Qatar University Rules and Guide lines For Internal Research by gtu20753


									            Research Office Policies and Procedures for Funded Research


      When a research project is funded by the Qatar University, there will be no
       financial allocations for the principal investigator or co-investigators.

      If the Office of Academic Research (OAR) assigns a researcher or a research
       team to carry out a specific project, it will financially reward faculty as
       investigators or co-investigators.

      The proposed budget for research may include travel expenses for researchers to
       carry out experiment(s) relevant to the research topic.

      Researchers will not be allowed two internal grants simultaneously, except for the
       Student Grant category where a faculty member can have an internal grant as well
       as student grant.

      Computers or laptops will not be issued or purchased through research and
       student and internal grants including type the aforementioned grants


Submissions: All proposals should be submitted to the OAR to ensure technical
compliance with QU regulations, after which they are turned to the related colleges for
peer review


Any changes in the scope of work should be approved by the OAR, these include:

Removing and Adding Co-Investigators: Adding or Removing Co-investigators during the
progress of the project should be approved by the OAR. A written request shall be
made to the OAR justifying the changes. Adding or removing co-investigators is
inadmissible if the remaining period of the project is less than 30% of the timeline of the

Time-extension request: with strong justification are allowed to extend the time line of
their project for an additional term (to one third of the original term). Any extension
request is to be submitted before the original deadline of the project period. The
extension request must be separated from the additional support request.

Additional support request: A maximum of 20% increase of the total approved budget
may be considered by OAR only upon the submission of a new detailed budget and a
strong justification made by the principal investigator.
Freezing the project: A maximum of a three-month freezing period may be approved by
the OAR only upon explicitly validated evidence written to the principal investigator.


The Progress Report: The progress report should be submitted directly to the OAR. The
report must include, results obtained to date of submission of the progress report. The
progress made to the tasks described in the original proposal, and the action plan for the
next phase. A progress report form is available electronically on the OAR homepage.

The Final Report: The final report should be submitted directly to the OAR for closing.
A writing guide for the final report is available on the OAR homepage. The report must
include an itemized expenditure sheet with the original budget, including a publications
(if any), or work under review (if any).

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