Affidavit of attesting witness to Will of a Testator by gtu20753


									                 Affidavit of attesting witness to Will of a Testator
                                 who signs by a mark


                         IN THE SUPREME COURT ---- PROBATE SIDE.

In the Goods of

        Deceased of


of                                                     *make oath and say that I am one
of the subscribed witnesses to the last Will and Testament of
                                                 late of

deceased the said Will being now hereunto annexed and *marked by me
                                          bearing date

    And that the said Testat                     executed the said Will on the day of the date

     And the said
Testat          deceased, thereupon immediately made h            mark or cross at the
foot or end of the said Will as the same now appears thereon in the presence of me
and of

the other subscribed witness thereto, both of us being present at the same time.
that the said Testat                  meant and intended h                 aforesaid
mark or cross to be in due execution of h                 aforesaid Will and requested me
the deponent and the said

to witness and attest the same and we thereupon attested and subscribed the said
Will in the presence of the said Testat                    . And I further make oath and say that
prior to the aforesaid execution of the said Will the same was read over to
the Testat               in my presence and                      appeared fully to
understand the same and to have a perfect knowledge of and to be satisfied with its contents.

Sworn at
day of                                  20

*”First attempting to sign h   name at the foot or end thereof but owing to bodily illness was unable to sign h
name” or “                 being illiterate was unable to sign h            name.”

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