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Total Desktop Protection


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									Nacer Technologies

                             Total Desktop Protection

Why Total Desktop Protection is right for you?
Computers require routine maintenance such as Microsoft security updates, hard disk defragmentation,
hard disk health checks , temporary file removal, internet debris removal, antivirus software, and
spyware software to run smoothly and protect them from constantly new security threats. Our desktop
solution for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista covers all of these key areas and more.

Which plan is right for you?
We have two levels of desktop care to met your specific business needs. All of solutions are fully

Desktop Care
This level of service is ideal for companies that have IT staff and would rather remedy issues in house.
All of our services are included and IT staffers can access and manage resources through user portal.

Total Desktop Care
For companies without IT staff onsite or would like issues taken care of automatically, this level of service
is right for you. Our engineers will respond to alerts and remedy any issues remotely.

Hard Drive Health
Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
The SMART system, hard disk drives incorporate a suite of advanced
diagnostics that monitor the internal operations of a drive and provide an
early warning for many types of potential problems. When a potential
problem is detected, the hard drive can be repaired or replaced before any
data is lost or damaged.

Over time and with regular use, files and folders on your computer's hard drive become fragmented. This
can cause your system to run more slowly and to experience processing problems. Defragmenting your
computer generally improves retrieval time and overall performance.

Temporary File and Internet Debris Removal
Most experts recommend that you keep at least 20% free space on your hard drive so that extra space
can be used to store temporary files by applications, defragmentation programs, or new files and

Hardware & Software Asset Collection
Get comprehensive reports on inventory, preventive maintenance activities, remote access logs, soft-
ware, and hardware from your user portal. By tracking software and hardware on each desktop/laptop
problems can be resolved quickly.

Nacer Technologies           Contact Us: (646) 789-5304 |
Nacer Technologies                                                                   Total Desktop Protection

Microsoft Security Updates
The vast majority of virus, worm and spyware infections can be prevented, if the
users keep their operating system and software up-to-date. The Microsoft Security
Response Center (MSRC) release many patches before an exploit is discovered and
used. We test patches before installing them to desktop to avoid possible issues.

       “The easy and destructive spread of worms, such as Blaster, Slammer, and
       Code Red, can be traced directly to exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities.”
       SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security (SANS) Institue. “The SANS Top 20 Internet Security
       Vulnerabilities.” SANS Institute. October 8, 2004. January 8, 2005

These worms exploited unpatched vulnerabilities, but patches were available from Microsoft in every

          Attack           Date              MSRC             MSRC           MSRC                 Days Patch
          Name             Publicly          Severity         Bulletin       Bulletin Date        Available Before
          Zotob            August 14,         Critical         MS05-039 August 9, 2005                   5
          Sasser           May 1, 2004        Critical         MS04-011 May 15, 2004                    14

          Trojan.Kaht May 5, 2003             Critical         MS03-007 Mar 17, 2003                    49

          Blaster          Aug 12, 2003 Critical               MS03-026 Aug 27, 2003                    25

          SQL              Jan 24,2003        Critical         MS02-039 Jul 24, 2002                    184

Testing patches before installing them on production desktops is essential to preventing downtime
caused by compatibility issues. Our team of engineers thoroughly test patches and perform research on
technical groups and forums to identify any compatibility issues before releasing them for deployment.

We have 9 desktop patches currently black listed between October 2007 and July 2009. These patches
caused a range of issues from printer problems to crashing applications.

Spybot - Search and Destroy
Programs that use your Internet connection to send information from your
personal computer to some other computer, normally without your knowledge
or permission, are called spyware. Different strains of spyware perform
different functions. Most often this information is a record of your ongoing
browsing habits, downloads, or it could be more personal data like your name
and address. Some might also hijack your browser to take you to an
unexpected site, cause your computer to dial expensive 900 numbers, replace
the Home page setting in your browser with another site, or serve you personal
ads, even when you're offline. Spyware that serves personalized
advertisements is called adware also known as malware or scumware.

Nacer Technologies                                                      Total Desktop Protection
BitDefender Business Security
                              Especially nasty viruses may not only infect your computer, but may
                              corrupt your files, render your computer inoperable and send themselves to
                              all your contacts automatically. Antivirus software can protect your data
                              against these types of viruses and keep your contacts from deleting your
                              email without reading it. BitDefender Business Security will protect your
                              computer from the last security threats.

                              BitDefender Business Security is a robust and easy to use business security
                              and management solution which delivers superior proactive protection from
                              viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing and other malware.

                              BitDefender Business Security enhances business productivity and reduces
                              management and malware-related costs by enabling the centralized
                              administration, protection and control of workstations as well as of the file
                              and e-mail traffic inside companies’ networks.

Remote Access
LogMeIn Pro enables you to access work PCs securely over the web from
anywhere with an Internet connection - at home, on the road, at customer
sites or on vacation. Work as though you were right in front of your

•   Virtually access your computer desktop, applications, files and network
•   Print remote files and forms to a local printer
•   Move the files you need between PCs quickly with file transfer and file sync
•   IT Professionals using LogMeIn IT Reach easily manage and control a computer or server

Is my data secure?
Our data center is hosted at Hurricane Electric’s state of the art facility in
Fremont, CA. Hurricane Electric is rated as one of the top ten data centers in
the world with amenities including a 24/7 onsite staff, HVAC environmental
systems with up flow air conditioning units, conditioned uninterruptible power
and back-up generators to prevent energy surges or loss of power, a high-tech
security system with digital video surveillance custom designed to monitor
every entrance, exit, and hallway, and a high-security card key system that
monitors and limits access to certain areas within the facility. We have three
dedicated OC-3 connections providing Internet connectivity to our server farm. Only a select few
individuals have administrative access to our SQL Server databases. All other access is at the application
level. Information being sent to our databases are first processed by a forwarding server then imported
into the database. Our databases are not directly accessible from the Internet.

All data sent from the agents to the data center is encrypted. Information is first compressed at the
client side using a compression key then encrypted and sent over a secured 128-bit encrypted tunnel.
Once the information reaches the data center it is first decrypted then uncompressed by using a

System Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista; Pentium 500 MHz processor or faster; 512 MB our
more; 100MB of available hard disk space


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