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Working together Growing together


									Working together.                                                                   Growing together.

The Newsletter of AccessAbility, Inc.                                                                                 Spring 2006

                                        AccessAbility Provides More Immediate
                                        Work Thanks to Customers Like SalonQuest
                                        By Lisa Lundmark
                                        AAI Sales and Marketing Manager
                                        Working with SalonQuest has been a
                                        great experience for everyone involved
                                        at both companies. AccessAbility
                                        provides an increasing amount of
                                        training and immediate work for
                                        people. SalonQuest benefits from fast
                                        turn-around times, quality processes
                                        and a flexible, limitless labor force.
  Mai’s Hard Work                       SalonQuest is located in Ohio and has
                                                                                    SalonQuest promotional items are packaged
                                                                                    by workers at AccessAbility.

  Pays Off                              been a customer of AccessAbility’s          In 2005, AccessAbility packaged a
                                        Packaging and Assembly Division             total of 116,173 units of varied sizes
  An AAI Success Story                  since 2003. They create, manufacture        for SalonQuest. This also represented
  By Teresa Tillson                     and distribute hair care products to        14,381 full-time equivalent hours of
  AAI Development Officer               salons around the country. Under the        work and immediate work for 34
                                        brand name Aquage, SalonQuest               different people.
  Mai Lee Vang’s best Christmas
                                        offers shampoos, conditioners, sprays
  present last year was a permanent                                                 On behalf of everyone at AccessAbility,
                                        and gels, pastes and mists for the
  job. She started work right after                                                 we salute SalonQuest for its valuable
                                        best in hair care.
  the holiday, performing data entry                                                business and wonderful team of people.
  and document preparation for          Logistically, it makes sense for
  National Business Systems. It has     SalonQuest to have AccessAbility
  been over three months now, and       perform the packaging of its
  she is still delighted.               promotional sets, large sales kits and
                                        other specialty configurations, because
  NBS is a friendly company,
                                        we are located near its contract filler
  according to Mai. She is part of      and we are a centralized distribution
  a large internal group that does      point to their U.S. sites. Competitively,
  data entry, prepares documents        AccessAbility’s responsiveness and
  by removing staples, and notes        history of on-time delivery have
  and scans them into an electronic     created value-added service as the
  Mai Lee Vang, continued on page 3     supply and demand of Aquage
                                             products fluctuates and grows.
                                                In only three years,
                                                 SalonQuest has become
                                                one of AccessAbility’s top
                                               five customers. This is good
                                              news for people who want the
                                             work experience needed to              Zamzam slides a band around bottles to create
                                            provide for their families and          twin packs for a SalonQuest “get one free”
                                           become financially independent.          promotion.

                                          Inside …
                                          Jackie Welle, Employee of the Year • AAI investor Jason Beaber • Dancing at AAI
                                                                                                                                       Page 2

                                             Message from the President
                                             AccessAbility’s Investments are Paying Off
                                             Dear Friends of AccessAbility,
                                             I get a great feeling seeing AccessAbility’s investments
                                             pay off in real benefits to the people we serve. Our
                                             Evening Stars recreation project, an expansion of our
                                             socially active Day Training and Habilitation program,
                                             kicked off with a Rock ‘n’ Roll dance in March. Workers
                                             in our Business Service Division gained experience on
                                             new automated packaging and labeling equipment,
Jackie Welle                                 including an RF Sealer, a machine that uses radio        President Barbara Arnold
Employee of the Year 2005                    frequency waves to seal plastic packages. And AAI SecureDocssm, our
                                             document conversion and destruction business, created new opportunities
“Dedicated,” “Easy to work with,”            for many.
“Patient,” “Willing to stretch herself
                                             For example, our investments in AAI SecureDocs resulted in sales that
into any role,” “Always going the
                                             almost doubled last year. As I write this, nearly 40 people are hard at work
extra mile”… People are quick to
                                             in two shifts to complete an important contract with the State of Minnesota
praise Jackie Welle, AccessAbility’s
                                             to prepare, scan, index and archive paper records dating back to the 1800s.
2005 Employee of the Year. Jackie
                                             AAI SecureDocs has completed contracts with private businesses and feder-
herself is modest and quiet about her
                                             al and state governments. We have learned from our experiences, our
achievements. This may be what makes
                                             successes and our mistakes, and we hope to double sales again this year.
her such a successful case manager.
                                             More important are the people who work at AAI SecureDocs. Individuals
Take a client we’ll call Mark. He comes
                                             from our Extended Employment program earned an average wage of $9.01
to Jackie’s office when he needs to
                                             last year — high in comparison to what is usually available to people with
regain his composure. Transitions are
                                             disabilities and severe barriers to employment. Many, like Mai Lee Vang
difficult for anyone, says AAI President
                                             (see story on page 1), gain skills at AAI SecureDocs that are in high demand
Barbara Arnold. “For people with
                                             and will help them advance in the workplace.
disabilities, they can be overwhelming.”
Mark has always had trouble managing         People are AccessAbility’s most important investment. Through Mai Lee and
his emotions, and as he moved from           others like her, we are investing in the economic and social strength of the
work to retirement last year, he had a       Twin Cities community. Every person who succeeds makes us all stronger.
difficult time. Jackie helped Mark feel
                                             Thanks for investing along with us.
safe, and his outbursts became fewer.
Now Mark comes to her office just to
visit. Working with someone like Mark      When the ACE Red Hat Society                     parade goers, one of the ladies was
is not easy, even for seasoned case        formed last year, Jackie made it                 heard to say, “This was the best night
managers. Jackie never lost her calm       something special. She devised silly             of my life.”
in the presence of Mark’s emotions.        games to raise money, took the
                                                                                            Congratulations, Jackie. We know you
                                           ladies to pick out their own red hats,
How did a woman just three years                                                            are only getting started.
                                           and led in creating the Red Hat
out of college gain such prestige at       Society entry in
AccessAbility? Like a quiet stream,        the Northeast
Jackie just keeps moving to where she      Minneapolis
is going. An internship to complete        Parade. Imagine
her social work degree at the              eight elderly
University of St. Thomas brought           ladies — many
Jackie to AccessAbility three years        in wheelchairs
ago. Her case manager duties —             and all in red
advocacy, paperwork, interdisciplinary     hats and big
team coordination, creating and            grins — atop
developing work and leisure activities     a parade float.
— would certainly keep her busy.           After waving
Jackie regularly does more.                at over 10,000
                                                               Jackie Welle, 2005 Employee of the Year, with Rebecca in her red hat.
                                                                                                                                       Page 3

AAI Wishlist                           AccessAbility at Work
• Spring gardeners
• A Red Hat Society partner group
• State Fair outing (August 2006)
• The Evening Stars program

To volunteer, call Laura Hollinger
at 612-331-5958 or e-mail

IN-KIND ITEMS                                                                               Faduma parks, shuttles and cleans rental cars
• Newer, good quality                                                                       at the Minneapolis Airport. She is thrilled with
   microwaves                                                                               the permanent job she found with help from
• Book binder                          Fuad performs precision metal assembly at            AccessAbility.
• Televisions (19” to 29”) for         one of AccessAbility’s community work sites.

   classrooms                                                            Chue Lee works
• DVD/video players                                                      at Steven’s
• Heavy duty popcorn popper                                              Fabrics in
• Kodak photo printer                                                    Northeast
• Craft supplies for scrapbooking
                                                                         where he cuts
                                                                         and paints
INDUSTRIAL QUALITY ITEMS                                                 window shades.
• Laminator                                                              AccessAbility
                                                                         helped Chue
                                                                         find his job and
                                                                         he has been
AND PROGRAMS                                                             successfully       Lavinia takes a break from AccessAbility’s
• Evening Stars events                                                   employed           janitorial crew to help package Whirl-a-Style
• Horticulture program                                                   since 2001.        products.
• Red Hat Society
• AAI entry in Northeast
  neighborhood parade
                                       Mai Lee Vang, continued from page 1                  businesses, and these jobs pay a good
                                       format. When asked what she brings                   living wage.”
• A 1–2 ton cargo or cube van          to her job, Mai Lee says, “I’m a hard
                                                                                            Mai is special because she has gone
• Standing fork lift                   worker, independent and reliable. I’ll               through a lot personally to achieve
• Replacement file server              do anything they tell me to do.”                     community employment, according to
• 15 lunchroom chairs                                                                       Heather Lutz of AccessAbility. “I have
                                       At AccessAbility Mai Lee worked at
• Pneumatic hand tools                                                                      always been impressed with Mai’s
                                       AAI SecureDocssm. She was referred to
• Defibrillator (2)                                                                         determination to meet her goals. We
                                       AAI through her caseworker at
                                                                                            might be quick to say that Mai has
                                       Rehabilitation Services, which collabo-
If you want to consider helping                                                             been successful despite the obstacles
                                       rated with AAI by helping Mai search
AAI with any of these items,                                                                that she has faced, but it might be
                                       and apply for permanent jobs. Mai
call Teresa Tillson at 612-331-5958                                                         more accurate to say that those
                                       gained skills and work history at AAI
or e-mail                                                        obstacles have helped Mai become
                                       that were not available through her
                                                                                            the determined, professional young
                                       previous internships. “AAI helped me
                                                                                            woman that she is today.”
                                       speed up on my 10-key entry,” she
                                       says. “They also told me what the                    Mai is proud of herself for having a job
                                       work environment would look like.                    and working hard. Her physical and
                                                                                            speech disabilities are not a barrier to
                                       AccessAbility President Barbara Arnold
                                                                                            the work she does. Asked what she
                                       says Mai Lee Vang’s story illustrates
                                                                                            wants to achieve in the next two years,
                                       why AAI invested in expanding the
     Working Together,                                                                      Mai says she would like to learn more
                                       AAI SecureDocs document conversion
       Growing Together,                                                                    and more and one day become a line
                                       business two years ago. “Computer
           Changing Futures.                                                                lead. Then she grins. “Maybe I could
                                       skills to do data entry and document
                                                                                            buy a car.”
                                       scanning are in demand by many
                                                                                                                                   Page 4

2005 St. Louis Park Human Rights Award
                     Tom and                            backgrounds in St. Louis Park. The
                     Maureen Marolt                     Marolts have advocated for better
                     of St. Louis Park                  community services for people with
                     were presented                     developmental disabilities, supporting
                     with the 2005                      good public transportation as critical
                     St. Louis Park                     to people with disabilities before the
                     Human Rights                       state legislature.
                     Award. They
                                                        Everyone at AAI is proud of Tom and
were honored for making outstanding
                                                        Maureen’s community involvement.
contributions toward increasing the
                                                        AAI continues to coach Maureen in
understanding and cooperation
                                                        her job at PetSmart.
between people of different                                                                         Development
                                                                                                    Officer Teresa
Evening Stars Dance the Night Away                                                                  Tillson
At the kick-off event of the new                        To register, call 612-331-5958 ext. 147     Teresa Tillson joined AAI as
Evening Stars program, an overflow                      and leave a message, including name,        Development Officer in November
crowd danced to the live music of                       address, zip code, phone, and the           2005. She was previously Director
Make Mama Proud. Excited consumers                      activity name and date. Registration        of Annual Fund at Scholarship
talked about the dance all week and                     deadline is one week in advance of          America’s Minneapolis office.
brought along friends and family to                     each activity date. Please mail payment
enjoy the evening.                                      upon registration. Registration is not      Building on an already successful
                                                        needed for dances.                          grant program, Teresa will help
Evening Stars, the brainchild of AAI’s                                                              AccessAbility increase donations
Amy Jones and Betsy Halcomb,                            Upcoming Evening Stars Programs             from individuals and prepare for
responds to an overwhelming number                      Tuesday, April 25, Bingo ($5)               an expected capital campaign to
of requests for fun evening activities.                 Friday, April 28, ’50s Dance ($5)           expand the building, purchase
The evening activities are low cost                     Thursday, May 4, Arts and crafts ($5)       capital equipment and establish
and open to AccessAbility participants                  Friday, May 5, Movie ($3)                   an endowment.
and their friends.                                      Friday, May 19, Spring Dance ($5)
                                                        Tuesday, May 23, Bingo ($5)                 Previous Development Manager
                                                                                                    Theresa Biggerstaff has been
                                                                                                    promoted to Director of Operations,
                                                                                                    overseeing all business services at
                                                                                                    Teresa is enjoying getting to know
                                                                                                    the staff and clients of AAI and all
                                                                                                    our extended circle of friends and

Leah and Lori at AccessAbility’s Evening Stars dance.
                                                                                                    Upcoming Events
                                                                                                    Saturday, June 3, 9 a.m.–3 p.m.
                                                                                                    Consumer Appreciation Day
                                                                                                    Tuesday, June 20, 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                    Northeast Minneapolis Parade
                                                                                                    August 2006 —
                                                               Rock and Roll variety band Make      Watch for date and details!
                                                               Mama Proud volunteered to launch     Annual State Fair Outing
                                                               the Evening Stars program. Lead
                                                               singer Lisa Lundmark is also AAI’s   Thursday, Sept. 14, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.
                                                               Sales and Marketing Manager          AccessAbility Annual Open House
Barbara Arnold and Cheri are all smiles on the dance floor.    (
                                                                                                                                                              Page 5

Thanks!                               Jason Beaber Invests in AccessAbility
2005 CORNERSTONE DONORS                                          Jason Beaber is clear                  other problems. AAI is there to build
TO OUR $1,000+ INITIATIVE                                        about what he values.                  job skills so people can compete in
Barbara and Robert Arnold                                        “Giving in general is                  the marketplace on the same footing
Jason Beaber                                                     a part of who I am, a                  as everyone else. Employment is a
Terrance Brown                                                   fundamental part of                    basic need, though people usually
Patrick and Paula Foley                                          being Jason Beaber.”                   don’t think of it in the same category
Daniel Komarek                                                   One of his gifts is                    as food. A paycheck is a source of
Pat and Doug Strachan                                            participation as an                    pride and accomplishment and none
Barry McCullough                      AAI monthly donor          AccessAbility                          of us can get enough of pride and
                                      Jason Beaber               investor.                              accomplishment.”
David Ellis
                                      Jason worked at AccessAbility while                               For Jason, monthly deductions are
                                      attending graduate school in counseling                           a simple and convenient way to give
                                      psychology. When he accepted a                                    a gift of importance. “Monthly
You Can Help                          management position at US Bank, he                                deduction is not something I miss
                                      continued to contribute to AAI. The                               from my paycheck. Break it down to
                                      people, both consumers and staff, are                             monthly payments and it is a more
                                      what attracted and keeps Jason with                               palatable number. At the end of the
In five short years, investments in
                                      AAI. They were a positive group to                                year, it adds up to be significant
new programs and equipment
                                      work around. According to Jason, “It                              amounts of money.”
have grown AccessAbility from an
                                      is already so difficult to find gainful,
organization that supports 340 to                                                                       Thank you, Jason, for your dedicated
                                      meaningful employment even without
one that supports 700 people.                                                                           support for AccessAbility.
Individuals have more options for
work and the opportunity to earn
more income than just a few years
ago, according to Barbara Arnold,     Monthly Deduction Makes Gifts Easy
President of AccessAbility.
                                      Giving a meaningful gift to AccessAbility                         in the mission has moti-
As with any growing organization      just got easier. Using an automatic bank                          vated me to contribute
AccessAbility needs support to        draft or your Visa or MasterCard, AAI                             for many years. Now, as
help bridge the gap between the       can arrange an automatic monthly                                  a member of the board,
initial cost of investments and       contribution for any amount you choose.                           I find it extremely
established revenue. Our most         “For many people, a monthly payment                               important to contribute
important source of extra income      is the best way to give an important                              a meaningful amount,     Board Treasurer
is contributions from our friends,    gift to support AccessAbility,” according                         which I do so through    Pat Foley
family members and supporters.        to Fund Development Officer Teresa                                continuous monthly payments.”
                                      Tillson. “Just $20 or $50 a month adds
Board Chair Pat Strachan and her                                                                        “Major credit cards and recurring bank
                                      up to a $240 or $600 a year, a bigger
husband increased their personal                                                                        drafts are the most convenient way
                                      gift than many people can give all at
pledge last year. “It feels good to                                                                     for AAI to accept automatic monthly
                                      once. At $84 a month, giving $1,000
support something that is making                                                                        gifts from individuals,” says AAI
                                      a year becomes possible for many.”
a difference for so many people.                                                                        Controller Doug Anderson. “The donor
AccessAbility can depend on           Board member Pat Foley makes his                                  pays a regular monthly amount and
contributions to fund programs like   gift by monthly payment. “My belief                               AAI is able to count on the income.”
Evening Stars and to buy equipment
to help people get work experience                                     Yes, I pledge an important gift to help others join the community of work.
to find a living wage job.”                                            Name __________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                       Address ________________________________________________________________________________
Gifts from individuals are an              Working Together,            ________________________________________________________________________________________
important source of income for               Growing Together,
                                                 Changing Futures.     Phone __________________________________________________________________________________
AccessAbility, adds Arnold. “Grant
                                        EACH MONTH I pledge:                                   - OR -   I am making a single gift of:
income is often restricted to a         $100____ $84____ $50____ $25____ $15____ Other_______           $1,000___ $500___ $250___ $100___ $50___ Other______
                                        for a total of 12 x $______________ = $______________           I want my gift to celebrate:
specific purchase. AccessAbility        _____ Enclosed is a cancelled check or deposit slip - OR -      _____ In memory         _____ In honor       _____ Occasion of
can spend unrestricted gifts where      _____ Please bill my credit card monthly for 12 months            ________________________________________________________
                                        _____ Visa _____ MasterCard         Exp. Date ______________    _____ I want my gift to be anonymous
they are most needed to take            Credit Card Number ____________________________________         _____ I would like to include AccessAbility in my will
advantage of new opportunities.”        Name on Card __________________________________________         _____ My employer ______________________ will match this gift

                                                  Please make checks payable to AccessAbility, Inc., 360 Hoover Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413-2940
                                                               Working together.
                                                                 Growing together.

The Newsletter of AccessAbility, Inc.                                                     Spring 2006

  612-331-5958 v/tty                                                                    Non-Profit Org.
  612-331-2448 fax                                                                       PRESORTED
  E-mail:                                                           STANDARD
  Web site:                                                      U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                       Permit No. 3429
  Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota,                                                        MPLS, MN
  AccessAbility provides immediate          360 Hoover St. NE
  work opportunities for adults with        Minneapolis, MN 55413
  barriers to employment and a broad
  choice of services to meet individual
  long-term needs. Populations we
  serve include people with disabilities,
  immigrants, refugees and unemployed
  or underemployed individuals.

  For questions about our newsletter,
  contact Teresa Tillson at ttillson@ or 612-331-5958.
  Please forward all address changes to
  our Development Department.

             Our Mission
  To provide opportunities for self-
  sufficiency for people with barriers to
  employment and community inclusion.                 Our Best Customers
                                                      Come From Referrals
      Board of Directors
  Pat Strachan
  Chair, Castle Rock Associates                    Do You Know Anyone
  Paul Harry
  Vice Chair, Integral Advisors                   Who Could Benefit From
  Bruce Groves
  Secretary, First Universalist Church
                                                   Our Quality Services?
  Pat Foley
  Treasurer, Merrill Communications, LLC
                                               Packaging?                 Shredding?
  Barbara Arnold
  President, AccessAbility, Inc.
  Leander Hallgren
  Retired, Honeywell
                                                          Assemb                Scanning
  Dr. Ken Hampton
                                                            ry?           Mailing
  Hampton Psychological Consultants
  Mohamed Jibrell
                                                  Da ta Ent                      ?
  Hennepin County Human Resources
  Lisa Taylor                                    If so, please tell them to call the
  Retired, Courage Center
                                             Sales Department today, 612-331-5958!

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