Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Students with by cwv18084


									Teaching English as a Foreign Language to
    Students with Learning Difficulties
                         Bar Ilan University

 Lectures: Sundays 3-7.30pm (168 hours) commencing October 2007.

 Applicants should be qualified English Teachers (TEFL) - recognized by
 the Ministry of Education - with a minimum of 3 years teaching
 experience. School Counselor, Psychologists, Speech Therapists and
 Occupational Therapists who have had English Teaching experience
 may be accepted.

 Acceptance: subject to interview.

 Certificate awarded to those candidates who successfully fulfill both the
 academic and practical requirements.

 Cost: 4200 N.I.S. (In-service teachers: 3900 N.I.S.)

 Course Co-ordinator: Avril Rose

 This course has been approved by the British Dyslexia Association.

 Areas of Study:

     1. Neuropsychological background to the development of
        language and literacy.
     2. The weak learner and dyslexia - similarities and differences.
     3. Dyslexia and language learning.
     4. Identifying a specific learning difficulty in the classroom.
     5. The emotional aspects and the psychological and social
        implications of dyslexia with reference to the dyslexic, his/her
        family, teachers and peers.
     6. The rights of the dyslexic and the educational concessions
     7. Specific, internationally recognized, remediation techniques and
        hands-on teaching experience.
     8. Development of material suitable for teaching dyslexics English
        as a foreign language.

 Course Requirements:

     1. Written Paper (about 3000 words) and short Oral Presentation
        on a topic related to Learning Disabilities.
     2. Teaching a pupil (at home) twice a week for 16 weeks (32
        hours) applying the remediation techniques taught on this
        course. Showing your understanding of the teaching principles
        underlying the remediation of dyslexia and the ability to
        successfully apply these techniques - in a demonstration lesson.
        Writing up a Case Study on the pupil.
     3. Preparation of teaching material required for remediation -
        according to instruction and under supervision.

 Students who demonstrate a thorough understanding of Specific
Learning Disabilities, the principles underlying remediation and the
practical application of internationally accepted remediation techniques
(minimum grade 80) - may apply for a Second Year of Study (112 hours)
leading to a Bar Ilan University diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties
(Dip. Sp.L.D.).

Apply to the Dept. of In-service Training – Phone: 1800-445-445 (24 hrs)

Interviews commence in June.

Avril Rose

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