bob Evans                                                  Scott Faircloth
                   Spouse: Sheri Evans                                       Spouse: Tricia Faircloth
                   Occupation: physician                                     Occupation: wealth adviser
                   Current Church Service: Confirma-                         Current Church Service: member of Ap-
                   tion mentor, Rejoice! band member                         pointments, Stewardship and Generosity
                   Past Church Service: rotated elder,                       and First Night committees, lay reader
                   co-chair of Stewardship Campaign,                         Past Church Service: Communications
                   chair of Sacraments Committee,                            Ministry Team, Church School teacher,
                   Middle School adviser, Homebuilders                       new member shepherd, Digital Commu-
                   Class president, Johns Island Mission                     nications and Fellowship and Recreation
Trip, Church School teacher                                ministry teams, Young Adult Task Force, Best Practices Team
Community Ministry: Board of Trustees of Interstitial      Community Ministry: Preservation Greensboro Inc. board
Cystitis Association                                       member, board development chair and executive commit-
                                                           tee, Future Fund Steering and Membership committees,
                                                           Canterbury School Finance Committee and endowments

David F. Flynt                                             Ross Harris
                   Occupation: business executive                            Occupation: principal of marketing and
                   Current Church Service: Vision                            communications company
                   Development Committee co-chair,                           Current Church Service: Hot Dish &
                   Stewardship and Generosity and                            Hope Ministry Team, Rejoice Ministry
                   Appointments committees, Church                           Team, First Day and Night Ministry Team,
                   School teacher, usher, Winter Emer-                       Confirmation mentor, lay reader
                   gency Shelter volunteer                                   Past Church Service: Confirmation men-
                   Past Church Service: chair of Pas-                        tor, Stewardship Annual Campaign chair,
                   toral Care, Worship and Nominating                        Stewardship and Generosity Committee,
committees, Appointments Committee, Confirmation           Membership Ministry Team and Fellowship and Recreation
mentor, Johns Island participant, lay reader, ad-hoc       Ministry Team
committee for property study, rotated elder                Community Ministry: Citizen’s Advisory Committee at
Community Ministry: FPC and Guilford County prison         Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, Board of Trustees at
boards, Bell House president, Board of Advisors at N.C.    Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro, Head’s Council
State’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences          at Greensboro Day School, Board of Visitors at Greensboro
                                                           College, Rotary Club of Greensboro

John Hatcher III                                           Dolly Jennings
                 Occupation: roofing repair manager                           Occupation: retired director of
                 Current Church Service: Winter                               church endowment development
                 Emergency Shelter team leader, Hot                           Current Church Service: library volun-
                 Dish & Hope team leader, usher, Sid’s                        teer, Presbyterian Women Coordinating
                 2 x 4 men’s Bible study                                      Team, Health Ministry Team, cross-stitch
                 Community Ministry: Salvation                                for Baptismal samplers, hospitality substi-
                 Army Boys & Girls Club Executive                             tute list, coordinator of watercolor class
                 Committee, Boys & Girls Club Ad-                             Past Church Service: nursery volunteer,
                 visory Council, Boy Scout assistant                          Church School treasurer, Circle leader,
scoutmaster, Salvation Army bell ringer                    greeter guide, Hospitality Services team leader, Office
                                                           Operations Committee, Nominating Committee, Missions
                                                           Committee, Marketplace volunteer, Habitat volunteer,
                                                           Circle of Friends, Church Directory Ministry Team
                                                           Community Ministry: Guilford County representative for
                                                           Regional Advisory Committee on Aging
4 • 2010 Church Officer Nominees

Doug Key                                                  Laurie Morris
                   Spouse: Eve Key                                           Spouse: Jim Morris
                   Occupation: artist                                        Occupation: homemaker, retired
                   Current Church Service: Home-                             nurse
                   builders Class co-leader, Clothing                        Current Church Service: Covenant
                   Ministry volunteer, Winter Emergency                      Kids shepherd, Wednesday dinner
                   Shelter volunteer                                         volunteer, dishwasher
                   Past Church Service: Fellowship                           Past Church Service: Outreach
                   Committee, Art Studio Ministry Team,                      Committee, Marketplace volunteer,
                   Family Ministry Committee, rotated                        Advent Workshop coordinator and
elder, Interfaith Hospitality volunteer                   volunteer, elementary Church School teacher, Logos
Community Ministry: graduate, class co-facilitator and    leader, Christian Education Committee, Weekday Pre-
steering committee member for Other Voices                school Ministry Team, Bloodmobile coordinator
                                                          Community Ministry: Community Swim Association
                                                          board member, Swim for Cancer volunteer

Paul Parker                                               Kate Pierce
                 Spouse: Phyllis Parker                                     Spouse: Brian Pierce
                 Occupation: retired manager and                            Occupation: pediatric dentist
                 small business owner                                       Current Church Service: Covenant
                 Current Church Service: chair of                           Kids shepherd, Hot Dish & Hope
                 First School Board, Communion Edu-                         Past Church Service: Discipleship
                 cation teacher, Middle School Youth                        Committee, Welcoming Visitors
                 adviser, Johns Island Habitat Mission                      Ministry Team chair, FISH coordina-
                 Trip participant and leader, Habitat                       tor, greeter guide, lay reader, nursery
                 for Humanity volunteer                                     volunteer, Nominating Committee,
Past Church Service: Appointments Committee,              Worship Enrichment leader
Confirmation mentor, usher, Middle School Education       Community Ministry: Jones PTA board member,
Ministry Team, Covenant Kids shepherd, elder in previ-    volunteer for various dental missions, G3 Giving Circle
ous church, Church School teacher, Cuba Mission trips     member
Community Ministry: National Conference of Com-
munity and Justice, Other Voices leadership

John Purdie III                                           Ann Snyder
                 Spouse: Tracy Purdie                                    Spouse: William D. Snyder Jr.
                 Occupation: commercial real estate                      Occupation: homemaker
                 broker                                                  Current Church Service: First
                 Current Church Service: Wednesday                       Friends, Presbyterian Women Circle
                 night dishwasher, Hot Dish & Hope                       leader, hospitality volunteer
                 volunteer, Appointments Committee                       Past Church Service: Presbyte-
                 Past Church Service: Habitat for                        rian Women Coordinating Council,
                 Humanity, children’s Church School                      Presbyterian Women Circle treasurer,
                 volunteer, usher, greeter, Thanksgiv-                   Church School president, greeter
ing Outreach Project                                      guide, Appointments Committee member
Community Ministry: Greensboro Urban Ministry,
Summit Rotary Club, member of Christian Business
Men’s Connection
                                                                                     2010 Church Officer Nominees • 5

Sara Stroud                                                 Marty Sumner
                  Spouse: Taylor Stroud                                        Spouse: Brian Sumner
                  Occupation: homemaker, mother                                Occupation: stay-at-home mother
                  and community volunteer                                      Current Church Service: Vacation
                  Current Church Service: chair of                             Church School co-chair, hospitality
                  Weekday Preschool Center Ministry                            volunteer, Weekday Preschool Ministry
                  Team, Vacation Church School and                             Team
                  Covenant Kids Church School teach-                           Past Church Service: Vacation Church
                  er, nursery volunteer                                        School volunteer, Fellowship
                  Past Church Service: chair of Mental                         Committee, lay reader, Worship Enrich-
Health Ministry Team, Pastoral Care Committee, FISH (Fel-   ment leader, greeter guide, nursery volunteer, Preschool
lowship in Someone’s Home), baked goods for visitors        Ministry Team, Covenant Kids Milestone teacher and
Community Ministry: Junior League of Greensboro,            shepherd for new members
Greater Greensboro Society of Medicine Alliance             Community Ministry: Jones Elementary PTA and volun-
                                                            teer, First Presbyterian Weekday Preschool volunteer

Nominees for the Office of Youth Elder, Class of 2011

Melanie Hager                                               Andrew Magod
                  Occupation: student                                        Occupation: student
                  Church Service: Presbyterian Youth                         Church Service: Presbyterian Youth
                  Connection, Hot Dish & Hope, nursery                       Connection, Hot Dish & Hope, youth
                  volunteer, lay reader                                      mission trips, ushering
                  Previous Church Service: Mar-                              Past Church Service: ushering, Hot
                  ketplace volunteer, Middle School                          Dish & Hope
                  Service Week, youth mission trips,                         Community Ministry: Urban Minis-
                  Montreat                                                   try volunteer, Habitat for Humanity
                  Community Ministry: Urban Minis-
try volunteer, Young Life, elder care

                       Expectations of Covenant, First Presbyterian Church
       I acknowledge and endorse the following                    Time and Talent
       expectations of me as a leader and elder,                  • To serve on a committee of the Session
        or trustee, of First Presbyterian Church                    and, if asked, to serve as chair or
             of Greensboro, North Carolina.                         vice-chair of that committee
                                                                  • To participate in welcoming new members
      Spiritual                                                   • To serve communion when available
      • To regularly read and study the Bible                     • To attend at least one meeting of the
      • To attend Sunday worship services                           Presbytery during tenure as elder
        as often as I am able
      • To pray for the church and its                            Financial
        members daily                                             • To make a pledge that represents my
      • To be involved in at least one outreach                     relationship with God.
        ministry each year                                        • To meet my pledge in a timely basis
                                                                    no less often than quarterly
Nominee for the Office
of Trustee, Class of 2015                                                        Covenant of Church
                                                                              Membership as an Elder of
Gloria Cowan                                                                  First Presbyterian Church
                    Occupation: homemaker
                    Current Church Service: First                          “I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as
                    Friends, church tours, Baptism Assis-
                                                                           the Son of God and the Savior of sin-
                    tant, First Day and First Night Com-
                    mittee                                                 ners. As a member of First Presbyte-
                    Past Church Service: rotated elder,                    rian Church of Greensboro, I dedicate
                    chair of Nominating and Appoint-                       myself unreservedly to His service
                    ments committees, chair of Church                      and promise that, as regularly as I am
                    Officer Development, member of
                                                                           able, I will attend its services, observe
Property, Worship and Human Resources commit-
tees, Circle of Friends, member of search committees                       its sacraments, contribute to its sup-
for Associate Pastor and Church Administrator Search                       port and share in its works.”
Committee, corporation president
Community Ministry: Guilford County Schools

                                     First Presbyterian Church Session

                   Class of 2010                       Class of 2011                     Class of 2012
                  John E. Albright                      John Beard                       Nancy Abrams
                Margaret B. Arbuckle                  Anne Chamblee                    Margaret Benjamin
                  Caroline Byers*                    Sanders Cockman                      Cindy Booth
                  Ann Davenport                           Ed Cox                         Larry Bowden
                 Nancy S. Godwin                       Bette Dunker                       Ty Buckner
                   Ron Hampton                       Fleming Edwards                    Holly Chambers
                 Clark C. Holbrook                    Winn Legerton                     Gerard Davidson
                     Dan Kerns                          Dave Maner                       Thomas Davis
                   Doris E. Kiser                      Judy Mincher                     Evelyn Edwards
                     Kristi Lowe                        Roy Phipps                        Alex Harrill
                   Meg McNeill*                       Nancy Sandoval                   Terri Hendrickson
                    Betsy Oakley                      Kelly Seymour                     Russell Hogsett
                     Paula Pile                        Beth Sherrill                       Bill Jacobs
                      Bill Sapp                        Dot Sowerby                        Mary Krick
                 Maurice Schwartz                   Prescott Spigner III                  John Moore
                   Shirley Spears                        Tom Tilley                      Tom Needham
                    Boyd Stanley                     Camille Townsend                   George Robison
                    Steve Stroud                      Martha Turner                      Aimee Scotton
                  Peter Tourtellot                     Homer Wade                       Libby Strickland
                   Colbert Trotter                    John Whisnant                     Emmett Sumner
                 Mark Yarbrough
                    * Youth Elders

                                 Trustees of First Presbyterian Church
                                        Caretakers of the L. Richardson Trust

                                              Class of 2010: Bill Fraser
                                             Class of 2011: Vance Barron
                                              Class of 2012: Judy White
                                              Class of 2013: Ray Berry
                                            Class of 2014: Peter Tourtellot