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					      TACOM Life Cycle Management Command

                           Red River Army Depot (RRAD)

Who We Are
Supporting the joint combatant commander with products and services improved through lean
manufacturing, other process improvement tools, and relevant technologies. Red River Army
Depot (RRAD) is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 registered and OHSAS 18001 registration
recommended industrial complex providing responsive and innovative solutions for the
Department of Defense (DoD) in repair, overhaul, recapitalization, remanufacture, certification,
and conversion of combat systems and tactical vehicles. Recognized as the Center of Industrial
and Technical Excellence for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle System, Tactical Wheeled Vehicles,
rubber products, and Patriot missile, RRAD is a strategic asset providing support at operational
speed and is an essential element of the joint forces. The most recent addition to RRAD’s
mission is depot level reset and repair of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle.

What We Do
The depot's vast industrial complex has the capacity and capability to completely
overhaul/remanufacture a wide range of combat systems and tactical vehicles. The multi-
function capability fully supports the ongoing joint transformation.
   The mission flexibility and responsiveness of the workforce, equipment and facilities provides
    the depot a competitive edge within the defense industry. Additionally, personnel supporting
    the combat and tactical vehicle missions possess a wide-range of core skills that are essential
    to supporting the war fighter. As evidenced in recent operations, RRAD quickly shifted efforts
    to meet changing combatant commander requirements both on the industrial complex and by
    deploying teams world-wide to improve near term readiness and provide for the long term
    sustainment of our combat and tactical fleets.
   RRAD has the only capability within the DoD for remanufacture of road wheel and track.
    Currently, the depot is the only qualified source of supply for the M1 road wheel.
   Public-Private partnerships support an Army in transformation. RRAD proactively seeks
    industrial partners and has successfully negotiated over 150 teaming and partnering
    arrangements. These relationships leverage the strengths of both parties and ultimately do
    result in a better quality and lower priced product for the war fighter.
   RRAD technical resources include the capability to design, fabricate, and manufacture a wide
    variety of items, to include designation as the fabrication source of the HMMWV Egress-
    Assistance Trainer and the MRAP Egress Trainer.
   RRAD serves as the primary DoD source for HMMWV Recapitalization with the processes
    and capacity is in place to consistently support 32 vehicles per day on one shift.

                                                                                      (January 2010)

Our Bottom Line:

    We touch every service, every day – TACOM LCMC