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Wholesale Price List 112409


									                                                     Rainbow Gifts-USA
                                                 Wholesale Price List 11/24/09
                            Rainbow Gifts-USA is a distributor of Elephant Dung Paper, Lampang, Thailand.
                         We support the preservation of Asian elephants, the ecology, and the children of Thailand.

  In order to qualify for our wholesale prices the buyer must show proof of a retail sales license (or similar license) and purchases must
  be a reasonably large enough amount. A small order drives up shipping costs and makes your prices more. Prices quoted here are
  subject to change without notice. We make every effort to keep our prices current, however we cannot control the prices from
  Thailand. Prices do not include shipping to you from California, but do include the shipping from Thailand. All products except large
  sheet paper are individually wrapped. Contact for further information.

  Elephant Dung Paper is; 100% recycled, 100% environmentally friendly, 100% bacteria free, and 100% handmade in Thailand.

  Rainbow Gifts-USA                                                                               
  P.O. Box 1154                                                                                   
  Atwater, CA 95301                                                                                         (209) 358-0548

Bookmark                           Small Note book, coin              Medium Note Book, coin             Large Note Book, coin
Code: EDPBM                        Code: EDPSNB                       Code: EDPMNB                       Code: EDPLNB
Dimension (cm): 3x19               Dimension (cm): 9x10x1.5           Dimension (cm): 11x13.5x1.5        Dimension (cm): 15.5x17.5x1.5
Wholesale price: $1.18             Wholesale price: $2.49             Wholesale price: $3.60             Wholesale price: $7.29

Small Phone Book, logo             Large Phone Book, logo             Keepsafe Box                       Memo Box (w/ele + 20 sheets)
Code: EDPSPB                       Code: EDPLPB                       Code: EDPKB                        Code: EDPMB
Dimension (cm): 9x18x1.5           Dimension (cm): 15x22x1.5          Dimension (cm): 7.5x10.5x4         Dimension (cm): 10x11.5x5
Wholesale price: $3.60             Wholesale price: $7.19             Wholesale price: $2.45             Wholesale price: $3.15
Condo Box
                                      2 in 1 envelope (3)(airmail)           Pencil Box                        Memo Box Refill Paper
                                      Code: EDP2N1                           Code: EDPPB                       Code: EDPMBP
Dimension (inches):
                                      Dimension (cm): 12.5x17.5              Dimension (cm): 4x18              20 sheets per pack
                                      Wholesale price: $1.62                 Wholesale price: $ 2.25           Wholesale price: $1.29
Wholesale Price: $5.80

Fan, Large                            Small writing set (10)                 Large writing set (10 ea.)        Single writing set
Code: EDPFL                           Code: EDPSWS                           Code: EDPLWS                      Code: EDP1WS
Dimension (cm): 20x32                 Dimension (cm): 11x16                  Dimension (cm): 23x31.5           Dimension (cm): 12.5x17.5
Wholesale price: $1.62                Wholesale price: $4.41                 Wholesale price: $6.49            Wholesale price: $.90

                                                                             Elephant Art, Traditional
                                      Tube (limited supply in stock)         Packed in EDPT (left)
Paper (dyed color) 1-16                                                                                        Elephant Art, Flower (on EDP)
                                                                             Dimension (inches): 21X30”
                                      Code: EDPT                                                               Packed in EDPT (left)
Dimension (cm): 55x78                                                        (unframed)
                                                                                                               Dimension (in.): 21X30” (unframed)
                                      Dimension (cm): 7x60                   Wholesale Price (Single piece):
EDPLS Wholesale price: $1.45                                                                                   Wholesale Price (Single piece): $89.00
                                      Wholesale price: $5.43                 $78.00

Christmas Card w/envelope             Greetings cards: Designed              Paper Pack A4, 16 Sheets          EDP Paper (Beige)
Code: EDPCC (not all designs shown)   Code: EDPGC                            Code: EDPPPA4                     Code: EDPS (1 piece)
Dimension (cm) 12.5x17.5              Dimension (cm): 12.5x17.5              Dimension (cm) 21x30              Dimension: A4 (typing paper size)
Wholesale Price: $1.62 ea.            Wholesale price: $1.62                 Wholesale Price: $5.60            Wholesale price: $.29 (a sheet)
                                      (w/envelope) (not all designs shown)
                                                                     Paper Pack, 16 sheets, scrapbook
Lg. Journal 2 Tone (Coin)          Key ring                                                                 EDP Paper (Beige 12 in.)
Code: EDPL2TJ                      Code: EDPKR                                                              Code: EDPS12 (1 piece)
                                                                     Code: EDPPP12
Dimension (cm): 23x28x1.5          Dimension (cm): 5x5                                                      Dimension (inches): 12 x 12
                                                                     Dimension (inches): 12 x 12
Wholesale price: $11.99            Wholesale price: $.66                                                    Wholesale price: $ .59
                                                                     Wholesale Price: $9.95

Photo Frame two tone, 3D           Photo Frame two tone, coin        Photo Album, Large (2 tone      Photo Album, Med. (2 tone coin) Code:
Code: EDPPF2T3D                    Code: EDPPF2T                     coin) Code: EDPPA2TCL           EDPPA2TCM
Dimension: to fit 5 x 7 picture    Dimension: to fit 5 x 7 picture   Dimension (cm): 29x35.5x5       Dimension (cm): 21.5x26.5x4.5
Wholesale Price: $7.05             Wholesale Price: $7.20            Wholesale price: $18.99         Wholesale price: $12.33

Photo Album, Small (2 tone coin)   Bag, Large                        Bag, Medium                     Bag, Small
Code: EDPPA2TCS                    Code: EDPBagL                     Code: EDPBagM                   Code: EDPBagS
Dimension (cm): 17x20x4.5          Dimension (in):4 3/4X9 3/4X12     Dimension (in):4 1/2X7 3/4X10   Dimension (in):3X4 1/2X6 1/2
Wholesale price: $8.56             Wholesale Price: $2.39            Wholesale Price: $1.75          Wholesale Price: $ 1.09

Premier Pack                       Writing Set w/Pencil
Code: EDPPP                        Code: EDPWS/P
Dimension various                  Dimension legal/A4
Wholesale Price: $17.24            Wholesale Price: $6.09
Ging Mai Pencils              Saa Paper Notebook              Saa Paper Card and        Animal Friends Card
Code: 9002                    Code: 9003                      Envelope                  Code9010
Dimension 9” long             Dimension 4 x 4 inches          Code: 9001                Dimension 4 ¾ x 6 1/2"
Wholesale Price: $1.79        Wholesale Price: $1.69          Dimension 5 x 7 inches    Wholesale Price: $1.69
                                                              Wholesale Price: $1.69

Saa Paper Notebooks,                                                                    Saa Paper 3 Notebook
                              Saa Paper Bookmarks             Saa Paper Stationery
Set of 3                                                                                Set
Code: 9004                    Code: 9005                      Code: 9006
                                                                                        Code: 9011
Dimension 7 x 8 inches        Dimension 2 x 8 inches          Dimension 4 x 8 inches
                                                                                        Dimension various
Wholesale Price: $9.49        Wholesale Price: $.56           Wholesale Price: $2.39
                                                                                        Wholesale Price: $9.49

Ceramic Elephant Scented      Framed Bead and                Saa Paper, assortment
Candles      Code: 9008       Sequin Elephant Code: 9009     Code : 9007
Dimension 8 x 1-1/2 x 1 in.   Dimension 10 ½ x 10 ½ inches   Dimension 11 x 16 inches
Wholesale Price: $4.39        Wholesale Price: $10.09        Wholesale Price: $.36

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