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									Customer Success Story

Grange Insurance Automates Application
Monitoring, Improving Service Levels

Founded in 1935, Grange Insurance is a leading financial services company delivering                HIGHLIGHTS
insurance products to independent agents nationwide. With over $1 billion in revenue,               • Automated application
                                                                                                      monitoring and notification
Grange offers a wide range of services for homes and businesses, including vehicle, home,
                                                                                                      means the right IT and
business, and life insurance. In addition, Grange provides a wide array of financial services to      business operations staff
                                                                                                      are engaged via targeted
meet personal and business needs through Grange Bank.                                                 incident escalation.

                                                                                                    • Issues are quickly identified
THE CHALLENGE                                                                                         and proactively addressed
Grange was expanding its service and              As Grange began to rely heavily on their ECM        before impacting critical
product offerings, and needed a system that       systems, it became clear that any interruption      business operations.
could help centralize the disparate types         in service could have a significant impact on
of content used in insurance applications         company operations. Without an automated          • Improved delivery and
and claims -- ranging from paper forms to         method of monitoring the performance of             stability of Grange products
photographs to audio tapes.                       their ECM systems and agent applications,           and services through
                                                  Grange relied on manual identification              technology-based systems
“We get 35,000 bodily injury claims each          and reporting of application issues. Users          such as Grange Agent,
month, and for each, we take audio                contacted Grange IT staff via phone when a          TeamUp, and GainWeb.
statements from both sides,” explains             system or application failure occurred. This
Jerry Valentine, Grange’s Project Manager         required significant time and resources that      • Reduced application
responsible for the Reveille Software             often only addressed if a system was up and         downtime resulting in
implementation. “These were stored on             running, and did not address the more critical      improved quality of service
cassette tapes in a warehouse. If the case        issue of system availability and performance.       for customers and agents.

went to court, somebody had to go find
the tapes, transcribe them and then put                                                             Reveille has created a sense
them back.”                                       THE SOLUTION                                      of comfort in the many
                                                  Grange knew it needed an application
To meet the content management challenge,         monitoring solution that provided continuous      business units throughout
Grange implemented a combination of               monitoring of technology and Grange               Grange. The end result
web, Captiva InputAccel, and IBM content          business products as well. The solution would     is that we are now more
management solutions to manage critical           have to work with existing ECM applications
                                                                                                    focused and productive
content across the organization. Audio            to ensure key agent tools such as GainWeb
statements and documents, such as claims                                                            and have developed a truly
                                                  were functioning and available when needed.

forms and insurance applications are stored                                                         viable customer service
and managed electronically, and the system is     Reveille EPM’s agentless design allowed           organization.
consolidated in a single data warehouse with      Grange to deploy the product quickly with
22 cache servers located at branch offices so     minimal disruption to daily operations. The                    Timothy L. Raab
large or frequently used files do not have to     availability and data integrity of systems such                     Manager of
go back and forth across the network.             as Captiva’s InputAccel are now monitored                Open Systems Solutions
                                                  through easily understood, browser-based
Agents in the field would regularly use tools     monitors. With the ability to quickly isolate
such as GainWeb, Grange Agent, and Team-          application and underlying component
up to write policies and access company           failures, Reveille guaranteed Grange a quick
information and data.                             ROI by providing valuable functionality at
                                                                                                    ABOUT GRANGE
a lower cost than competing application                                                             INSURANCE
management solutions.                                                                               Grange Insurance, based
                                                                                                    in Columbus, Ohio, is a $1
“The Reveille implementation process                                                                billion insurance services
brought the IT and business units closer                                                            provider. Through its
together,” said Timothy Raab, Grange’s                                                              network of independent
Manager of Open Systems Solutions.                                                                  agents, Grange offers auto,
“We were able to look at the needs of                                                               home, life, business and
each department and collectively develop                                                            farm insurance protection
a solution.”                                                                                        through Grange Insurance
                                                                                                    and Integrity Insurance. The
After a 30-day proof-of-concept, Grange                                                             company serves policyholders
implemented Reveille EPM to monitor all                                                             in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana,
ECM applications for both IT and Business                                                           Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan,
Unit teams.                                                                                         Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
                                                   Reveille EPM wizard for rapid configuration of   South Carolina, Tennessee,
                                                   EMC Captiva InputAccel monitors                  Virginia and Wisconsin.
Shortly after implementing Reveille EPM,           Grange has expanded Reveille’s role to
a GainWeb server– a browser-based policy           monitor applications beyond Captiva’s            ABOUT REVEILLE
management platform – failed and from              InputAccel.                                      Reveille Software™ is the
a user perspective, performance on the                                                              provider of the most widely
site was degrading. Reveille EPM quickly           “From the beginning, we recognized the           used experience and
identified the issue as a memory leak in the       depth and breath of Reveille,” said Raab.        performance management
GainWeb application, reported it to the right      “We initially implemented it to address our      (EPM) solution for enterprise
IT personnel and the problem was addressed.        immediate monitoring needs. Now, we              content management (ECM)
                                                   have expanded Reveille’s role to help us         applications. Used by more
“Reveille EPM is powerful because it can           maintain our high level of customer service      than 270 companies, including
initiate tests and assist in quickly pinpointing   to users both inside and outside of the          GSK, T-Mobile and Chase,
the root cause of a problem and presents           organization. With Reveille, we are able to      Reveille EPM helps companies
it in a clear-to-understand, browser-based         focus on the future as opposed to being          ensure business-critical
interface,” said Raab. “This gives us the          concerned on a daily basis about the health      applications perform at peak
ability to actually ‘see’ what’s going on          of our user applications.”                       efficiency and availability –
before we impact our independent agent                                                              without application babysitting.
customer base.”                                                                                     Reveille EPM proactively
                                                                                                    monitors user experience,
                                                                                                    application processes and
                                                                                                    business metrics to diagnose
                                                                                                    and repair failures before
                                                                                                    end-users experience delay.
                                                                                                    For more information, visit

                                                                                                    3820 Mansell Road, Suite T-20
                                                                                                    Alpharetta, GA 30022
                                                                                                    t. 770-642-2727
                                                                                                    f. 770-642-2726

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