World Pledge Project Sample Lesson Plan by cwv18084


									                                World Pledge Project
                                Sample Lesson Plan

What Is Important?

Grade levels-

Children will become more aware of their feelings of love and respect for Earth, our
home, by seeing a relationship between Earth and a favorite animal or pet.

Pictures of Earth from space or just of different features (mountains, deserts, lakes,
oceans, etc.)
Drawing paper
Crayons or markers in a variety of color
A copy of the World Pledge Poster

Have a conversation with the children about a favorite animal or pet of theirs. Ask
what needs this animal has and how they satisfy these needs. (Concepts such as
food, shelter, love, attention, etc. should come forth.) Ask the children to draw this
animal and show it receiving something it needs from the child.

Ask the children about wild animals and their needs. Help them understand they
also depend on humans to insure that they will have food, shelter, and a space to
live. Introduce the concept of being endangered and facing extinction. Ask if they
think this could happen to an animal. Discuss those with which you are familiar.

Show the children a picture of Earth. Talk about it being our home, holding ALL
that we know and love. Have the children tell of things on earth that they love.
Ask if they have seen or heard of people not taking care of Earth and what has
happened. Specifically ask about water, air, and earth. Mentioned the word

Ask the children to draw, on the back of their paper, a way they could take care of
Earth. Share the ideas with the total group and then make a list for all to see.
Taking care of Earth demonstrates our love and respect for it.

Show the children the World Pledge project. Read the words to them. Explain
words like “pledge” and “allegiance”. When you have read it through once, read
each line and have the children repeat it. Ask if someone can explain a line in his
or her own words. Justice is a huge concept. Help them understand it has to do
with respect that they had for their favorite animal and the rights of that animal or
any living creature. Earth needs to be cared for just as their favorite animal or pet

There will be other lessons on the World Pledge as the children learn other

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