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Map from Quality Inn _ Suites to MNAI by lonyoo


									                       Map from Quality Inn & Suites to MNAI
Quality Inn & Suites                                       MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc.
2410 S. New Road                                           8301 Imperial Dr.
Waco, TX. 76711                                            Waco, TX. 76712
254-296-0550                                               254-776-0650

    •   Start out going WEST on S NEW RD toward BAGBY AVE.
    •   Turn LEFT onto BAGBY AVE.
    •   Turn RIGHT onto service road and take the entrance ramp for HWY 6 / LOOP 340.
    •   Stay in the entrance lane and take the exit ramp to IMPERIAL DR (at the overpass).
    •   The service road will loop under HWY 6.
    •   Turn RIGHT onto IMPERIAL DR.
    •   First traffic light is at Texas Central Parkway, the second is Old Hewitt Road.
    •   MarathonNorco is on the RIGHT before the second light.
    •   Estimated Time: 10 minutes / Estimated Distance: 5.01 miles

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