Call for joint research proposals by gtu20753


									                    Department of Science & Technology (DST)
                      German Research Foundation (DFG)

                            Call for joint research proposals
General Information and Guidelines for Proposals
        In pursuance of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in Oct 2004 and
subsequently a Programme of Cooperation (POC) signed in Nov 2006 on Scientific and
Technological Cooperation between the Department of Science & Technology, (DST) and the
German Research Foundation (DFG); both sides now intends to invite new joint research proposals
for support under Indo-German (DST-DFG) Programme.


        Faculty, Scientists and Academicians belonging to Universities, Deemed Universities and
Research Institutes having permanent positions can apply as Principal Investigator (PI). In order
to qualify for such funding, investigators are required to have a concrete and sound research
proposal in the scientific areas of mutual interest to both sides.

The following types of proposals shall not be considered:
    • Already existing collaborative projects where travel and living expenses are financed by
        some other source;
   • Purely individual visits / training programme;

Grants will be offered towards travel and living costs, (normally for 4 visits from each side
spread over project duration). Depending upon availability of funds from each side and
infrastructure facility already available with the institutes/universities, the project related funding
can also be considered within the framework of well-defined and approved DST-DFG research
projects. The sending side will bear the travel cost (including overseas medical insurance)
between the place of work of the scientists/students in their own country and the place of work in
the host country while the receiving sides will provide the local hospitality as per the existing
norms of the receiving side. The mutual visits of the scientists must be balanced in number
(normally 4 visits from each side spread over entire duration of the 2 year project) and should in
general, be only for a short duration of time. For senior scientists, the maximum period of each
visit shall be one month per year and for young scientists each visit will be for a maximum
period of 3 months per year.
        The project proposals would be accepted through-out the year in two cycles of 6 months
each with last dates being 15th September and 15th March. Ten joint research projects would be
supported among the proposals received against each cycle.
Initially, support to the project will be granted for duration of two years, however, depending on
the success and necessity, it may be extended by one more year. A formal application has to be
made for extension. In NO case, support to the project shall exceed three years.

Proposals in the prescribed format (Annexure-I), duly forwarded by the Head of the
Institutions are to be submitted simultaneously by the Indian project leader to the Department of
Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi and by the German Project Leader to the DFG,
Bonn. Applications received by both the agencies with all necessary documents shall only
be considered. Applications will be evaluated independently on both sides by an external peer-
review system on the basis of scientific merit, need for co-operation and the composition of
project teams. Final decision will be made jointly by DST and DFG.
The German project leaders are required to submit the identical project document to Dr. H
Leisch, Director, DFG HO in Bonn and the Indian Project Investigators are required to send
Seven hard copies of the complete application to: Shri R K Sharma, Scientist-C,
International Division (Room No 4 B, Adm. Block) Department of Science and Technology,
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110 016, along with a softcopy of the
application as attachment to

The last date for submission of applications for current cycle is 15th Sep 2007

                               IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
                    (Performa for Application for Joint Research Project)

1.     Title of the Project:
2.     Duration of the Project in months:
3.     Field of Science & Technology covered by the proposal:
       ( Key words qualifying the scope of the proposal )
4.     Project Investigators (PI) & Collaborating Institutions
                                               INDIAN                  GERMAN
Name of PI
Date of Birth
Contact Address
Telephone No. : (O)
Fax No.

Name of the Co-Investigator(s)
Date of Birth
Contact Address
Telephone No. : (O)
Fax No.
1.      Objectives of the Project (up-to 200 words)
2.      Justification for collaboration & brief information about national and international
        scenario in the proposed area of research (up-to 200 words)
3.      Scientific & technical description of the project including methodology (up-to 400 words)
4.      Plan of work
     Time Schedule          Indian Responsibilities              German Responsibilities

 1st Year

 2nd Year

5.      Number of exchange visit required to achieve the Project Objectives (Year wise)
 Period                     India to Germany                        Germany to India

                        Number            Duration            Number              Duration

 1st Year

 2nd Year

6.      Expected results of this cooperation (e.g. joint publications, patents etc.) Are any of the
        expected results like to have commercial value? How do you propose to share it? (Up-to
        100 words)
7.      Bio-data of Indian and German investigators to appended in about 2 pages each.
        [The description should highlight the expertise of the PI(s) in the proposed field of work
        supported by citing relevant publications only].
(i)    Project Cost (Indian side, in INR only)
  Year    Equipments Consumable Contingency                            Exchange Visits              Total
                                                             India to Germany       Germany to
                                                             (Air-travel/ Medical
                                                             Ins.)                  (Per-diem/
 1st yr
 2nd yr
(ii) Project cost (German side)

  Year        Equipments     Consumable      Contingency                 Exchange Visits              Total
                                                              India to Germany      Germany to
                                                              (Per-diem /
                                                              Accomm.)              (Air-travel/
                                                                                    Medical Ins.)
  1st yr
  2nd yr
Signatures of the Project Investigators & Co-investigators

                         INDIAN                                                 GERMAN

          Declaration from the Heads of the Collaborating Institutions:
                 It is certified that -
          i)     The Institutions agree to participate in the Joint Research Project;
          ii)    The Institutions shall provide infrastructure & necessary facilities for implementing the
                 joint project;
          iii)   The Institutions assume to undertake financial & other management responsibility for
                 the part of the project work to be carried out at their institution; and
          iv)    The back-up funding for manpower, consumable etc. is available to this project.

          Signature & Seal of the Head of the Institutions
                         INDIAN                                                 GERMAN
PART-III (For Indian side only)

1. List of on-going research projects with the Indian project participants:
Title of       Brief description    Duration with dates of           Funding available
the                                 commencement and                 and source of funds
project                             completion of the project

2. Infrastructure available/required to implement the project:
Facilities             List of items required for the   If not available presently, how
                       project                          it is proposed to be
                                                        procured/recruited. Please
                                                        indicate the source of funding


Consummables and

3. Certified that the following Indian scientists including, SRF/JRF, Post-Docs are
presently affiliated with the University/Institute and will be the official project
participants for the entire duration of the project:
SNo.           Name of the           Position held         From            To
               project participant


4. Certified that the project involves/does not involve (i) Biological Material Transfer /
Use of GMOs / Radioactive materials; (ii) Human / animal trials. The institute would
submit necessary clearance of nodal agency / department of GoI, if the project is

5. Please mention Name/Address/Contact details including email address/ area of
specialisation of 3 possible peer-reviewers of the project proposal.

Signature of the Indian PI

Forwarded by the Head of Department/University/Institute/Dean

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