2009-10 University of Colorado Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

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					                                            2009-10 University of Colorado
                                         Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
                                             Volunteer Coach Agreement

I,                                           , have accepted the position of volunteer coach in the sport

of                   at the University of Colorado for the period _________________________.

I understand that:

     1. As a volunteer, I will not be compensated for my volunteer duties and understand that I am not covered by
        the University of Colorado Risk Management policies. This offer is contingent upon the successful
        completion of a criminal background check. I understand that NCAA rules will not permit me to be
        compensated or remunerated from the CU Athletics Department or any organization funded in whole or in
        part by the Athletic Department or that is involved primarily in the promotion CU athletics program (e.g.,
        Buff Clubs or any informal booster groups).

     2.   As a representative of CU, I will act in accordance with the constitution, bylaws, rules, regulations and
          policies, and the official interpretations of the Big 12 Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic
          Association. I understand it is my obligation to report any NCAA violations that I am aware of to my supervisor, the
          Compliance Office or the AD’s Office. I understand that I will be required to report any and all outside
          income and/or benefits associated with my affiliation to the CU Athletic Department. I agree to report this
          on an annual basis with the Compliance Office.

     3. I may receive compensation from outside the Athletic Department for performing duties for
        another department or office at CU provided:

          a. the compensation for those duties is commensurate with that received by others performing those
             same or similar duties.
          b. the time devoted to those duties is consistent with others receiving commensurate compensation for
             the same or similar assignments.
          c. I am qualified for and shall perform the duties for which I am compensated, and
          d. I inform the head coach of the outside income source.

     4. I may receive transportation, lodging, meal and parking expenses associated with away-from-home events.

     5. I may receive a maximum of 2 complimentary tickets to home athletic contests in this sport.

     6. I am prohibited from contacting and evaluating prospective student-athletes off campus or from scouting
        opponents off campus.

     7. I may receive complimentary meals incidental to organized team activities (pre or post game meals,
        occasional meals) or meals provided during a prospect’s official visit, as long as I dine with the prospect.

        __________________________________                                      ______________________________
     Volunteer Coach                                                    Date

     __________________________________                                 ______________________________
     Head Coach                                                         Date

     __________________________________                                 ______________________________
     Director of Compliance                                             Date
                                                                                                             Updated April 2009