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									State v   Chris Christie                        Warrant/Summons Number
        (Insert Name of Person Being Charged)
Municipal Court of             Trenton           Mercer County
                        (Insert Twp name)

                                                       SECTION II
                                  (To be completed by police officer or civilian complainant)

                                AFFIDAVIT OF PROBABLE CAUSE FOR CDR-1 OR CDR-2

       I SWEAR that, to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, the accused committed the
offense(s) charged. This belief is based upon the following facts and circumstances:

did between January 17, 2004, May 22, 2006, and until the end of his position as US Attorney for the State of
New Jersey commit the crime of pattern of official misconduct by committing two or more acts that violated the
provisions of N.J.S.2C:30-2 or section 2 of P.L.2003, c.31 (C.2C:30-6). See Official Misconduct NJSA 2C: 30-
2 jurat and Crime of official deprivation of civil rights NJSA 2C: 30-6 jurat.

Specifically did through act or ommission and with purpose to obtain a benefit for himself or another and/or to
injure or to deprive the victim of a benefit, did knowingly and intentionally, as a public servant, to wit, US
Attorney for New Jersey, engage individually and collectively in civil conspiracy to deny civil rights of
Complainant and other victims and did obstruct, deny, prevent or hinder valid supported complaints of public
misconduct/crimes by public officials that were engaged in civil right and Federal and State criminal violations
as well as actively participating in preventing Complainant from excercising his Constitutional right to present
evidence of criminal wrongdoing to a federal grand jury pursuant to Section 1504 of the federal code with the
purpose to deny due process and to intimidate or discriminate against the victim, a male victim of domestic
violence and prosecutorial misconduct and other victims. The accused also refused to present said facts and
evidence to the attention a federal grand jury pursuant to statue 3332. The accused malfeasance subjected the
victim to infringement of personal and property rights, to wit the intentional upholding of an
unconstitutional/unlawful “conviction" that resulted in the unlawful forfeiture of victim's constitutional right to
ever hold public office which included the permanent loss of victim's employment as a police sergeant,
intentional interference with a federal lawsuit, and other illegal acts which denied or impeded the victim in the
lawful exercise or enjoyment of any his rights, privileges, powers or immunity.

Multiple written requests (one of several attached) were submitted to the accused and all were ignored.
Complainant cornered accused at a public forum on May 22, 2006 to again request action and accused publicly
acknowledged he would do so. Complainant went to a affair where US Attorney Chris Christie
was invited to speak. After about 20 minutes he accepted several questions, one of which was from me. I asked
if his Office would be willing to take down a corrupt Prosecutors Office and he answered in the affirmative.
Before he could move on I interjected and advised him that I would be handing him a flyer with my website on
it that would GIVE him the Burlington County Prosecutors Office. When he was done I did just that, and
personally handed it to him and he looked me in the eye and said "Burlington County, right?" And I said "Yes,
Soundbyte located at:

Again, accused refused to act. AND

did, so as to obtain a benefit of another, knowingly and intentionally commit malfeasance so as to conceal
wrongdoing, specifically to protect the illegal actions of certain accused members of the New Jersey Attorney
Generals Office, justices of the NJ Supreme Court, two justices of the NJ Appellate court, justices of the
Burlington County superior and municipal court and the Burlington County Prosecutors Office by refusing to
investigate or prosecute the above specifically identified accused. Said illegal activity to include, but not
limited to; falsifying investigations, intentional disobeyance of an active and live court order directing the State
and/or the Court to dismiss criminal complainants; obstructing the enforcement of a lawful temporary
restraining order entered against the State's main witness by the victim; suborning perjured testimony;
tampering with witness police officer(s) per an order not to testify; targeting and threatening other witnesses
(police officers and civilians; withholding exculpatory evidence, to wit, statements of the State's main witness
demonstrating actual innocence of the victim as well as admissions of guilt; tampering with evidence by altering
the content of unlawfully seized tape recordings of the State's main witness admitting to assaulting the victim;
unlawfully seizing said tape recording via an falsely obtained search warrant which constituted Burglary; all of
which constitued civil and criminal wrongdoing, etc.

  This in violation of NJSA 2C:30-7 and is a crime.

                                            (Use continuation sheets if needed.)
        I am aware of these facts because:

I am the victim and personally aware of the facts, and evidence as well as in possession of same. As a former
police sergeant and current Private Investigator, I am well-versed in the law and related matters. I personnally
advised and provided said facts and evidence of criminal and civil wrong-doing to the accused.

                                                          Dale M. Baranoski

this 2         day of June                         2009

(Name/Title of Person Administering Oath)

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