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  Running AICTE approved Management Programme

              Name of the Institution
            K. P. College of Management
    NH-2, Agra-Firozabad Road, Agra – 283 202
                 Ph. 0562-2395413

     Name & Address of the Director General
            Prof. (Dr.) Maheshwar Misra
     Director General, K.P. Group of Institutions,
    NH-2, Agra-Firozabad Road, Agra – 283 202
         Mobile: 9415572417, 9756705101

         Name & Address of the Director
                Dr. Rakesh Chandra
       Director, K. P. College of Management
    NH-2, Agra-Firozabad Road, Agra – 283 202
               Mobile: 09756705104
               Fax No. 0562-2395411

         Name of the Affiliating University
              U. P. Technical University
        IET Campus, Sitapur Road, Lucknow
           Telephone No. 0522-2732185
 The Governing Body comprises of members from the K. P. Charitable Trust promoting the college,
                  distinguished Academicians, Eminent Industrialists and Technologists.

                           Members of the Governing Body and their brief Background
Sh. Kanti Prasad Agarwal               Chairman                               K. P . G. I., Agra
Sh. K. C. Goyal                        Vice- Chairman                         F-96, Kamla Nagar, Agra
Sh. Mukesh Agrawal                     Secretary                              K. P . G. I., Agra
Prof. (Dr.) Maheshwar Misra            Member nominated by the Trust          Director General, K. P.G.I., Agra
Prof. Girishwar Misra                  Member nominated by the Trust          Professor, Dept. of Psychology,
                                                                              Delhi University, Delhi
Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Ogra                  An Eminent Technologist                Retd. Director, ITM, C.M.B., V.B.
                                                                              Soft India Ltd., 4th Floor, Shilp
                                                                              Building, Opp. Oxford Tour,
                                                                              Gurukul, Mem Nagar, Ahmadabad
                                                                              - 380052
Prof. (Dr.) C. P. Thakur               An Educationist and Administrator      Retd. Professor, Dept. Of
                                                                              Business Management, Delhi
                                                                              Univ. Dehli
Sh. Umesh Chandra Agarwal              A parent of male/female students       Ganesh Bhajshaj Bhawan,
                                       nominated by the Chairman of           Chandausi,, Faryai Bazar
                                       BOG on rotation of one year
Ms. Jyoti                              HOD/Dean/Teacher of the Institute      Asstt. Professor, K. P. College of
                                       on rotation of one year                Management, Agra
Nominee of AICTE Council/ Ministry     Under Process                          --
of Education, Govt. of India
Nominee of U. P. T. U.                 Under Process                          --
Nominee of State Government:           Under Process                          --
Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Chandra             Director                               K. P. C.M, Agra

                                   Members of the Academic Advisory Body
Sr.          Name                                                                  Occupation
1.           Prof. (Dr.) Maheshwar Misra                    Director General, K.P.G.I., Agra

2.           Dr. A.K. Singh                                 Director, KPCM, Agra
3.           Sh. Devashish Das                              I.I.M., Lucknow
4.           Sh. Pankaj Gupta                               2, Madhav Park, Sanewadi, Pune-41100
5.           Prof. Anand Prakash Tripathi                   Dept. of Psychology, Delhi University
6.           Sh. A.K. Pandey                                Sr. Project Manager, HCL Technologies, SEZ Unit
                                                            ETA Reeho Park, Block-4, Navellur, Chennai-
7.           Cmdr. (Dr.) P.S. Joshan                        Director, KPEC, Agra

8.           Prof. R.A.R. Vishwakarma                       H.O.D. Mechanical Dept., KPEC, Agra
9.           Sh. L. K. Goel (Member Secretary)              Dean Administration, KPEC, Agra
                  Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body Meeting

       Board meeting is held in every semester and Academic Advisory Body meeting is also held in every

                                    ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE & CHART


                                                     Vice –Chairman

                       Secretary                                                              Treasurer

        Dean / HODs                   Registrar /Dean Admin.        Finance Controller   Placement Officer

Prof     Asst. Prof.     Lecturer   Admin. Officer    Asst. Registrar   Accountant        Placement Asst.

   Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/ improvements: -

    In addition to theory and practical classes for syllabus specified by the university faculty shall organize
    seminars, projects, practical training and industrial visits. Students will be encouraged to participate in
    Seminars etc. being held at the institute level and outside.

    Feedback of the curriculum is collected from the faculty and the students to convey to the University.

    The teachers adopt weak students for improvement. Student – student interaction program is

    Industry -Institute interaction for improvement in performance is being planned. Workshop to be
    organized for all departments at national and international level

   Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for democratic/good Governance
          o   Decentralization of authorities of Director to all his subordinates
          o   Feedback from faculty to improve quality of teaching at six sigma level.
          o   Faculty – Parents interaction for further improvement

   Student Feedback on Institutional Governance/faculty performance
   Faculty requirement to be organized at small and micro scale industrial workshop to be
    organized at higher level
   Involvement of all faculty and employees of the institution as a team work
                The students shall be invited to fill the feedback forms regarding the governance and faculty
                 performance, which will be analyzed, and corrective measures taken after collecting the
                 feedback from students. Meeting of faculty members are called to remove the constraints in the
                 process of reading
   Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students
                A grievance of the students is directly handled by Director himself and a Senior Professor is
                 being planned.
                Discipline committee formed in college to ensure smooth conduction of classes


    Name of the Programmes approved by the AICTE
                Master of Business Administration
                MCA (Proposed for 2010-11))

    Name of the programmes accredited by the AICTE:                             Not Applicable

    For each programme the desired details are given below :-

                                                         Cut off state
                                  Number                 rank during     Annual Fee (Subject to the final decision
        S.          Course                      of
                                  of Seats                 session               of State Fee Committee)
        No.                                  Course
                                                                           Category       CET Quota
                                                                                                        ment Quota
                                                                         Admission Fee       4000            4000
                   Master of                                             Tution Fee         75000*           75000
                                                         Admission in
        1.         Business          60       2 Years                    Exam/Enrl Fee       3550            3550
                                                                         Hostel Fee       46000+5000    46000+5000
                                                                         Book Bank           5000            5000
                                                                         Other Fee**         11500           11500
                                                                         Total Fee          150050           150050

(**) 11,500/- = Rs.5, 000/- College Uniform Fee + Rs. 1,000/- Internet Charges + Rs. 500/- Mediclaim + Rs.
5000 (caution money)

(*) Approval awaited from the Fee Fixation committee. (Till then as directed by high court)

Placement Facilities:
            College was started in 2008-09. Training & Placement Cell has been created.

            Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance, Metlife India Insurance, Pinnacle Wealth Management,
             Reliance ICICI Prudential Life Insurance visited in the Institute during the session 2008-09.
                 Branch wise details faculty members (Permanent)
                                                                                                                                                                  Gross total
                                                                                                                                                    Date of      salary as on
                                                             Qualifications with field of specialization with               a) Teaching
                                            Designation                                                                                           Joining the     date with
Name                                                                   class / division of passing                          b) Industry
                     Name (s) of the      (Lecturer/ Asst.                                                       Date of                           Institution     scale &
of the   Sr.                                                                                                                c) Research
                    Teaching Faculty        Professor/                                                            Birth                                           Basic pay.
                                                                    UG                     PG                                a        b      c

                                                                              Master of Business Administration

                                         Director/                                   MBA, 1st                              24                                      16400-
             1.    Dr. Rakesh Chandra                        LLB, 1st Div.                          (HR &       01.01.60              --     --    01.01.09
                                         Professor                                     Div                                 Yrs.                                    22400
                                                             BBM (Finance),         (Finance &                                                                     12000-
             2.    Ms. Jyoti             Asstt. Professor                                           --          18.10.81   5 Yrs     1 Yr.   --    31.08.08
                                                             1st Div.                 HR) 1st                                                                      18300

                                                                                    MBA 1st                                                                      12000-
             3.    Mr. Ankur Malhotra    Asstt. Professor    BBA, 1st Div.                          --          19.07.78   6 Yrs.     --     --    15.07.09
                                                                                    Div.                                                                         18300

                                                                                     MBA (Mkt.
             4.    Ms. Preeti Pandey     Lecturer            B.A., 2nd Div.          + HR), 1st     --          06.05.86   2 Yrs.     --     --    03.07.07      8000-13500
                                                             B.Sc.                    ogy(, 1st                                       7
             5.    Ms. Sonali Bhardwaj   Lecturer            (Biotechnology(,           Div /       --          12.05.83     --     Month    --    09.07.09      8000-13500
                                                             1st Div.                (PGDBM,(                                         s
                                                                                     Rurl Mkt.)
                                                                                       1st Div.
                                                             B.Sc. (Maths), 1st
                                                                                     MBA, 1st
             6.    Mr. Rakesh Yadav      Lecturer            Div./ MBA (Mkt. +                      --          08.09.85   1 Yr.      --     --    15.07.09      8000-13500
                                                             HR), 1st Div.
                                                             Master of Computer Application (Proposed)

 PG                Mr. Pankaj Kr.                                                                                                                                  8000-
             1.                             Lecturer               B.Sc.              MCA                --     28.07.83     --       --     --   Identified
Level              Baruah                                                                                                                                          13500

                   Mr. Anurag                                                                                                                                      8000-
             2.                             Lecturer          B.Sc. (PCM)             MCA                --     28.07.74    10        1           Identified
                   Upadhyay                                                                                                                                        13500

                   Mr. Praveen Kr.                                                                                                                                 8000-
             3.                             Lecturer               B.A.               MCA                --     20.06.82    01        --     --   Identified
                   Shukla                                                                                                                                          13500

   Profile of Director
   Name                                                             :             Dr. Rakesh Chandra
   Date of Birth                                                    :             01.01.1960
   Educational Qualification                                        :             M.B.A., Ph.D.
   Work Experience Teaching                                         :             24 Years
   Area of Specialization                                           :             Human Resource and Marketing
   Subjects Teaching                                                :             Research Methodology, Marketing Research
   Subjects Taught                                                  :             Principles & Practice of Management, Marketing
                                                                                  Management, Advertising, Strategic Management
   Research Guidance                                                :             Nil
   No. of papers published in                                       :             1 in National Journal, 3 in books
   Project carried out                                              :             Nil
   Research Guidance                                                :
   Number of Books published with details :                                       Nil
Details of fee, as approved by State fee Committee, for the Institution.

           Approval awaited. (Till then directed by high court mentioned earlier)

Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire programme.

          Fees is charged in august month every year and relaxed to semester wise on request.

No. of Fee waivers granted with amount and name of students.
          Fee is waived off to SC/ST/OBC students as per UP Government norms.

Number of scholarship offered by the institute, duration and amount
          (a) Scholarships are offered to SC/ST/OBC/ Financially week general Students by UP State
          (b) Cash prize amounting to topper and the branch topper is awarded.
          (c) Two Tution fee waiver Scholarship instituted under K. P. Gandhi Nidhi for the year 2009-10.

Estimated cost of boarding and lodging in Hostels.
Annual Hostel Fee for 2009-10                    Boy's Hostel                         Girls Hostel
Rent                                                 24,000                              24,000
Mess                                                22,000                               22,000
Security (One Time Refundable)                       5,000                               5,000
                Total                               51,000                               51,000


Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval
          60 seats in MBA in 2008-09
          60 seats in MBA in 2009-10


Mention the admission test being followed, name and address of the Test Agency and its URL

          State Entrance Examination - U.P. Technical University Lucknow.
           Uttar Pradesh Technical University
           IET Campus, Sitapur Road, Lucknow -226021

Number of seats allotted to different Test qualified candidates separately
          Admission through Counseling conducted by U.P. Technical University, Lucknow for 85% seats
                                                Session 2009-10
               Admission Through                                     No. of Admitted Students
Counselling                                                               21
Management Quota                                                          09
Vacant Seats                                                              11

Calendar for admission against Management / Vacant Seats:
       As per U.P. Technical University guidelines.

Admission Procedure against management seats for the year 2009-10:
       The admissions are started as per UPTU Norms

Criteria and Weightages for Admission
As per U.P. Technical University Brochure available on:

Downloadable application form with online submission possibilities
       Provided with the Brochure

List of Applicants
                                                  UPSEE       UPSEE-       Mode of    Enrollment
 Sr. No.         Name of the Students
                                                 Roll No.      Rank       Admission    form No.
   1          Akash Saxena                        1012358       32968         Counc        108420
   2          Amit Pachauri                       1026804       24230         Counc        108421
   3          Atul Kumar                          1026886       40720         Counc        108422
   4          Dev Dutt Sharma                     1011087       28328         Counc        108423
   5          Ghanshyam                           1010096       26230         Counc        108424
   6          Ishwar Singh                        1066183       15949         Counc        108425
   7          Jitendra Singh Rana                 1066023       28722         Counc        108426
   8          Manish Kumar Sharma                 1012516       34679         Counc        108427
   9          Manoj Kumar                         1226481       29554         Counc        108428
   10         Mukesh Kumar                        1326429       21241         Counc        108429
   11         Neha Gupta                          1010589       38728         Counc        108430
   12         Pankaj Kumar Shukal                 3036472       30517         Counc        108431
   13         Pooja Dubey                         1890457       38310         Counc        108432
   14         Pradeep Sharma                      1026333       17907         Counc        108433
   15         Praveen Kumar                       1522025       32962         Counc        108434
   16         Praveen Saraswat                    1012185       20994         Counc        108435
   17         Reena Singh                         1026542       40632         Counc        108436
   18         Renu Singh                          1036852       38811         Counc        108437
   19         Shantosh Kumari                     1026394       41556         Counc        108438
   20         Shivtosh Kumar Srivastava           1346752       19878         Counc        108439
   21         Sovita Saraswat                     1026709       38896         Counc        108440
   22         Amit Pratap Sharma                  2220322       27132          Mgmt        108441
   23         Brijesh Kumar                          -           -             Mgmt        108442
   24         Harendra Kumar                      1012018       16363          Mgmt        108443
   25         Lalit Sharma                        1012078       32436          Mgmt        108444
   26         Manish Kumar Singh                  1026050       32565          Mgmt        108445
   27      Manoj Kumar                           1012184        35596            Mgmt              108446
   28      Mayank Sharma                         1036542        32384            Mgmt              108447
   29      Nitin Agrawal                           -             -               Mgmt              108448
   30      Vikas Yadav                             -             -               Mgmt              108449
   31      Amit Garg                               -             -                Vac              108450
   32      Asheesh Bajaj                           -             -                Vac              108451
   33      Ashish Sharma                           -             -                Vac              108452
   34      Braj Mohan Sharma                       -            ST                Vac              108453
   35      Jouly Kumari                            -             -                Vac              108454
   36      Kuldeep Baboo                           -             -                Vac              108455
   37      Rahul Dubey                             -             -                Vac              108456
   38      Rinkesh Singh Jurel                     -             -                Vac              108457
   39      Shiv Raj Singh                          -             -                Vac              108458
   40      Shiwang Mani Tripathi                   -             -                Vac              108459
   41      Sujeet Sachan                           -             -                Vac              108460

List of Students Admitted in the year 2009-10 through SEE-UPTU-2009
       Mentioned above

Results of Admission under Management Seats/Vacant Seats

       Mentioned above

Composition of selection team for admission under Management Quota with the brief profile of

       Director
       Dean Administration
       Faculty Member
       Faculty Member

Director (At the time of Admission) in 2009-10
       Dr. Rakesh Chandra

Score of the individual candidates admitted arranged in order of merit.

       Mentioned above

List of the candidates who joined within the date, vacancy position in each category before
operation of waiting list.

Information on infrastructure and other resources available


        Library books         Titles             Journals (National )   Journals (International)
               3639                     466                      26                                4

           E-Libraries : Available

          Laboratory: Details of Laboratories & Workshop

           Name of the              Name of the              Total Area of lab/
             Course             laboratory/ workshop            workshop                     Major equipment
                                                                                       HP Dx2280, Desktop, Intel
  7              MBA            Computer Centre/Lab.              153 SqM              Dual Core / 2 GHz. / 1GB
                                                                                       RAM / 160 GB Hard Disk
                                        Total                     153 SqM

Computer Facilities for the existing programme(s)

                                       Requirements as per Norms
                                        (1:4 all undergraduate UG
  S.No            Particulars                                                             Availability
                                         Programmes and 1:2 for
                                       MBA/MCA/ PGDM/ PGDBM)
      1.       No of Computer
                                                       60                                     65
      2.                                                                 HP Dx2280, Desktop, Intel Dual Core /
                                                     P-4                 2 GHz. / 1GB RAM / 160 GB Hard
      3.       No of terminals of
                                                    50%                                       65
                                                                                  04                      03
               Relevant Legal                                             MSDNAA, MS-Office-2007, MCAFEE,
      4.                               Application - 04     System- 02
               Software                                                    Symantec Anti- Virus, Hi Class for
                                                                                   Language Lab.
      5.       Peripheral(s)/
                                                       6                 6 Printers, 1 Photo Copier
      6.       Internet
               Accessibility (in                512kbps 24 * 4                          512 kbps 24 * 4
               kbps & hrs)

      Games and Sports Facilities - Available

      Extra Curriculum Activities - Available
               Cultural Activities
               Debates
               Seminars
               Lectures
               Extempore debate will be organized from time to time

Soft Skill Development Facilities : Available

Number of Classrooms and size of each
          4, Per Class Room of 66 Sqm. area
Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each
      4, Tutorial Room of 36 Sqm. area

Number of Laboratories and size of each
      2, Computer lab of area 153 Sqm. each

Number of Conference Hall and size of each
      2 – 78 Sqm. each

Number of Computer Centres with capacity of each
      2 – 153 Sqm. each

Central Examination Facility, Number of rooms and capacity of each
      8 Halls, 60 each

U.P. Technical University Sessional Tests held as per University curriculum.

   1. Teaching Learning process
       o   Lectures / Tutorials
       o   Assignments
       o   Sessional Test
       o   Attendance Monitoring
       o   Feedback from students
       o   Counsel (Student / Teacher)
       o   End Semester Examination
       o   Revision class arranged
       o   Course coverage plan
       o   Handout for each lecture
       o   Personal attention by Teachers, HODs, Counsellors
       o   Solutions of previous questions papers of U.P.T.U. exam & sessional Tests
       o   Guest lectures are arranged
       o   Problem solutions

Teaching-Learning process is made efficient and effective taking following steps:
   1. Teachers prepare lesson plan at the start of the session and prepare lecture notes before the
       scheduled class. Extra classes are arranged to make up the lost classes.
   2. Two mid-term tests and make up test are conducted at regular intervals. The pattern of question
      papers is kept similar to end semester examinations.
   3. Teachers show evaluated answer books to students and apprise about the mistake occurred and
      how to rectify them.
   4. Tutorials / Assignments are given at regular intervals and are evaluated by the teachers.
   5. Exposure of application software is made in laboratories by introducing software based experiments.
   6. The analysis of end semester results are made and accordingly corrective actions are taken.
   7. Teachers monitor attendance and counsel the students falling short of Prescribed attendance to
      make up.
   8. Feedback from students is collected about the appraisal of teachers during the coverage of syllabus
      and also at the end of semester. After analyzing feedbacks, the poor performing teachers are
      advised to improve their performance.
   9. Teachers identify weaker students and counsel them separately to cope up with the batch students.
   10. Students are encouraged to deliver seminars, summer training and project viva –voce using
       overhead projector / LCD Projector.
   11. Library is kept open from, 9.30 AM -8.00 PM to facilitate students to help self- study.
   12. Students are encouraged for co-curricular activities, like essay, quiz etc.

Curriculum and syllabi for each of the programmes as approved by the University.
      Available on U.P. Technical University web site i.e.
      A hard copy of the syllabus is given to the individual student.

Academic Calendar of the U.P. TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY
      Academic calendar is also Available on University web site i.e.

Teaching Load of Faculty (Hours per week)
       Professor                :        6 -10
       Assistant Professor      :        12-14
       Lecturer                 :        16-18

Internal Continuous Evaluation System in place
      Regular evaluation by way of students’ assessment and Head/Principal report is proposed to be
       done for each faculty.

Students’ assessment of Faculty, System in place.
          It is maintained by the college

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