Digital Safe Deposit Vault by ncy98006


									                     Digital Safe Deposit Vault
                     A Re-brandable Banking Solution

The Demand for a Digital Safe Deposit Vault
As the digital universe rapidly expands, it becomes increasingly more important to safeguard digital assets in a
secure, remote, and always accessible location.
An online vault is a method of safely storing digital assets in a remote and secure data center while maintaining
access to the files as needed – a digital safe deposit box.

Trusted Source Approach
More data…more value…more trust!
LAs consumers accumulate more digital data, the value of that data begins to increase significantly due the
size and types of files being retained. Trust becomes an integral component for securing and maintaining rela-
tionships with consumers who want to protect digital assets.
       1500 iTunes songs ($1/song) + 8GB iPod or MP3 player ($200) = $1700 investment
What happens to the value of data when irreplaceable family photos, birth certificates, passport information,
tax statements and email correspondence must be preserved and protected?
They become priceless!

Value Proposition – Create a Win-Win Relationship
By introducing a vault into your current offerings, you create a situation that benefits the financial institution and
customers alike.

            • Have a single convenient location to secure digital assets
               • Eliminate risk from sending private documents through the mail
               • Can securely share files, regardless of size, as needed without having to physically
                 remove them from the vault

       Financial Institutions:
             • Strengthen customer retention through customized service offers
               • Minimize administrative costs related to outgoing mailing materials
               • Differentiate from competitors with a unique service offer that can be continually
                 updated over time
               • Increase revenue opportunities
                   Differentiating Your Vault Offer

Customization Tools:
Branding Options - The LeapDrive vault is a rebrandable solution. Partners can choose, based on their needs
and resources, which option they’d like to implement.

       1. Tier One/No Customization:
              Partner implements the LeapDrive brand using the existinginfrastructure.
       2. Tier Two/Moderate Customization:
              Partner applies its own brand including icons, colors, images and text, but application
              workflow, layout and features remain the same.
       3. Tier Three/Full Customization:
              With help from a LeapDrive development team, the vault experience is completely
              tailored to the partner’s specifications.

Professional services support such as sales and marketing can be negotiated on a partnership basis.
Customized Smart Folders/Permission marketing – As customers are inundated with more advertising, the ef-
fectiveness of traditional methods of communication are challenged. Creating custom folders within a vault al-
lows customers to tailor their vault to receive only the messages in which they are interested. This customiza-
tion tool proves extremely valuable to the people trying to reach them…they are a captive audience with whom
they already have mindshare.
My Private Banker – This customization feature allows each digital safety deposit vault to automatically import
account statements. A partner can provide investment information, detailed product information, supply pre-
filled request forms, and other personalized services to customers. As a loyalty reward program, personalized
discounts from bank partners can also be made available.

The underlying technology of LeapDrive enables partners to innovate their storage offer as needed without
having to rely solely on Digi-Data Corporation, the manufacturer of LeapDrive.

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