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                                            The Olympic Oval invites you to the

                                                2010 Intact Finale
                                                   at the Olympic Oval
                                                 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
                                          March 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21, 2010
Monday – Thursday, March 15-18             Participant check-in 09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00-16:00

Monday, March 15
19:00                      Draw for March 16 events, Olympic Oval Lounge. All coaches/draw meetings will be announced
                           each day of racing.
Tuesday, March 16
09:00*                     Men/Ladies ARS                                 500m
                           Ladies ARS                                     1500m
                           Men ARS                                        3000m
                           Men/Ladies ARL                                 500m
                           Ladies ARL                                     3000m
                           Men ARL                                        5000m
Wednesday, March 17
09:00*              Ladies ARS                                            1000m
                    Men ARS                                               1500m
                    Ladies ARS                                            3000m
                    Men/Ladies ARL                                        1500m
                    Men ARS                                               5000m
Thursday, March 18
09:00*              Men/Ladies Open                                       1500m
                    Men ARL                                               10000m          (top 24)
                    Ladies ARL                                            5000m           (top 16)
                    Ladies Open                                           10000m          (7:30 5K needed to enter)
Friday, March 19
09:00*              Men/Ladies Open                                       500m
                    Men/Ladies Open                                       1000m
                    Mens/Ladies Backwards Skating                         500m            (special event)
                    Men/Ladies Zandstra Rental Skates                     500m            (special event)
                    Men/Ladies                                            100m            (qualifying, semis, finals)
                    Men/Ladies Mass start 10k                             10000m          (special event)
Saturday, March 20
09:00*              Men/Ladies Sprint                                     500m
                    Men/Ladies Sprint                                     1000m
                    Men/Ladies Open                                       5000m           (Ladies 7:40/Men 7:00 to enter)
Sunday, March 21
09:00*              Men/Ladies Sprint                                     500m
                    Men/Ladies Sprint                                     1000m

**Start times may be moved if necessary
The ING Finale will be held in accordance with the 2008 International Skating Union Regulations and is open to all
skaters who belong to an ISU member country.

The Track
The Olympic Oval is a standard speed skating track of 400 meters to the lap. The refrigerated ice track has a 5 meter wide
warm-up lane. The radii of the inner and outer competition lanes are 26 and 30 meters respectively. The width of the racing
track is 4 meters.

Drawing, Composition of Pairs and Starting Order of Pairs
The drawings will be carried out in accordance with Rule 244 of the 2008 Regulations of the International Skating Union
where applicable. Groupings and pairings will be based on personal best times submitted for specific distances.
For the 10,000m Mass Start race, skaters will be grouped according to their 5,000m personal best times.

Citizenship/Residence requirements and Clearance Procedure
In accordance with Rule 109 of the ISU Regulations, all skaters who do not have the nationality of the Member by which
they have been entered or who, although having such nationality, have in the past represented another Member, must
produce an ISU Clearance Certificate.

Anti-Doping Conditions
Anti-Doping tests may be carried out in accordance with the valid ISU Anti-Doping Code and the current SSC regulations.
World Records will be tested.

In accordance with ISU Rule 119; the International Skating Union, Speed Skating Canada, the 2010 Intact Finale
Organizing Committee, and the University of Calgary assume no responsibility for, or liability with respect to bodily or
personal injury or loss of property or damage incurred in connection with the 2010 ING Finale. Each Skater is solely
responsible for providing insurance coverage thereto.

Each skater is responsible for his/her own transportation.

Training Times
Contact the Olympic Oval for training times or visit

Official Hotel of the Olympic Oval
Please use the code L-OVAL when booking rooms.
Quality Inn – University                                          Four Points by Sheraton – Calgary West
Contact: Rosalind                                                 Contact: Sara
2359 Banff Trail NW,                                              8220 Bowridge Cr NW,
Calgary, AB                                                       Calgary, AB
Telephone – 403-289-1973                                          Telephone – 403-288-4442

Hotel Alma-University of Calgary
The Olympic Oval welcomes Hotel Alma as a new partner. Located on the Univeristy of Calgary campus beside the
Olympic Oval, Hotel Alma is a brand new full service hotel. Hotel Alma will offer a special negotiated rate to athletes,
guests and officials brought in by the Olympic Oval. The rate will be $129 for a Euro-Standard room and $159 for a one
bedroom suite. The rate includes room, deluxe continental breakfast in Bistro Alma, local and long distance phone calls
within North America, internet access and U of C fitness facility access.
To book your room or group rate, please contact Tarah Blum, marketing sales manager @ (403) 220-5443 or

Entries for the 2010 Intact Finale must be submitted at the address below before 12:00noon Tuesday, March 9, 2010, to
the Registrar, Darlene Kastner at the Olympic Oval.
All entries must contain personal best times skated in a sanctioned competition.
Skaters must be Junior C (13 on July 1, 2009) to enter the Allround Short class.
Junior D skaters (11/12 yrs old on July 1, 2009) may enter the Sprint distances only.
Entry Fees
Allround or Sprint Fee:         $75 (CDN)      Includes a T-shirt
Open Race Fee :                 $15 (CDN)      per race
Late Fee:                       Double entry fee (for Allround, Sprint or Open) after March 9, 2010
100m/Special Event Fees         $10 (CDN)

*Skaters who do not enter 4 races or an allround or sprint category may purchase a t-shirt for $20.

Olympic Oval World Record rings will be awarded for all world records (this includes total points world records). For all
country records and personal bests, cash prizes will be awarded for Olympic single distances only. The following is the
breakdown of cash prizes:
$25,000.00 (CDN)       World Record Senior               (Single Distance Only)
 $4,000.00 (CDN)       World Record Junior               (Single Distance Only)
 $2,000.00 (CDN)       Country Record Senior             (Single Distance Only)
 $1,000.00 (CDN)       Country Record Junior             (Single Distance Only)

These amounts are the total amounts for each category of the records. If an existing record is broken more than once in
the competition or on the same day, only the best world or country times obtained shall be recognized as a record. If
more than one record is broken in different categories of records, the prize money will be divided equally among the
skaters with the fastest record times. All record categories include men as well as women. Total Points records, the
Men’s 3000m, and the Women’s 10000m are not eligible for cash prizes. Total points records and the Men’s
3000m will be submitted for official ISU recognition.

Closing Party
Penny Lane Entertainment will be hosting a wrap-up party on Sunday, March 21. Tickets for volunteers or competing
athletes over the age of 18, will be available for pick up at check-in.

                             For more information visit

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                                              OLYMPIC OVAL SPONSORS

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