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					                       Welcome to DATA SMS GateWay
You can Login at

You can send sms at this URL

With following parameters:
     Parameter Name                  Description                    Example
uid                          Domain Administrator       nishat@dil.in
pwd                          Password of Domain         12345
smsfrom                      Sender’s name/mobile no. Nishat or 9829099919
mobileno                     SMS delivery no. single    919829099919 or
                             no or “,” separated for    919829099919,919829099919
                             multiple with 91
message                      Message to send at         This is test
                             delivery no.
domain                       Domain name                Xgen
smsno                        Your user name             adc@dil.in
tpcds (optional)             This is for flash sms or   For flash value will be 240 &
                             simple sms if no value     for simple value will be 0
                             given it will treated as
                             simple sms
senddate (optional)          When to deliver this sms   If you want to send sms on 3rd
(YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) if no value given it will be sept 2004 11 AM
                             send immediately           20040903110000
confirmationurl              url where you get the
                             confirmation of this
reporturl                    url where you get the
                             report of each sms in this
               Only for Dial UP Users Additional Information required
dialupid                     Dialup ID of Datainfosys

On Confirmation URL we will provide two parameters
1: returncode : it will inform if there is any error or request submitted successfully
2: txnid : a random number for this request. This will be used when we send report of
each sms in this request.
Returncode values
Returncode                                   Description
0            No Error request submitted successfully
1            Domain Administrator name missing
2            Domain Administrator password missing
3            Delivery address missing
4            Sender’s information missing
5            Message missing
6            Domain name missing
7            Domain user missing
8            Confirmation URL missing
9            Report URL missing
10           Authentication Failure Domain Administrator name & password mismatch
11           Insufficient Domain Administrator Quota
12           Insufficient Domain User Quota
13           User name provided is not found for this domain
                              *Only for Dialup Users*
14           Dialup ID not provided
15           Invalid Dialup ID
16           Insufficient Hours left in Dialup Account

On Report URL we will provide following information
1: txnid : same as in confirmation url
2: mobileno : Delivery Address mobile Number(individual moblile number in particular
request not all mobile numbers in that request)
3: status: true for send & false due to failure as we are not checking any mobile number
validity so if we process the request & gateway accepts the request the status will be true
irrespective of delivery of SMS