Getting _or renewing the license for_ SAS andor SPSS by lonyoo


									     Getting (or Renewing the License For) Amos and/or SPSS (now PASW)

       Go to Log in. Scroll down to the Request Software box and
click on the name of the desired software.

       You are presented with a LONG form. Before you fill it out click where indicated
to enter your email address.
      Enter your COMPLETE ECU email address. Click Submit. Return to the form
and complete it. Click Continue.

You get an email something like this:
From: Atkinson, Peggy
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 9:11 AM
Subject:    SPSS Installation Procedures

Welcome to the ITCS Download Center for software supported downloads. The center
provides access to documentation, patches, codes, installs, announcements, and much
more all in one convenient location.
Go to the Download Center at ( )
Login with INTRA\ PirateID and your passphrase (password)
Informational Documentation – On the far left are the user manuals, guides, and more
helpful information
Downloads , Codes, Procedures
General Files – antivirus, etc.
On Campus files- requires online form to access and download software used for on
campus computer installs
Off Campus files requires online form to access and download software used for on
campus computer installs
Links – free software from Vendors or software needed like Adobe Reader
In the download center go to the location (General, On Campus, Off Campus), then
locate the category of software you want, and click on “get them here”
Example is Statistical software
Locate the software and version or code you want download or use. Click on that
software under NAME
Then locate the files you need for installing: License code file, Install
Instructions/procedure, and then install/download files (maybe anywhere between 2 or
3 files you need) Print them out, save to your desk top, or keep them open as you will
need them to complete any download correctly.
When ready and you have what you need click on the “Install File” to start the download
When finished the download, close any windows you have still open and start using
your software.
If you have any questions or problems contact the helpdesk via phone 328-9866 or via
an online ticket ( )

        After you connect to the download site, click on “Get them here!” to the right of
“Statistical Software.
      Select the version of SPSS which you wish to download.

       Download the Install Procedure document (instructions for the installation), the
license codes (save them), and the install file (save it). Of course, if you are just
renewing the license on an already installed release, all you need download is the
license codes.
        Open the install procedure document and then run the .exe. It will extract the
installation files into a temporary folder and then boot the setup program. Follow the
instructions in the install procedure document.

        I ran into one problem. The installer does not prompt you to uninstall any
previous version of SPSS, so you end up with two versions of SPSS on your computer.
I almost always uninstall the previous version before starting to install a new version,
but SPSS 16 did not appear in the add/remove list of program, so I was stuck with two
versions of SPSS on my computer. To resolve this problem I had to download the
installer for SPSS 16, reinstall SPSS 16, and then go back to add/remove programs and
uninstall SPSS 16. Even after the uninstall, there remained a “SPSS16” folder, 38.5
mb, on my computer. I deleted this folder manually.

      You can install Amos in much the same way. Download the installer and license
codes, remove the old version, and install the new version.

Email Notification of Need to Renew License
      You should receive an email warning you that SPSS or Amos needs to be
renewed. Here is the email sent on the 27th of July, 2009, shortly before the licenses for
SPSS and Amos expired.
SPSS and Amos codes are due to quit working on the 31 of July so if you need the renewals codes
and/or installs they are available from our download center. There was a delay this year because of the
budget. We will respond very quickly to all requests. The codes and/or installs of versions 16, 16.0.1
patch, 17, 17 patches, and new version 17.0.2 can be accessed by following these instructions and
filling out the online request form. If you have a online form pending you do not need to complete another

        To request free software/renewals and downloads you are required to fill out an online form

        1. Go to (
        2. log into the Online IT Help Desk with your PirateID and password
        3. When screen appears – in the Left side menu, under „Request Software' select the Software
           Request you want (ex. SPSS, SAS, etc.) by clicking on it
        4. A Form appears, fill in all the required information making sure you have an ECU email
           address and all fields filled out (This will ensure no delays in processing your request.).
        5. Click SUBMIT (to submit the form)
        6. The information to access the download center for license codes, procedures, etc will be e-
           mailed to your ECU email account within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday).

Our online form system is a requirement so that we can maintain information required for our agreement
contract, and in providing information needed so that we can continue to purchase this software free to
you each year. Do not give this software out to others, please have them fill out the form online so we
can continue to provide you this software without cost to you.

Renewing the License on a Release Already Installed
       From the Start Menu, find and run the License Authorization Wizard, which will
guide you through the license update procedure.

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