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									Jolly Backer Launches Fresh Healthy Vending
LLC In Response to Childhood Obesity Epidemic
Healthy Vending Company takes innovative “Business” approach in attempt to improve the dietary habits
of our Nation.

May 25, 2010 02:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time  

SAN DIEGO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--After making a name for himself in the amusement vending
industry, Jolly Backer wondered if there might not be a socially responsible cause that could benefit from insights
picked up over his years of business experience. Fresh Healthy Vending LLC, a new San Diego based business,
which has begun offering healthy vending franchises to health-minded entrepreneurs, is the result.

Fresh Healthy Vending’s machines are bright, colorful and attractive in order for consumers to know that the
machines offer healthy drinks and snacks. The machines offer fresh and organic juices, yogurts and smoothies along
with a product range of over 400 best selling natural and organic brands which consumers typically could find at
Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Sprouts and other healthy food retailers.

The new venture's focus is to serve a huge and untapped market for healthier, natural & organic snack food choices
in schools, offices and numerous other venues. And no one attuned to public health trends questions the self-evident
merit of Backer's new mission in life. "The numbers are devastating: $147 billion a year in medical costs associated
with obesity related diseases with well over 200 million Americans in danger, this is clearly the single biggest health
problem in America today,” says Backer. "That's why I am particularly moved by the emphasis First Lady Michelle
Obama’s “Lets Move” Initiative which places responsibility on our nation to do something about the childhood
obesity problem which affects every family and community. There are regulatory efforts aimed at turning things
around -- but the potential of the marketplace to make a difference isn't being fully exploited."

The franchise business model Fresh Healthy Vending employs entrepreneurial spirit, new vending technology and
marketing know-how into the mix, to make more widely available exactly the sorts of natural & organic foods and
beverages nutrition experts agree can make a substantive difference.

"Schools represent prime opportunities for our franchisees. Most are under legislative and parental pressure to
improve the nutrition offered in vending machines serving students. Commercial office complexes, health clubs and
government buildings are also targets of a great opportunity," notes Backer. Employers have a big stake in getting
their workforce to lose weight and reduce the enormous costs in medical claims and lost productivity linked to
obesity. Recent studies have shown an impressive return on investment for every dollar spent on prevention and
wellness programs.

“The response among prospective franchisees is most encouraging," says Backer, "because a significant part of this
problem is the lack of access to healthy foods whether it be in the schools, in the workplace or in shopping malls;
basically everywhere Americans live, work and play. We’re looking for entrepreneurs that share our passion for
healthy products and lifestyles and that want to join a proven system of success.” 

For more information on the company and its franchise opportunities please visit or contact
Jolly Backer, CEO, Fresh Healthy Vending at (858) 210-4200.

Fresh Healthy Vending LLC
Jolly Backer, CEO, (858) 210-4200


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