Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Rescue

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					Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Rescue
Release of Dog to the Rescue Committee

I, _______________________________, the undersigned, declare
that I am aware that I am the owner (or finder) of the following dog:.
               , and that I desire that the ownership of said animal be transferred to the
Vizsla Rescue Committee of the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club. By signing this document, I
agree to relinquish all future claim to this animal, and I hereby release the Tampa Bay
Vizsla Club, its Vizsla Rescue Committee, its agents, volunteers and their heirs, if any,
and all responsibility for actions required to best provide for this animal’s future welfare.

Individual Owner(s)
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                                Rescue Organization Owner
Name of Organization
Name of Representative
Phone                                   Date of transfer
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