Scoring Rubric for Action Research Proposals by gtu20753


									                                           Scoring Rubric for Action Research Proposals

Proposal Title: __________________________________________________________

Primary Contact Name: __________________________________________________

A. Research       4 Question has    3 Interesting     2 Question        1 Question unlikely
Question          vital             question,         already           to reveal new or
Score: ____       importance        clearly           addressed by      relevant insights.
                  and clear         relevant to       significant
                  relevance to      district needs.   body of
                  district needs.                     research.
B. Student Data   4 Data sources    3 Data sources    2 Data sources    1 Data sources have
Score: _____      are related to    are related to    somewhat          limited relationship
                  research          research          related to        to research question
                  question and      question and      research          and are unlikely to
                  meet high         have adequate     question, and     yield valid and
                  standards of      validity and      validity and      reliable observations.
                  validity and      reliability.      reliability are
                  reliability                         uncertain.
C. Professional   4 Professional    3 Professional    2 Professional    1 Professional
Practice Data     practice          practice          practice          practice observations
Score: _____      observations      observations      observations      have limited
                  are related to    are related to    are somewhat      relevance to research
                  research          research          related to        question and are
                  question, are     question and      research          unsystematic.
                  clear and         are clear and     questions and
                  systematic,       systematic.       have limited
                  and represent a                     clarity.
                  range of
D. Teaching/      4 Seasoned        3 Experienced     2 Experienced     1 Inexperienced
Research          teacher with      teacher with      teacher with      teacher with
experience of the  many years of      some years of    some years of minimum or no
teacher/researcher teaching           experience and   experience and research background
                   experience and     sufficient       minimum to
                   research           research         no research
                   background         background       background
E. Supervisor      4 With full                                        1 Supervisor has
Approval           supervisor                                         reservations about the
                   knowledge and                                      project and/or the
                   support.                                           researcher.
F. Resource        4 Proposal                                         1 Proposal requires
Requirements       either requires                                    resources, support, or
Score: ______      no additional                                      permissions that are
                   resources or                                       not provided in the
                   clearly                                            proposal.
                   provides for all
                   support, and

Total: (A+B+C +D+E+F)

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