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					ELO-RIN – 1. noun. the Eastern
Lake Ontario Regional Innovation
Network; 2. the vehicle through
which people in research, business,
financial and government
organizations find collaborators
who can help them take ideas
to market; 3. the regional voice
stimulating investment in Eastern
Ontario. 4. an organization
devoted to capturing economic
opportunity from the emerging
bio-based economy. 5. an
organization delivering remarkable
progress in just two years.
Bringing Bio-based Opportunities to Life                      Meeting or Exceeding Targets:
Supporting the Development of Research Infrastructure:        • Cash investment attracted to ELORIN initiatives in
ELORIN worked with Queen’s University to make the case          first two years of operation (beyond base funding
for an Advanced Research and Innovation Institute based in      from MRI): $520,000
Kingston while servicing the region and beyond. The 2007
Ontario Budget announced $21 million for this facility.       • Percentage of ELORIN Board of Directors
                                                                representing business and industry in the region: 58
Linking Local Organizations into High-Potential Sectors:
ELORIN has supported efforts by the Ontario Ministry of        • Cumulative attendance at monthly Biobreakfasts:
Economic Development and Trade to link the region into          500 and growing…
the automotive parts manufacturing industry (Summit           • Workshops, seminars and symposia organized within
in Belleville – 2006). ELORIN has also facilitated meetings     the region by ELORIN in 2006-2007: 9
between international technology developers and local
firms with Bioenergy interests.                                • Stakeholders from all sectors of the region
                                                                who consider themselves part of ELORIN:
Building Relationships with the Economic Development            1207 and growing…
Community: ELORIN holds regular meetings with Economic
Development Officers from five adjacent municipalities,          • Number of businesses in the region actively pursuing
with representatives of 15 Community Futures Development        bio-related expansion plans: 6
Corporations (CFDCs) across Eastern Ontario, and staff from
provincial ministries (OMAFRA, MEDT). The meetings give the
EDOs access to bio-related expertise and a forum to forge
partnerships to pursue major opportunities in the region.
Kari Kramp, Ph.D. candidate, uses a state of the art
supercritical CO2 extraction unit for teaching and
research at Loyalist College.
Assembling Vital Links in Value Chains
Reaching Out To Educators and Students: By taking a full            Focusing Research, Technology Development and
set of biotechnology tools into secondary school classrooms,        Commercialization: In partnership with the National Research
ELORIN’s Biotech in a Box enables young people to simulate          Council and the Ottawa RIN, ELORIN brought together more
the types of experiments performed in university and industry       than 70 researchers, technology developers, industry and
labs… and envision their own future in the bio-sector. This         government representatives to explore opportunities and
also supports a long-term vision for Ontario’s Highly-Qualified      shared interests. Eastern Ontario Development Program
Personnel: grow and keep your own.                                  funding for a Bioenergy Feasibility Study was a direct
                                                                    result of this New Generation Environmental Technologies
Working with Research Institutions: ELORIN is working
                                                                    workshop (2006).
with Loyalist College in Belleville, to showcase the economic
development potential of their state-of-the-art Supercritical       Linking to Initiatives Beyond the Region: ELORIN
CO2 Extraction facility. Loyalist is now training students in the   representatives attend BioAuto Workshops to help local
use of this biotechnology tool. ELORIN has also been actively       researchers and industry connect to the opportunities for
involved in efforts to establish an advanced research and            biomaterials, biochemicals and biofuels in the automotive
innovation institute in the region.                                 sector. ELORIN also represented the region at the Convergent
                                                                    Medical Technologies Conference (2006).

“ The World Congress was an incredible event that has provided
  an opportunity for our organization to begin to understand
  the vast and promising opportunities that are resulting from
  combined efforts”
  – Feedback from a sponsored delegate to the World Congress
  on Industrial Bioprocessing and Biotechnology, 2006
ELORIN Chair John Baker shared hosting duties for a
bioproducts delegation visiting Ontario from France (2006).
Taking Ideas to Market
Accessing Commercialization Services: In addition to           Building Collaborations Through Board Committees:
accessing the services of PARTEQ Innovations Inc., one of      (ex. Bioenergy, Biofibres, Biomedical), local stakeholders
Canada’s most successful technology organizations (based at    become directly involved in efforts to identify specific
Queen’s University), ELORIN has also signed a collaboration    opportunities, the steps needed to move to commercial
agreement with Bioenterprise, a commercialization agent        success, and the contributions that ELORIN can make to
and technology accelerator based in Guelph, Ontario.           support local champions with great ideas.
Through the agreement, ELORIN clients will be able to access
                                                               Organizing Biofibres Industry Days: In four years, this
advisory services for entrepreneurs, hands-on mentorship,
                                                               event has gone from a small localized event to a multiple
and investor networks to move ideas to market. One of the
                                                               day international symposium (2007) attracting nearly 100
first steps in utilizing the agreement is an Entrepreneur
                                                               researchers, farmers, industry and association representatives,
“Reality Check” seminar. ELORIN’s relationship with PARTEQ
                                                               economic development and government officials… the entire
is being extended through joint participation in the Ontario
                                                               biofibres value chain in one room!
Commercialization Research Program to accelerate the
movement of research from university laboratories to           “Bioenterprise is excited about our ELORIN partners. This
the marketplace.                                                agreement will expand Bioenterprise’s reach into the Eastern
                                                                Lake Ontario region resulting in exposure to many more unique
                                                                and compelling new technology-based companies, most of
                                                                whom need commercialization services and investment capital.”
                                                                – Dave Smardon, President and CEO, Bioenterprise in announcing
                                                                a strategic collaboration agreement with ELORIN, January 10, 2007
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                                                             hto                            PRI ARD                                                                           universities, hospitals, research
                                         R   THU         Brig
                                       NO                                                   EDW
                                                                                                                                                                              institutes, industrial collaborators,
                                                                                                                                                                              commercialization experts, and
                                                                                                                                                                              business talent.
                                                          Lake Ontario
Attracting Investment to Eastern Ontario
During 2005-2007, the ELORIN region has secured more than         Testing the Feasibility of Bio-business Opportunities:
$520,000 in funding to support exploration of bio-based           The Eastern Ontario Development Program funded an
economic development. In every case, funding has been             examination of feasibility of building a profitable bioenergy
applied to initiatives in which private enterprise has            facility in the region to supply electricity to Ontario through
participated as a key development partner – often taking          its Standard Offer Program (2006-2007).
the lead.
                                                                  Marketing Our Capabilities at Trade Events: In conjunction
Nurturing the Development of a New Industry: The Eastern          with four other Regional Innovation Networks, ELORIN secured
Ontario Development Fund (Industry Canada) supported              funding from the federal Community Investment Support
the Biofibres Industry Development Project (2005) to test the      Program (CISP) to support RIN and local company marketing
feasibility of a regional bioprocessing facility. Ontario’s New   efforts at the World Congress for Industrial Bioprocessng and
Directions Program (for agricultural research) is supporting      Biotechnology (2006, 2007).
a three-year “designer feedstock” plant breeding program
                                                                  The ELORIN Board and committee members – as well as other
                                                                  regional stakeholders – have contributed more than $100,000
Mentoring Small Business: Funding from the federal                in volunteer time to ELORIN’s governance as well as specific
NRC-IRAP mentorship program allowed ELORIN to support             initiatives. ELORIN lives its brand: “All together possible”. ELORIN
local small and medium-sized enterprises with practical           also organized a seminar for local businesses to help them
business planning and development assistance (2007).              understand how to maximize their use of federal Scientific
This program was extended into 2007-2008.                         Research and Experimental Design tax credits (2006).
Creating Networking Opportunities,
Building Linkages
Stimulating Networking through Biobreakfasts and               Providing Access to Potential Partners: ELORIN has built an
Seminars: ELORIN’s Biobreakfast series – which combine         online searchable database (Biobase) so stakeholders can
networking opportunities and presentations on topics ranging   find partners, researchers, suppliers of vital services, potential
from alternative/renewable energy, bioethics, biomass, and     clients and one stop shopping to relevant funding programs.
climate change, to technology transfer and environmental
services – are becoming ever more popular and attracting       “In the midst of the doom and gloom, there’s one set of
attendance from the entire Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal triangle.    agricultural-related meetings he attends from which he walks
Seminars bringing guest presenters from outside the region      away in an upbeat mood. That would be the breakfast
are also attracting attention.                                  meetings and other events organized by the Eastern Lake
                                                                Ontario Regional Innovation Network.”
Initiating Collaboration Beyond the Region: Collaboration       – Excerpt from Tom Van Dusen’s interview with Frontenac
is key to success in the bio-economy and ELORIN knows it.       County OFA President John Williamson in Ontario Farmer,
Since its inception, ELORIN has reached out to build            August 15, 2006
partnerships with other Regional Innovation Networks
(through two international marketing initiatives, an
environmental workshop, and an international symposium),
with the MaRS Discovery District (Toronto), and with the
CFDCs of Eastern Ontario.
John Wilkinson, named Ontario Minister of Research and
Innovation in the fall of 2007 spoke at the June ELORIN
Biobreakfast. He referred to ELORIN as one of the most
effective RINs in the province.
Speaking with a Regional Voice
Contributing to Policy Discussions: ELORIN participated          Supporting Regional Action: Through presentations
in the November 2006 consultation process on the Strategic       and speaking engagements, ELORIN contributes to the
Plan for the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation,        development of regional stakeholder collaboration and
made a formal submission to the process on behalf of             initiatives. In the first half of 2007, ELORIN took part in an
Eastern Ontario, and led the joint submission from 12            NRC technology transfer institute meeting, Sustainable Living
regional innovation networks on the same issue. ELORIN           Conference, multiple Bioenergy workshops, the CFDC AGM,
also participated in the launch of the policy-oriented Eastern   and the Ontario East Municipal Conference in the fall of 2007.
Ontario Prosperity Plan (2007 – www.eowc.org ), and meetings     ELORIN also works across borders, linking Eastern Ontario
with the Minister of the Environment (spring 2007) and           into activities in upstate New York and Europe.
Minister of OMAFRA (fall/winter 2006-2007).

Providing Access to Regional Information and Contacts:
ELORIN designed and launched its own website
(www.elorin.ca) and provided information on the region for
Ontario’s bioproducts website (www.ontariobioproducts.com).
ELORIN’s Stakeholder Base 2007

   Business & Industry 29%                                355

   Institutions – Education, Hospitals, Institutes 19%    271

   Government – Local, Provincial, Federal 12%            230

   Researchers – PSE Institutions,
   Federal Research Orgs. 9%                              177

   Economic Development Organizations 7%                   82

   Associations 6%                                         67

   Media 2%                                                25

   Total                                                 1207
The ELORIN region has significant public and private sector
research and product development capabilities.
Leveraged Investment in ELORIN Region
(beyond base funding through the Ontario Ministry
of Research and Innovation)

    Federal Programs – EODP 40%               $205,000.00

    Federal Programs – NRC-IRAP 15%            $80,000.00

    Federal Programs – Other 4%                $20,000.00

    Ontario Programs 38%                      $200,000.00

    Workshop and Event Revenues 3%             $15,500.00

    Total                                    $520,500.00
              www.elorin.ca tel. +1.613.533.3300

ELORIN is committed to being an environmentally responsible organization. This document is printed
on Mohawk Options Smooth PC 100% post-consumer waste fiber (pcw) paper made with windpower.

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       Photographs by Bernard Clark and Rob Allen. Photographs supplied by the Investment and Trade Division,
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