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									                                 Call for Research Proposals
                                       Sigma Theta Tau
                                   Epsilon Theta Chapter

Epsilon Theta Chapter presents the following research grant opportunity for 2007. The research grant
is designed to encourage nurses to provide leadership in research and scholarship. Awards up to
$1500.00 will be presented at the Induction of New Members meeting in May, 2007.


    • Formal preparation in the conduct of nursing research
    • Baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing, or nursing student in a higher degree program in
        nursing with direct supervision of a qualified faculty member (applicant submits faculty
        supervisor's CV)
    • Members of Epsilon Theta Chapter will be given preference all else being equal
    • Epsilon Theta Chapter board members and committee chairs are not eligible to apply


    • Submit the application and research proposal according to the guidelines (data collection may
        be in process)
    • Submit a signed formal agreement for money usage and public report of findings


    • Applications will be limited to one per lead investigator.
    • Faxed submissions will not be accepted.
    • Maximum of 10 double-spaced, typewritten pages, using 12-point font and one-inch margins
    • See Research Guidelines for detailed information required in application.

Selection Process:
All submissions will undergo review by Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Theta Research Committee. All
identifying information from this submission will be removed before review. The proposals will be
reviewed according to: (1) Quality of the written proposal; (2) Contribution of the proposed research
to nursing science and public benefit; (3) Research proposal budget; and (4) Research fund budget
and number of proposals submitted.

Application due: 5:00 PM Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Leave completed applications at the front desk for the STTI-ET mailbox
Mail to:
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing
Epsilon Theta Chapter
School of Nursing
The University of Texas at Austin
1700 Red River
Austin, Texas 78701-1449
               Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing
                              Epsilon Theta Chapter
                           Research Proposal Guidelines

Title (Page 1)
   • The title page should include the title of the proposed study, name and contact
       information for the investigator, and three to five keywords that reflect the study.
Abstract (Page 2)
    • A 150 word abstract should include the proposed aims, significance, design, sample,
       and methods to be used.

Part I. Body of Proposal (Pages 3 [minimum] - 12 [maximum] (the body of the proposal
is restricted to a maximum of 10 double-spaced, typewritten pages, using 12-point font and
one inch margins)
a. Specific Aims/Hypotheses/Questions
     • Identify aims/hypotheses/questions
     • Theoretically and operationally define all variables (if applicable)
b. Significance of the Study
     • Identify potential contribution to nursing or health care knowledge
     • Identify potential for further research or theory development based on study findings
c. Conceptual/Theoretical Framework
     • Briefly explain the conceptual/theoretical framework of the study
d. Literature Review
      • Briefly synthesize current literature regarding the study variables and relationships
         among them
e. Method
     • Identify the study design and population
     • Specify the sample, including the size and sampling procedure with justification for
     • Specify the study setting
     • Describe the intervention (if applicable)
     • Identify methods and procedures for data collection
     • Identify and describe all instruments to be used (or interview guide if applicable)
            o Describe reliability and validity of each instrument (or trustworthiness if
     • Describe procedures for storing and insuring confidentiality of data
     • Describe plans for data analysis procedures
f. Limitations. Identify the limitations of the study

Part II. Reference List, Appendices, Budget, and Timeline (not included in the 10
page limit)
a. Reference List
    • Use APA format to reference citations used in the text
b. Appendices
    • Instruments/interview guide
    • Letter of support/agreement from thesis or dissertation chairperson (if the applicant is a
        graduate student)
    • Submit plans for human subjects protection review (briefly); If awarded the grant, proof
        of Human Subjects approval must be submitted before money is released.
    • Biosketch (1-2 pages)
c. Budget
    • Provide a dollar amount for each item/category requested (e.g. 400 9X12 clasp
        envelopes ($40); one box computer disks ($8); copies of 200 letters @ .07 each= $14)
            o Personnel
            o Supplies
            o Equipment
            o Travel
            o Computer
            o Other
d. Timeline
    • Provide a projected timeline from initiation to completion of the study

Mar 2007
                                 Sigma Theta Tau
                              Epsilon Theta Chapter
                         Research Grant Application Form

Date                              Title
Principal Investigator
Home Address
City                                                          State                   Zip
Registered Nurse in State(s) of                                           License #
Sigma Theta Tau Member            ➤ Yes         ➤ No          Honor Society
Previous Sigma Theta Tau Research Awards
Regional Honor Society
Have you applied for or are you now receiving support for this research?                ➤ Yes        ➤ No
If yes, list agency                                      and amount requested/received $
If other support is received, please notify Epsilon Theta Honor Society Research Committee Chair.
Human Subjects Review?                          ➤ Yes         ➤ No
Consent Form Included in Proposal               ➤ Yes         ➤ No
Co-Investigator                                 ➤ Yes         ➤ No           If yes, CV attached ➤
Name                                                    Name
Address                                                 Address
Phone(s)                                                Phone(s)
Information Completed by Student(s):
Degree Sought                                        Expected Date
Specify the amount of the program completed to date
Courses completed are listed in Part III-C of the proposal
University                                              College
Department                                              Major
Minor(s) If Applicable
Name of Research Advisor, Academic Credentials (Attach CV) and Qualifications

Letter from advisor is included in Part III of the proposal           ➤
                           Sigma Theta Tau
                         Epsilon Theta Chapter
                Research Grant Application Form - Page 2
Total Amount of Budget Requested in US Dollars $
Please check the materials accompanying this application:
➤ Research Grant Agreement

➤ Research Grant Proposal

➤ Other

This section below is to be completed by the Honor Society:

Approval Date
Award Granted $
Honor Society Research Committee Chair Signature
Progress Reports:

Study Completed (Date)

Monies Used                                      Monies Returned

Final Report Date
                              Sigma Theta Tau
                            Epsilon Theta Chapter
                       Research Grant Agreement Form
If my proposal is approved for funding, I agree to:

1.     Accept responsibility for the scientific conduct of this study.
2.     Expend the funds as described in the proposal, and return unused funds to the treasurer of
       Epsilon Theta Chapter Honor Society.
3.     Submit a progress report (semi-annually) until the study is complete.
4.     Send a written final copy of the research and one abstract to the secretary of the honor
5.     Acknowledge the grant support of Epsilon Theta Chapter Honor Society of Sigma Theta
       Tau in the publication or presentation of the research findings.
6.     Publish or present the findings of the research in a program sponsored by Epsilon Theta
       Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society if invited to do so.

Title of Study:

Date Signed:                                 Expected Date of Final Report
Principal Investigator Signature:
                         City                                   State               Zip
Co-Investigator Signature(s):

Addresses:         Name
Data Collection Dates:

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