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For more information or to register, contact:

Ginnie Moore                                                                Vicci Felts
University Outreach Services                                                University Outreach Services
Shawnee State University                                                    Shawnee State University
940 Second Street                                                           940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662                                                        Portsmouth, OH 45662

Phone: 740.351.3281                                                         Phone: 740.351.3390
Fax: 740.351.3598                                                           Fax: 740.351.3598
Toll Free: 1.866.672.8779                                                   Toll Free: 1.866.672.8779

                 Visit us at for more information.
      Table of contents

      Safety and Program Guidelines………………………………….……3
      Fun in the Sun Class Descriptions……………………………….……4
      Quick Class Reference Guide by Grade………………………………6
      Earl Thomas Conley Park Map……………………………………......6
      Enrollment Form and Emergency Information……………………......7

      Frequently Asked Questions
          What is Fun in the Sun?
      Fun in the Sun is University Outreach Services’ annual summer enrichment program for youth currently
      in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Area teachers and other professionals design unique and fun classes
      specifically for this program. All students are well supervised, provided with exciting and educational
      activities, and have a lot of fun!!!

          When are Classes?
      June 18, 2007 through June 22, 2007 will be the week for Fun in the Sun. There will be two
      sessions of classes offered. Session I meets 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 and Session II meets 12:30 to 3:30
      p.m., Monday through Friday. Students may enroll in one course session or both the a.m. and
      the p.m. sessions.

          How do I Register?
      Registration is simple. Call when you get this catalog. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8
      a.m. – 5 p.m. You may register by phone with your MasterCard or Visa. Fax your registration
      (740)351.3598, or mail it to University Outreach Services, Shawnee State University 940 Second
      Street Portsmouth, OH 45662. Keep in mind, mailed registrations add several days to the
      registration process and lessen the likelihood of availability in your desired class.

          Special Discounts?
      Fun in the Sun offers a special discount for registering early. Register before 5:00 p.m. May
      18, 2007 and pay the “early bird” registration fee of only $60.00 per course. The course fee is
      $70.00 per course for registrations received May 21- June 8. Late registration (after June 8) is
      $80.00 per course. The Early Bird Discount is ONLY available if you register BEFORE May
      18, 2007.

          Will I Receive a Confirmation?
      Yes, a receipt and verification of your child’s schedule will be mailed to you to keep for your

          Lunch Arrangements?
      Students staying through the Fun in the Sun lunch time may either bring their own lunch or
      request a brown bag lunch each day. The fee for the provided lunch is $25 per student for the
      entire one-week program.

      Safety and Program Guidelines

      Before Classes Begin
          •   For safety reasons a completed emergency form must accompany the registration.
              Shawnee State University reserves the right to delay the student’s registration until
              an emergency form is provided.
          •   Register your children for the grade level they are currently in. This is the grade they
              must have completed by June 18, 2007.
          •   Students are encouraged to bring their own water (no milk products please, they will
          •   Children should wear comfortable play clothes that can get messy and are easily cleaned.
          •   Remind your child not to bring games, toys, trading cards, electronic devices, or similar
              materials to classes unless the instructor has requested you to do so. Shawnee State
              University is not responsible for lost, broken, or missing items.
          •   Inform your child of which classes he/she is taking, their lunch arrangements, and who
              will provide their transportation.
          •   Talk with your child about safety issues in all public places such as Fun in the Sun.
          •   If this is your child’s first experience at Fun in the Sun, we suggest you visit Earl
              Thomas Conley Park to become familiar with the location.

      During Class Sessions
      •   Appropriate behavior is expected. Students will be removed from the program for
      •   Fun in the Sun staff and faculty members will not dispense medications as we are not
          properly trained or staffed to do so.
      •   Dropping off your child – On the first day of class, you will need to come to the registration
          desk at the main shelter to make sure you have completed all the proper paperwork. Each
          day, please arrive 5-10 minutes before class start time so that your child will have the
          opportunity to attend the class in full. Drop your child off into the care of a Shawnee State
          University representative. Only students registered for Fun in the Sun may be on the
          premises without a parent or guardian in attendance.
      •   Picking up your child – The instructors will bring their students to the location in which you
          dropped them off. You must pick your child up within 15 minutes of the end of class. An
          “over-time” fee will be charged to parents more than 15 minutes late.

      Registration Information
      •   Courses are designed specifically for students who will have completed the grade listed in the
          course description by June 2007. Please register your child with the appropriate age group as
          listed in each description.
      •   Registrations must be received before June 8. If received after, a $10 late fee per course
          will be charged and no special discounts will be given.
      •   Refunds are made only for classes cancelled by SSU.

    Our instructors request that parents follow the grade-appropriate guidelines listed next to
    each class. We reserve the right to reassign your child to a grade-appropriate class. Your
    cooperation is appreciated.

    Fun in the Sun 2007 Class Descriptions
                                               Cartooning                               Football Fun - Basic
     Archery for Kids
                                              Learn the basics of cartooning,          Learn rules, techniques, and positions
     Highly experienced instructors will      including how to design a character,     for football. Participate in drills to
     teach basic archery skills using         draw your favorite character,            improve football skills.       Players
     simple and compound bows (no             backgrounds, and special effects.        finish each day with a fun game of
     crossbows) along with equipment          Perfect for budding artists.             “flag football”. Bring your water
     maintenance and an emphasis on                                     Betty Stiles   bottle and let’s play some football!
     safety and precautions.     Students     AM      Grades 3 - 4                                              Tom Grashel
     MUST be able to follow directions.       PM      Grades 1 – 2                     AM       Grades 3-5
                            Darrell Risner                                             PM       Grades 3–5
     AM      Grades 5 - 8                      Cheerleading Champs
                                              Cheerleading Champs
     PM      Grades 5 – 8                                                               Football Fun - Advanced
                                              Learn the basics of cheerleading from
                                              experienced       Shawnee        State   Review the rules and techniques of
      Art for the Senses                      University cheerleaders. You’ll learn    different football positions. Players
                                              basic motions, chants, and cheers and    will participate in more advanced
     Art you can taste, hear, see, wiggle     learn basic technique.
     your toes in, and dance to! Activities                                            drills and plays. This class is perfect
                                                      Jessica Hoffer & Missy Henry
     depend on the day, so this class will                                             for those who have played organized
     never be the same from day to day,       PM      Grades 1 – 3                     football or want to get ready for
     and will also include lots of stories                                             Junior High football!
     and play time!
                                               Cheerleading Advanced                                            Joe Albrecht
                           Tiffany Moore                                               AM       Grades 6 - 8
     AM      Grades K – 2                     Take cheerleading skills further with    PM       Grades 6–8
     PM      Grades K – 2                     more complex cheers, chants &
                                              routines taught by experienced SSU       Golf for Kids
                                                                                       Golf for Kids
     Basketball Basic
     Basketball - - Basic                             Jessica Hoffer & Missy Henry     Come learn the rules and skills
                                                                                       needed to “master” the game of golf.
     Let an experienced coach teach you       AM      Grades 4 – 6
                                                                                       Focus on putting and driving skills.
     the basics of basketball including
                                               Digital Photography                     Bring your water bottle and your own
     rules of the game, practice drills,
                                                                                       golf clubs and have FUN!
     exercises,   rebounding,    shooting     Are you ready to go digital? Bring                          Jason VanDeusen
     techniques, and good sportsmanship.      your own digital camera and you’ll       AM      Grades 3 - 5
                                 Bill Hafer
                                              learn to shoot, edit, organize, and      PM      Grades 6 – 8duc
     AM      Grades 3 – 5
                                              share digital photos. You’ll leave
     PM      Grades 3 – 5
                                              with a portfolio and prints to share
                                              with family & friends. Alex Copley
                                                                                       Project Outreach – Earth Alert
                                              AM      Grades 3 – 5                     Project Outreach
     Basketball Advanced
     Basketball - - Advanced                  PM      Grades 3 – 5                     Focus on the rainforests, North
                                                                                       American Wetlands, and travel to
     Sharpen your basketball skills and        Embroidery                              Mars. Become an honorary member
     improve your ability to shoot lay-ups,                                            of the Jason Project. Delve into the
     set/jump shots, & free throws. We’ll     Learn a wide variety of embroidery
                                                                                       scientific worlds involving earth &
     focus on principles, techniques and      stitches. Express your creativity &
                                                                                       beyond. And, most importantly, have
     drills for each of these moves. We’ll    talent and use threads & ribbon to
                                                                                       FUN while learning with projects,
     practice and play a lot of games.        produce a beautiful hand stitched
                                                                                       crafts, and games!
                                 Bill Hafer   picture you’ll cherish forever!
                                                                                                             Carolyn Staker
     AM      Grades 3 - 5                                             Jeanne Moore
                                                                                       AM       Grades 4 – 8
     PM      Grades 6 – 8                     AM       Grades 4 – 8

     Rockin’ and Rollin’                        Soccer Stars - Basics
                                               Soccer Stars
                                                                                           Tae Kwan Do Kwon Do
    Do you want to be a dancer or              Learn the basics of one of the fastest      Tae Kwon Do can instill pride, self-
    gymnast? Practice your steps and           growing sports in the US. Learn to          confidence, and discipline. Taught by
    learn the latest moves! Also improve       kick, score, guard, pass, and more—         a 3rd degree black belt, this class
    your tumbling skill. Let's get ready       great for guys and girls. Remember          introduces the basics of this form of
    to rock, roll, and tumble!                 to bring your shin guards for safe          the martial arts. You will practice
                             Lois Rase         playing.            Beth Eichelberger       Warm ups, stances, hand strikes,
    AM       Grades K - 3                      PM       Grades 1 -3                        kicks and drills.
    PM       Grades 4 – 6                                                                                       Le Carol Goins
                                                Soccer Stars - Advanced
     Sand Volleyball                                                                       AM      Grades 3-5
                                               Soccer Stars                                PM      Grades 3-5
                                                Learn more about soccer including                     Tennis Time
    Directed at the older audience, we’ll      rules, techniques, offensive/defensive       Tennis Time
    learn to bump, set, and spike. Using       skills, special team drills, and the
    the Earl Thomas Conley Park’s sand         positions on the field while playing        Tennis anyone? Explore the game of
    volleyball pits, we’ll develop the         soccer.              Beth Eichelberger      tennis by learning the basics. Learn
    fundamentals and have a ball doing it.     AM        Grades 4 -6                       how to hit forehands, backhands,
                             Sandy Smith                                                   lobs, volleys, and serves. You will
    AM      Grades 6-8                                                                     participate in fun drills & mini-
    PM      Grades 6 – 8                       Softball Fun
                                               Softball Fun - Girls                        tournaments. Remember to bring
                                                                                           your own racquet.
                                               Throw, catch, pitch, hit, run, slide—                               Tom Carter
     Scrap booking                             we’ll learn and practice it all. You        AM      Grades 1 - 3
                                               will learn all the basics of softball and   PM      Grades 4 – 8
    Do you have photos of friends &            more. Remember to bring your own
    family, and other treasures stashed        glove and your water bottle.                Walk on the Wild Side
    away in the drawer? Bring them in                                   Emily Hempill
    and learn to creatively & safely           AM      Grades 6 - 8                        Outdoor Education
    assemble them into scrapbook pages         PM      Grades 6 – 8                        Learn all about wild life in your own
    and other craft projects using special                                                 back yard. Explore nearby nature.
    archival supplies.     Be a photo-                                                     Learn more about native plants &
    historian & create your own special         Spanish Language                           animals. Activities include nature
    personalized pages. We supply the                                                      walks, games, telling stories, and
    basics and you bring your photos and       Explore Spanish language and                writing a nature journal.
    mementos.                                  cultures. Play, sing, laugh, and learn                           Pamela Graham
                           Jeanne Moore        through movement games, arts &              AM      Grades 1 - 3
    PM Grades 4 – 8                            crafts, music, and dance. Learn basic       PM      Grades 4 – 6
                                               phrases and conversation & the
                                                                                           Yoga and Relaxation
                                                                                           Yoga and Relaxation
    Shawnee Olympics
     Shawnee Olympics
                                               alphabet.     Explore new cultural
                                               activities each day. Party on the last
                                               day as you perform songs and dances,        This class explores yoga and other
    Have fun playing the classics: dodge                                                   movement activities that strengthen
    ball, freeze tag, kickball, wiffle ball,   share arts and crafts projects, and
                                               enjoy some cultural treats.                 the mind, body, and spirit. Through
    and more. We’ll run silly races and                                                    poses and other exercises, we’ll study
    have crazy competitions.                                         Carolyn Staker
                                               AM       Grades 4 – 8                       the many benefits of yoga and
                               Barb Joseph
                                                                                           explore other forms of fitness.
    AM      Grades 1 – 3
                                                                                                               Deborah Measel
    PM      Grades 1 – 3
                                                                                           AM      Grades 6 - 8
                                                                                           PM      Grades 3 - 5

     Quick Grade Reference
      Grade                                                          Classes Offered
       K           Art for the Senses, Rockin’ & Rollin’
                   Art for the Senses, Cartooning, Cheerleading, Rockin’ & Rollin, Shawnee Olympics, Soccer, Tennis,
       1           Walk on the Wild Side
                   Art for the Senses, Cartooning, Cheerleading, Rockin’ & Rollin, Shawnee Olympics, Soccer, Tennis,
       2           Walk on the Wild Side
                   Basketball, Cartooning, Cheerleading, Digital Photography, Embroidery, Football, Golf, Shawnee Olympics, Rockin’ &
       3           Rollin’, Soccer, Spanish, Tae Kwan Do, Tennis, Walk on the Wild Side, Yoga
                   Basketball, Cartooning, Cheerleading, Digital Photography, Embroidery, Football, Golf, Project Outreach, Rockin’ &
       4           Rollin’, Scrap booking, Soccer, Tae Kwan Do, Tennis, Walk on the Wild Side, Yoga
                   Archery, Basketball, Cheerleading, Digital Photography, Embroidery, Football, Golf, Project Outreach, Rockin’ &
       5           Rollin’, Scrap booking, Soccer, Tae Kwan Do, Tennis, Walk on the Wild Side, Yoga
                   Archery, Basketball, Cheerleading, Embroidery, Football, Golf, Project Outreach, Rockin’ & Rollin’, Softball, Scrap
       6           booking, Soccer, Tennis, Walk on the Wild Side, Yoga
                   Archery, Basketball, Digital Photography, Embroidery, Football, Golf, Project Outreach, Scrap booking, Softball,
       7           Tennis, Yoga
       8           Archery, Basketball, Digital Photography, Embroidery, Football (advanced), Golf, Project Outreach, Scrap booking,
                   Softball, Tennis, Yoga

    Map of Earl Thomas Conley Park



                                                           J                                                   G



              A)   Main Shelter                                                        F) Tennis Courts
              B)   Shelter A                                                           G) Basketball Courts
              C)   Shelter B                                                           H) Playground
              D)   Shelter C                                                           I) Restrooms
              E)   Sand Volleyball Courts                                              J) Parking

    Student Name___________________________________ Current Grade____________ Date of Birth_________________
    Home Street Address ____________________________ City ______________________ State _______ Zip __________
    Course 1 Title:______________________________________ Course 1Time:                                    a.m.      or    p.m.       (Please circle one)
    Course 2 Title:______________________________________ Course 2 Time:                                   a.m.      or    p.m.       (Please circle one)
    Will you purchase the Fun in the Sun lunch? ($25 per week)                              Yes             No        (Please circle one)

    Mother or Legal Guardian______________________________ Phone number while student is in class______________
    Address if different from student_________________________________________________________________________
    Father or Legal Guardian_______________________________ Phone number while student is in class_______________
    Address if different from student________________________________________________________________________
    Child’s Physician_________________________ Address_______________________________ Phone________________
    Doctor’s Hospital Affiliation____________________________ Address_________________________________________
    Medical Information: _____None ____ Convulsive Disorders ______ Diabetes____ Allergies (i.e. stings, diet)_____ Other
    Please describe symptoms and precautions_______________________________________________________________
    Current Medication(s)      ______________________________________________________________________________
    Emergency Contact’s name ______________________________ Emergency Contact’s Phone _____________________
    Medical Insurance Company: ______________________ Policy # _________________ Policy Holder ________________
    The following person named will be the ONLY person allowed to pick up the child, unless a signed note stating otherwise is provided to
    “Fun in the Sun” for that day:________________________________

    Number of Courses Registered:___________ (add $70 each)                         +$__________                    Mail to:
    Number of Lunches Requested: __________ (add $25 )                              +$__________                    Fun in the Sun
    Early Bird Discount                                                                                             University Outreach Services
                                                                                                                    Shawnee State University
    Available only before May 18 subtract $10 per course                           - $__________
                                                                                                                    940 Second Street
    Late Registration Fee                                                                                           Portsmouth, OH 45662
    for all registrations received after June 8 add $10 per course+$___________                                     Fax: 740.351.3598
                                                        Total Amount Due: =$___________                             Phone: 740.351.3274

    □ Enclosed is the Check/Money Order payable to Shawnee State University
    □ Charge to Visa/MasterCard No. _________________________________ Exp. Date: ______________
                   Signature: ________________________________________________________ Date________________
    The undersigned, as parent or guardian of the child named above, desires that my child participate in Fun in the Sun. By execution of this Release, I
    agree that all requirements, directions and standards set by staff, use of any equipment or supplies under the supervision of the staff, shall be deemed to
    have been accomplished for the benefit of my child. I grant permission that any pictures taken containing my child may be used for future promotional
    purposes. In the consideration of Shawnee State University’s efforts on my child’s behalf, I do hereby voluntarily assume all risk of accident, injury,
    damage and/or loss of my child’s property that may arise out of my child’s participation in Fun in the Sun, hereby intending to release and discharge
    Shawnee State University, its board of Trustees, officers, employees and agents associated or connected with the program from every claim, liability or
    damage of any kind caused by negligence of Shawnee State University, its Board of Trustees, officers, employees or agents involved or otherwise that
    may result for my child’s participation in Fun in the Sun. By my signature I acknowledge that the child named is a minor under the age of 18.
    Although a minor, my child is aware of the risks involved in participating in the program. I assure Shawnee State University that I have carefully
    counseled my child on the risk of participating. Further, I assure Shawnee State University that there are no physical or other reasons that preclude my
    child from participating in the program. I authorize Shawnee State University to obtain such medical care, emergency or otherwise, that it may in its
    sole discretion deem necessary for my child. Further, I assure Shawnee State University that I have adequate health insurance or personal funds to
    provide payment for all costs of medical care necessary for my child. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Shawnee State University for any costs
    associated with such care.
                   Required Signature_____________________________________________Date_____________________

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