Knights of Columbus Chino Valley Council #10234 by tch28453


									                                     Knights of Columbus Chino Valley Council #10234
                                                         July 5, 2007
                                                 General Meeting Minutes
                                                 St. Paul the Apostle Church

                                             St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church


The meeting was opened at 7:30 P.M.

Warden Koji Takemura verified membership cards.

Following the Opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance the roll of Officers was called.

Minutes from last month’s meeting were not available

Guest speaker, Jim McKenna informed the members that there is a new council being formed in Corona. The Knights of
Columbus interest rates for the new quartet are 4.85% up to $10,000 and 5.10% for amounts above $10,000.

There were no receipts submitted at the meeting.

Financial Secretary’s Report: Breakfast burritos were sold after the 7:30 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. masses at St. Paul on July 1,
2007. 9 doz. burritos were made and all were sold. We could have sold more.

Treasure’s Report indicated the amounts in the checking account and savings account. He stated that he will be placing
the information in “Quickbooks” at a later date. This will simplify the accounting.

Communications: A communication was read regarding Simon’s night of shopping at the Brea Mall. The charity’s
participating keep a portion of the ticket sales. This benefits over 57 local charities. Tickets will be available Aug 8. An
orientation meeting is scheduled for Aug 9th. Mike Leeming volunteered as chairperson.

Chancellor’s Report: No report.

Council Director: No report.

Old business

The annual pool party is scheduled for Aug. 26 at the Leeming home. The council is considering having a party at the
park this summer. A bowling night will be arranged by Mike leeming , Manny Padilla will assist him with the

Pro Life & Church Director, Koji Takemura reminded the membership that the Pro life hour of power will be held at the
Montclair Abortion clinic this Saturday July 7. At 9:00AM. Sister Elizabeth O’Keefe, R.S.H.M. is looking for volunteers to
assist in the prison ministry. She can be contacted at (909) 597-1821, ext. 5652.

                                    Knights of Columbus Chino Valley Council #10234
                                                     July 5, 2007
                                               General Meeting Minutes

Community Director Steve Marquez reminded the members about the Concerts in the Park on Wednesday evenings.

Membership director Tom Hughes said that there are no degrees scheduled at this time. We have 12 people ready to go
to the 1st degree. Mike Leeming said there is a website link available for degrees.

Retention committee director Lou Cartright was not available..

Trustees Report: No bills were submitted this evening.

District Deputy Joe Bok briefly discussed the State Convention that was held in May. There will be a District Deputy
meeting July 21 at St. Mel’s Catholic Church in Corona at 9A.M. All council officers are encouraged to attend.

New Business: A Committee chairman is needed for the Clergy Appreciation dinner which will be held at St. Paul the
Apostle on Jan 25, 2008. Manny Padilla stated that the last few years averaged over 200 attendant’s. Richard Contreras
asked who covers meal. The Council was informed that the Chapter provides a $15.00 budget per person. District
Deputy Joe Bok advised that there is usually a bar and entertainment. Grand Knight Tom Hughes stated that we would
begin formulating a plan for the event.

Grand Knight Tom Hughes would like to get a Recreation committee started. He is looking into having a Casino
Turnaround trip sponsored by our council. Jose Lopez will talk to the Grand Knight from St. Denis’ Council regarding
turnaround trips that they have conducted.

Insurance Agent Jim McKenna wants to put together a Fraternal Benefits night for long term care and trusts. This will be
open to all parishioners. He stated that this event would also help us with recruitment. He needs a few possible dates.

The Audit meeting with the Trustee’s, the Grand Knight and the Financial Secretary originally scheduled for July 9 is
rescheduled on Monday, July 23 at 7:00P.M.

Bingo kitchen volunteers are requested for Thursday July 12th, at John Paul center in Yorba Linda from 5P.M. to about
9P.M. Volunteers do not have to be 4th Degree Knights.

          Brother Knights: PGK Jim Lapolla, Paul Taylor, Chuck Koskey, Doris Cartwright, Diane Grancich, Hector Franco,
Bob Santos, Henry Hernandez, Les English, Carol Brand, Marilyn Hughes, Felix, Montoya, Charlie Montoya, Barbara,
Magdince, Dorthy(Cathy) McCabe, Piedad Montoya, Mark Lopez, Greg Booms (son), Tacie Adams, Wini Kline, Ernie
Marcos, Jr., Albert Renteria, Rocky Jesus Munoz, Yolanda Ravega R.I.P. Gwen McCann

Closing prayer

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15P.M.


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