Early Years Childcare and Education by tch28453


									 Early Years Childcare
    and Education

Glen Singleton and Jan Trattle
   College of West Anglia
              The Project
To develop Teaching and Learning materials for
the Early Years Childcare and Education courses
using WebCT including:
  Syllabus/Module Guides
  PowerPoint presentations
  Links to Government Reports
  Links to Websites
  Self-tests and quizzes
The WebCT site has been designed to show the
progression route from the Diploma course to the
Foundation Degree. The sub modules are
organised by curriculum areas
The purpose of these teaching and learning
materials is to support Diploma in Childcare
and Education students who are
contemplating moving into Higher Education,
plus the Foundation Degree students who
have just entered HE.
Diploma students can use the site to extend
and support their knowledge, whereas
Foundation Degree students should use the
material as an aid to their research. It is
expected that this will lead to further
independent research by students on both
Materials for the two separate qualifications – Level 3
Diploma & Level 4 Foundation Degree in Early Years
Childcare and Education are accessed separately from the
Home page
     Home Page Content
Student Tools
  Study Skills
     essay writing, presentations, plagiarism etc.
  Discussion board/Student email
  Student progress/grades
  Course calendar
  Revision papers
Glossary of words related to childcare
A guide to Harvard Referencing
Tutors page – (hidden from students)
        Course Content
Sub modules are organised by existing
curriculum areas, however these will be
updated on the release of the
2006/2007 syllabus
Content within each module is based on
materials supplied by the tutors
Course Genie
       Course Genie is an
       add-on to Microsoft
       Converts Word
       documents into web
       pages for your WebCT
       Formats document
       using styles.
       Once the resource is
       put together in Word it
       is 'compiled' by Course
       Genie into a web page
         Course Content
Government reports and white papers
relevant to Early years childcare &
education have been linked to/or
downloaded and added to the site to
ensure students can access this
Useful Websites
  by providing links to specific sites, students
  can focus on the task rather than surfing
  aimlessly getting thrown from site to site
        Course Content
PowerPoint presentations
  over 60 presentations used by the early
  years team for teaching have been added
  to the site
  Students can now access them as a
  resource for learning
Self Tests and Quizzes
  over 30 quizzes and some self tests have
  been completed on a variety of subjects
 Originally created with a mixture
 of question types, including
 paragraph questions.
 WebCT is unable to
 automatically grade paragraph
    Students wanted instant results
    Tutors unhappy about extra
 Text questions to be changed to
 Multiple choice, matching pairs,
 or tick boxes giving instant
 results with no marking
Quiz Results
               gives tutors
               feedback on
               strengths and
               allows for
Personal Development
           Allows students to keep a
           reflective journal
           Developed in another WebCT
           Course modules can be
           downloaded from one course
           and up loaded into another
           Uses the Discussion tool
           Instructions - Text and video
           Quiz on PDJ
              must be completed before
              journal released
   Materials can be selectively
   By date
   By course code
   By student
   Modules/activities completed
So far apart from the PDJ, course materials are only
selectively released based on course code/year. This area
is currently being reviewed by Tutors as to how this may
aid teaching & learning
     Crosswords - Revision tool
Originally created in Excel      Eclipse Software
   Part of Microsoft Office        free to download
   software                        navigation not a problem
   navigation between cells        Positive student evaluation
   negative student evaluation
From Students
 Students wanted instant results from
 Quizzes – not wait for tutor to mark them
 Foundation Degree students didn’t feel
 Quizzes/self tests were useful for their
 Excel crosswords difficult to navigate
 Problems with printing Content modules
 wastes too much paper
From Tutors
  Tracking students use of site – a useful tool
  Quiz results – gives tutors feedback on students
  strengths and weaknesses – allows for
  Tutors unhappy about extra marking generated by
  The ability to post grades for each module/unit
  individually gives immediate access to students
  However management of student results from the
  two qualifications in the one WebCT course may
  prove too cumbersome
     Problems with project
Late start of project has meant that initial co-
ordination of faculty and development had not
been as straightforward as planned
Faculty holidays coinciding with late start of e-
Learning Resource Developer.
Initial difficulties in accessing sample resources
for re-purposing, due to staff holidays and illness
Due to late start - access to computer suites not
included in time table/room bookings
Arranging IT & WebCT training for faculty staff
around busy teaching schedules
          For the Future
Update the Diploma and Degree course
content to comply with 2006/2007 syllabi (as
soon as they are available)
Complete changes to quiz questions
Maintain ongoing faculty staff IT & WebCT
IT sessions need to be included in 2006/2007
time table
Training for Students in the use of IT and to
be able to access WebCT in college and at

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