ACF - Whiskas sponsorship agreement by ncy98006


									                              Sponsorship Conditions
Masterfoods Petcare Australia NZ proposed sponsorship of the 2007 F.A.S.A Cat Shows
is on the following conditions:

(1)    Masterfoods Petcare Australia NZ is to be the sole pet food sponsor through its
       brand WHISKAS (this includes all manufactured and fresh pet foods and
       supplements) of the show and any events that are associated with or part of the

(2)    Other pet foods and those involved in their manufacture or distribution will not be
       allowed to promote themselves or their business or brands in schedules, catalogues
       or promotional material, supply pet food for raffles, as prizes or to be sampled or
       supplied by other distributors or at any stalls or commercial sites associated with
       the show. Participants in Show events and organisers of the Show and their agent
       will not be allowed to promote other pet foods or their manufacturers or
       distributors by wearing clothing with logos and other branding.

(3)    The sponsorship will be acknowledged in the Schedule, Catalogue, Yearbook, and
       any other publications used to promote this event. This acknowledgement should
       be in correct logo form to be provided by Breeder Services.

(4)    Placement of two full-page advertisements in the show catalogue (one to be on the
       back cover), as supplied by Breeder Services. Correct logo form acknowledgement
       to appear on the front cover as well.

(5)    Regular PA announcements on the day highlighting sponsorship.

(6)    WHISKAS Decorations and other promotional material to be used around the show
       rings, when supplied by WHISKAS Breeder Services. WHISKAS Exhibit number
       cards are to be used.

(7)    WHISKAS Breeder Services representative to present some prizes where available.

(8)    A marked show catalogue to be forwarded to
       WHISKAS Anne Raymond Lot 10 Coventry Rd Evanston gardens SA 5116

(10)   Masterfoods Petcare Australia NZ Sponsorship components e.g. stock, signage, are
       to be used as described and for no other purpose unless permission is granted by
       Masterfoods Petcare Australia NZ

(11)   Non compliance with any of these conditions may result in the withdrawal of
       sponsorship without prejudice to any other rights that Masterfoods Petcare
       Australia NZ may have.
(12)   Masterfoods Petcare Australia NZ has the option to distribute additional material at
       this Australian Cat Federation (Inc) National show.

(13    All official photographs, videos etc. are to be taken with WHISKAS signage and
       product, where supplied, in the background.

(15)   Sponsorship rights in connection with the show will not be offered for any term
       immediately after Masterfoods Petcare Australia NZ sponsorship of that show ends
       without first offering sponsorship rights for the same term on the same terms and
       conditions to Masterfoods Petcare Australia NZ

      The sponsorship package and these conditions have been read and accepted by
show organiser.

       Signed for and on behalf of FASA

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       Dated:              __________________________________

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