FIXED RATE by fno50308


									Take the unknown out of
your service costs.
When you purchase your next       Corner Brewery Tap Road & Western Highway.
                                  Ballarat VIC 3350
vehicle, take advantage of        TEL: 03 5334 7555 FAX: 03 5334 7055
Windmill Ag’s Fixed Rate/
Prepaid Service Plan.             69 Portland Road.
                                  Hamilton VIC 3300
                                  TEL: 03 5572 3522 FAX: 03 5572 4247
Have your tractor servicing
costs included upfront with       MEENIYAN
                                  South Gippsland Highway.
your finance contract and
                                  Koonwarra VIC 3954
gain peace of mind, knowing       TEL: 03 5664 7365 FAX: 03 5664 7512
your service needs are taken                                                     FIXED RATE
care of for as short or as long
                                  Cobden Road.                                      PREPAID
a period as you like.             Terang VIC 3264
                                  TEL: 03 5592 2388 FAX: 03 5592 2380          SERVICE PLAN
                                                                                                                   SERVICE CONTRACT
This opportunity offers you, the customer,
the luxury of knowing that your tractor is                                                                         250hr
being cared for by a professional factory
trained team.                                                                                                      500hr

Prepaid servicing takes away future cash flow                                                                      750hr
concerns associated with ongoing servicing.
You can now have your tractor serviced with                                                                        1000hr
out having to worry about the size of the
                                                                             TERMS AND CONDITIONS
bill to follow. All you have to do is make the                                                                     1250hr
phone call and we just arrive and complete                                                                                                             SERIAL NO:
                                                   > The Prepaid service plan is transferable in the event that
the service.                                                                                                       1500hr                              _________________
                                                     you change the tractor over before the completion of the
                                                     plan. The plan can be transferred to a new owner, or the
All price rises on parts and labour are taken                                                                      1750hr
                                                     remaining funds left on the plan can be transferred to a                                          MODEL:
out of the equation.
                                                     new service plan on a new tractor. Transfers are only valid                                       _________________
                                                     if the new owner is within 100km of the closest
All payments are able to be included in
                                                     Windmill Ag Dealership
the tractor finance package, at the same
competitive rate as the tractor. This rate is      > The prepaid plan covers the items on the Service Contract,    Total cost of service contract including GST:
considerably lower than your overdraft.              all other extras are chargeable at normal work shop rates.
                                                   > The service will be carried out as per John Deere
You can be assured that we will complete a           guidelines and recommendations.
full mechanical check-over on your valuable
tractor.                                           > Genuine parts and filters will be fitted.
                                                   > All services will be completed in a reasonable period after   I ______________________________________ of
You can also increase the chances of                 notification that the service is due.
achieving a higher resale price for your                                                                           _________________________________________
                                                   > We require that the tractor is in a satisfactory condition
tractor, which will have a full and complete         and location for the service to be conducted safely.
service history, that has been conducted via                                                                       on the ____________________ hereby agree to the
our factory trained team.                          > Coolants and coolant changes are not included in the
                                                                                                                   above fixed price service plan offer in this contract
                                                     service plan.
All travel costs associated with the service are   > The service plan will expire after 5 years if the nominated   with Windmill Ag. I agree to all terms and conditions
included in the service plan.                        service hours have not been completed.                        specified in the covering letter.
                                                   > Top up oil will be limited to 1 litre per service where a
                                                     complete oil change is not required. Any amounts of oil       SIGNATURE: _______________________________
                                                     after this will be charged out at regular rates.
                                                   > Term of contract begins from the date of delivery or          WITNESSED BY: _____________________________
                                                     initiation of the warranty period.
                                                                                                                   EXPIRY DATE: _______________________________________

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