Application for Employment Teaching Assistants by gtu20753


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                                                                          Application for Employment
                                                                                  Teaching Assistants

DEADLINES: Fall                            June 15
                    Winter                 October 15
Forms may be submitted electronically to, in person, or by mail to Faculty
of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport 173, University of
Regina, Regina, SK, S4S 0A2. To submit via email, save to your computer and forward as an
email attachment.
This form should supplement all applications for Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research funding

Date:                           Position Applied For:
                                Level (Indicate with X)        Undergraduate            Graduate

Semester applying               Y      E     A      R   Fall
for Assistantship               Y      E     A      R   Winter
                                Y      E     A      R   Spring

Name:                                                            ID:
Current Address:                                                 Major:
(Complete)                                                       Email:
Phone (home):                                                    Cell:

Please list all KHS courses completed and grades received.
Course                  Grade          Office Use         Course                Grade        Office Use

List, in order of preference, the classes/ labs/ seminars you are applying to TA:

KHS Teaching Assistant Application - (July 2006)
If you have been a KHS Teaching Assistant, please list the courses, nature of assignment, and
semester offered:
Course               Nature of Work (marking, labs, seminars)             Semester

Are you legally entitled to work in Canada? YES             NO
If no, is it legal for you to accept paid employment in Canada?   YES          NO

How many credit hours have you registered for during the semester you are applying?

What days/ times are you UNAVAILABLE in the semester indicated?

Additional information:

Thank you for your application. You will be contacted by the Associate Dean's Office once the
teaching assistant requirements have been finalized.

Copies of your Weekly Class Schedule and Unofficial Transcript should accompany this application.

KHS Teaching Assistant Application - (July 2006)

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